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The East African part of the Maokun map (second part)
Entrance to the Red Sea with Hsu-to-ta-shu, called by foreigners
Su-ku-ta-la (Socotra island) First inscription in Africa is Ha-pu-ni: Ras Hafun formerly thought to be Habashi. The first of the group of three inscriptions is Hei-erh: The blacks formerly thought to be Sofala; most probably a transliteration of Zanj

Second inscription in these mountains :
Mu-ku-tou-su :
The translation of all the names of the East African coast is given in a detail map. The Islands in front of the coast who are crossroads of sealanes are the Maldives.
The very big island here is Ceylon.
Here ends the east African coast. According to the cartographers annotation the furthest point reached by the fleet was
Ha-pu-erh where heavy storms deterred it from proceeding. The map does not provide a location for Ha-pu-erh. The rest of the map is purely an Asian itinerary. In the big island after Africa ended is written:
Chi-lung-liu maybe the Chagos archipelago. And the inscription in the rectangle above the islands in India : Pang-ko-la: Bengal
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