Aya Koyama
1st – Silent Jealousy (by X-Japan) (from X Singles)
2nd – Move On Baby (by Cappella) (from Move On Baby)

Carol Midori
1st – (We’re Gonna) Rock Around the Clock (by Bill Haley & the Comets) (from American Graffiti)
2nd – Nobody Owns Me (by Belinda Carlisle) (from Heaven On Earth)
3rd – Wind Dance (by ?) (from LLPW Renaissance)
4th – Queen of New Orleans (by Bon Jovi) (from Destination Anywhere)

Crimson Mask

1st – ? (by ?) (from ?)
2nd – ? (by ?) (from LLPW Renaissance)

Eagle Sawai
1st – Fortune Teller (by Marlene) (from Marlene)
2nd – Jet Airliner (by the Modern Talking Story) (from the Modern Talking Story)
3rd – ? (by ?) (from LLPW Renaissance)

Harley Saito
1st – Cha-La Head-Cha-Le (by Hide) (from Dragon-Z)
nd – After the War (by Gary Moore) (from After the War)
3rd – Meteor (by ?) (from LLPW Renaissance)

Jen Yukari
1st – Bulldog (by Hound Dog) (from Bridge)
2nd – ? (by ?) (from ?)

Kaori Yoneyama

1st – Dreams From Above (by Glove Vs. Push) (from Dreams From Above)
2nd – ? (by ?) (from ?)

1st – Bird God (by ?) (from LLPW Renaissance)

Keiko Aono
1st – Blood On Blood (by Bon Jovi) (from New Jersey)
2nd – TRF (Original Mix) (by ?) (from ?)
3rd – The Beauty of Silence (by ?) (from ?)

Leo Kitamura
1st – The Name of the Game (by ?) (from ?)

Mako Ogawa
1st – The Kids Aren’t Alright (by the Offspring) (from Americana)

Mari Kuwada
1st – ? (by ?) (from ?)

Megumi Sato
1st – Chumbawamba (by Chumbawamba) (from Amnesia)

Michiko Nagashima

1st – 999 One More Reason (by Mari Hamada) (from In the Precious Age)
2nd – One & Only Memory (by Ambience) (from See You Again)
3rd – ? (by ?) (from LLPW Renaissance)

Miho Watabe
1st – Dub-I-Dub (by Me & My) (from Dub-I-Dub)

Miki Handa
1st – Any Way You Slice It (by KISS) (from Asylum)
2nd – Maracca (by Panta & Hal) (from Maracca)
3rd – ? (by ?) (from LLPW Renaissance)

Mikiko Futagami
1st – Chaser (by the Square & Friends) (from Refreshest)

Mizuki Endo
1st – Desperate Angel (by X-Japan) (from Jealousy)
2nd – Atomic (by Blondie) (from Atomic)

Noriyo Tateno

1st – Firm (by ?) (from LLPW Renaissance)

Rumi Kazama

1st – Taking Off (by Show-Ya) (from Scream)
2nd – You Give Love A Bad Name (by Bon Jovi) (from Slippery When Wet)
3rd – ? (by ?) (from LLPW Renaissance)

Sayuri Okino
1st – Sweet Jank, Sweet Gap (by Iceman) (from Digiryzm Mutation)

Shinobu Kandori
1st – Somebody’s Night (by Eikichi Yazawa) (from Somebody’s Night)
2nd – Get It Back (by ?) (from 2)/? (by ?) (from 2)

Utako Hozumi
1st – In the Night (by Show-Ya) (from Queendom)
2nd – Can’t Undo This? (by Maximizor) (from Can’t Undo This?)

Yuki Noguchi
1st – The Sun Always Shines On TV (by a-ha) (from Hunting High & Low)
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