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Medieval Authors about East Africa
By Pieter Derideaux

No Books have appeared on this subject for many years. This is strange as a number have appeared concerning West Africa. To fill this void I try making these texts available to everybody.
When using these texts; (in e.g. articles or on a website) please mention my name; I worked years on collecting - translating them. No commercial use allowed.

Pieter Derideaux
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The oldest realistic painting of an inhabitant of East Africa that I could find from 1830 and by Vigneron (a slave exported from Kilwa - Quiloa)
-Friar Jordanus (1329)

-Ibn al Ukhuwwa (d1329)
-Wang Dayuan (1330)
-Abulfeda (d1331)
-Ibn Battuta visits Mogadishu (1331)

-Ibn Battuta visits Mombasa (1331)
-Ibn Battuta visits Kilwa (1331)
-Ibn Battuta about the african diaspora
-Nasir al-Din al-Tusi (map) (1331)
-Safi al din al Baghdadi (1338)
-Salomo b. Samuel (1339)
-Mustawfi  Qazvini (1340)
-F.B. Pergolotti (1340)
-Cowar el-aqalim (1347)
-al-Umari (1349)
-Libro del Conoscimiento (1350)
-Nuwayri (1355)
-Ibn al Shatir (1360)
-Ibn Hodeil (d1361)
-Book of Job (1362)
-Chou Chih-Chung (1366)
-Hafedh ibn Kathir (d1373)
-Al Malik al Afdal (d1376)
-Yeh Tzu Ch'i (1378)
-Lien Sung (d1381)
-Da Ming Hun Yi Tu (1389)
-Ibn Rajab (1393)
-Ibn Sasra (1397)
-Ishkandarnamah (12th to 14th cent)
-Mosa Ibn Soza (Sorabe) (14th cent)
-Ch'uan Chin and Li Hui (1402)
-Bahktyar Nama (14th cent)
-Ibn Manzur (14th cent)
-Treatise on Vices (14th century)
-Al Khazraji (1400)
-Naga la Devi (1402)
-al Anwa wa-al-tawqi at....(1405)
-Musa ud Damiri (d1405)
-Ibn Khaldun (d1406)
-Mudjmal al Tavarih (1410)
-Sharif al Husayn (1412)
-Ahmedi (d1413)
-Zeng Qi (1414)
-Note on Cheng Ho
-Shen Du (1414)
-Chen T'ing pi (1414)
-Xia Yuan-ji: Kylin fu (1416)
-Taizu Shi Lu (1418)
-Sheikh Bighami (1418)
-Al Qalqachandi (1418)
-Jin Youzi (1419)
-Al Kashi (1420)
-Hafiz I Abru (1420)
-Johannes Schiltberger (1427)
-Muhammad al Fasi, Maliki (d1329)
-Taizong Shi Lu (1430)
-Al Bakuvi (1430)
-Ning Xian Wang (1430)
-Cheng Ho : Two inscriptions (1431)
-Poggio Bracciolini (1431)
-Ma Huan (1433)
-Yahya bin Ahmad Sirhindi (1434)
-Fei Hsin (1436)
-Xuanzong Shih-lu (1439)
-Rasulid Chronicle (1439)
-Abu al Mahasin (1441)
-Al Maqrizi (1441)
-Luo Maodeng
-Zhang Tingyu (Ming Shi)
-Chiang T'ing-his
-Mao K'un map introduction
-Mao K'un map1
-Mao K'un map2
-Mao K'un map translation
-Mao K'un map translation
-Sie Chao Chi
-Houang Cheng-ts'eng
-Ta Ming Hui Tien
-Tcheng Hiao
-Li Shih Chen
-Ch'en Yuan Lung
-Kuang yu Hsing Sheng
-Copy giraffe Shen Tu
-Annon copy giraffe Shen Tu
-Copy giraffe by Chen Zhang
-Wang Khi
A Swahili family (M. Giuillain 1846)
Different types of Swahili (M. Guillain 1846) Zanzibar- Lamu - Mombasa - Pate
A Tchaga girl (M. Guillain 1846)
Close to Melinde (1876)
Strange creatures from Africa (De Bry 1598)
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