Akihiko Ito
1st – The Rock Show (by Blink-182) (from Take Off Your Pants & Jacket)

Akira Taue
1st – Battle Without Honor (M-2) (by ?) (from NOAH Departure)
2nd – Eclipse (by ?) (from AJPW Vol. 3)
3rd – Eclipse (by ?) (from NOAH Navigation for the Glory)

Akitoshi Saito

1st – Ghost of the Navigator (by Iron Maiden) (from Brave New World)
2nd – Deathtiny (by ?) (from NOAH Destiny)

Bison Smith

1st – Rime of the Ancient Mariner (by Iron Maiden) (from Powerslave)

Bull Schmidt
1st – Bulls On Parade (by Rage Against the Machine) (from Evil Empire)

Daisuke Ikeda
1st – Tell Me Why (Alterate) (by the Penpals) (from Americaman)
2nd – Tell Me Why (Single) (by the Penpals) (from NOAH Departure)

Donovan Morgan

1st – The Thing That Should Not Be (by Metallica) (from S&M)

Excellence Inc.
1st – When the Levee Breaks (by Led Zeppelin) (from Led Zeppelin IV)

Go Shiosaki
1st – My Direction (by Sum 41) (from Does This Look Infected?)

Haruka Eigen
1st – Hissatsu! 5 Ougon No Chi (M-10) (by ?) (from NOAH Departure)

Jun Akiyama
1st – Shadow Explosion (by Yuki Nakajima) (from NOAH Departure)
2nd – Sternness (by Yuki Nakajima) (from NOAH Navigation for the Glory)

Jun Izumida
1st – Main Title (by Kunio Miyauchi) (from Ultra Q Music File)/Ultra Q Main Theme (by Kunio Miyauchi) (from Ultra Q Music File)
2nd – Yellow Submarine (by Jack) (from the Pocket Full of Rumble Onikawan Addict!!)
3rd – Battle Without Honor: Gang Leader’s Head (M-1) (by ?) (from NOAH Departure)
4th – Top Maneuvers  (by ?) (from Battle Without Honor)
5th – Izumida (by Masahiro Hayashi) (from AJPW Best of Best)
6th – King Explorer (by ?) (from NOAH For Evolution)

Juventud Guerrera
1st – Wherever I May Roam (by Metallica) (from S&M)
2nd – Crawling (by Linkin Park) (from Hybrid Theory)

1st – Shout of My Soul (by Daisuke Yamaguchi) (from NOAH Departure)
2nd – Give It A Shout (by Wrench) (from Bliss)
3rd – For One’s Life (by Brahman) (from A Forlorn Hope)
4th – No Light Theory (by Brahman) (from A Man of the World)
5th – Where the Hood At (by DMX) (from Grand Champ)
6th – Art & Life (by Twista) (from Kamikaze)
7th – Art & Life (Go 2 Sleep Mix) (by Twista) (from ?)

Kenta Kobashi
1st – Grand Sword (Full Size Version) (by Osamu Suzuki) (from Grand Sword)
2nd – Blazin’ (by Jay Graydon Feat. K-A-Z) (from Blazin’)

Kenta Kobashi & Yoshihiro Takayama
1st – Grand Sword (Full Size Version) (by Osamu Suzuki) (from Grand Sword)/Destructive Power (by K-A-Z) (from NOAH Departure)

1st – Hysteric (by Takafumi Matsuda) (from NOAH Departure)/Art & Life (by Twista) (from Kamikaze)

Kentaro Shiga
1st – Tradition (by Osamu Suzuki) (from AJPW Best of Best)
2nd – Tradition (NOAH Version) (by Osamu Suzuki) (from NOAH Departure)
3rd – Tradition ‘02 (by Osamu Suzuki) (from NOAH Navigation for the Glory)

Kishin Kawabata
1st – Tekken II (by the Sex Machineguns) (from Made In Japan)
2nd – Daddy, Brother, Love, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song) (by Mr. Big) (from Lean Into It)
3rd – Avalanche (by ?) (from NOAH For Evolution)

