Wrestling Information Sites:

Cage Match
(http://www.cagematch.de) - A wrestling database. Information on Wrestlers, Tag Teams, Stables, Promotions, Managers. You name it, they'll have some information on it. This site is in German.

Cawthon's WWF Results
(http://www.angelfire.com/wrestling/cawthon777/) - Lists of WWF results from as far back as Graham Cawthon can go. WWF results only.

Genickbruch Database
(http://www.genickbruch.com) - Another German wrestling database. This one also tries to have in-depth focuses on wrestlers not usually covered by other sites.

Obsessed With Wrestling

(http://www.obsessedwithwrestling.com) - A wrestling information and photographic database. Although set up in biographical form, there are many other features available on the site.

Theme Count Sites:

IronSam96's Theme Site
(http://www.angelfire.com/wrestling3/ironsam96/ironsam96.htm) - Hasn't been updated in a while, but contains a small amount of theming information. Notice the puroresu theme counts.

Javen's World

(http://www.fuzionx.us/) - Listing many different wrestlers theme counts with various promotions. An essential site to visit for theme counts.

(http://www.angelfire.com/extreme2/themejobberthemes/index.html) - Hasn't been updated in a while, but contains some theming information and production music site links. Promo themes are listed here as well.

Production Music Sites:

615 Music Library

Abaco Production Music Library

Aircraft Production Music Library

Amphonic Music Library

BMG Music Library

Carlin Production Music Library

DeWolfe Music Library

Extreme Music Library

FirstCom Music Library

Focus Music Library

Gene Michael Productions Music Library

GrooveAddicts Music Library

Immediate Music Library

JW Media Music Library

Killer Tracks Music Library

Kingsize Music Library

Koka Media Music Library

KPM MusicHouse Library

License Music Library

Manhattan Production Music Library

Megatrax Music Library

Metro Production Music Library

Nonstop Music Library

OmniMusic Library

Opus1 Music Library

Primrose Music Library

Production Music Association Library

SoperSound Music Library

Valentino Music Library

VideoHelper Production Music Library
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