Kotaro Suzuki
1st – Burning Love (by D-Essex) (from Super Eurobeat Vol. 90)
2nd – The Battle Beat (by ?) (from NOAH For Evolution)
3rd – Blue Shiver (by ?) (from NOAH Exceeding Our Dreams)

Makoto Hashi
1st – Charge! (by Masahiro Hayashi) (from NOAH Departure)
2nd – Animal Trail (by ?) (from NOAH Destiny)

Masahito Kakihara

1st – Grief (by Yutaka Ozaki) (from Through the Broken Door)

Masao Inoue
1st – Deep (by Brahman) (from Deep)
2nd – One Man Army (by the Prodigy Feat. Tom Morello) (from Spawn)

Masashi Aoyagi
1st – ?  (by Fusanosuke Kondo & Quncho) (from ?)

Matt Murphy
1st – All the Way (by Judas Priest) (from Golden Spectrum)

Michael Modest
1st – Minus Human (by Metallica) (from S&M)

Mike Awesome
1st – ? (by ?) (from ?)

Minoru Suzuki
1st – Where Is My Hero? (by Ayumi Nakamura) (from ?)

Mitsuharu Misawa
1st – Spartan-X (Slow Version) (by Keith Morrison) (from NOAH Departure)

Mitsuo Momota
1st – Gonna Fly Now (by Maynard Ferguson) (from Conquistador)
2nd – Gonna Fly Now (by DeEtta Little) (from Rocky)

Mohammed Yone
1st – Yone Bom-Ba-Ye (by Kamono) (from ?)
2nd – Honda 750S491018 (Bore Up Mix) (by NG Head) (from Honda 750S491018)
3rd – Mohammed 1200 (by ?) (from NOAH For Evolution)
4th – Mohammed 2000 (by ?) (from NOAH Destiny)

Naomichi Marufuji
1st – Brilliant 2U (K.O.G. G3 Mix) (by Naoki) (from Dancemania Speed 4)
2nd – Hysteric (by Takafumi Matsuda) (from NOAH Departure)
3rd – (by 5S: Surf, Snow, Skate, Street, Sound) (from Fine Night Vol. 1)
4th – Hysteric (Trance Version) (by Takafumi Matsuda) (from NOAH Exceeding Our Dreams)

No Fear

1st – Destructive Power (by K-A-Z) (from NOAH Departure)

Path Finder
1st – Heresy (by Pantera) (from Cowboys From Hell)

Ray Gordy
1st – Blitzkrieg (by Metallica) (from Garage Inc.)
2nd – Bodies (by Drowning Pool) (from Drowning Pool)

Rick Steiner
1st – Welcome to the Jungle (by Guns N Roses) (from Appetite For Destruction)

Rusher Kimura
1st – Whirlwind of Edo Theme (by Hattori Katsuhisa) (from NOAH Departure)

Satoru Asako
1st – Space Strut (by Eastern Orbit) (from Future Fourth)
2nd – S.D.A. (by Yuki Nakajima) (from NOAH Departure)

1st – The Funky Headhunter (by Hammer) (from the Funky Headhunter)
2nd – ? (by ?) (from ?)

Shiro Koshinaka
1st – ? (by ?) (from ?)

Superstar Steve
1st – Down On Me (by Jackyl) (from Jackyl)

1st – So What (by ?) (from NOAH Destiny)

Takao Omori
1st – See Far Miles (by Motoharu Sano With the Heartland) (from Theme of the Heartland (Special Edition))

Takashi Sugiura
1st – War (by Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band) (from Live 1975-1985)
2nd – God, Pt. II (by U2) (from Rattle & Hum)
3rd – Do the Evolution (by Pearl Jam) (from Yield)
4th – Fell In Love With A Girl (by the White Stripes) (from White Blood Cells)

Takeshi Morishima
1st – Captain of the Ship (by Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi) (from Captain of the Ship)
2nd – Voice from the Deep/Inside the Heart Beats (by Taro Iwashiro) (from NOAH Departure)
3rd – Right Now (Wild Moment) (by Takafumi Matsuda) (from NOAH Navigation for the Glory)
4th – Hate to Say I Told You So (by the Hives) (from Your New Favorite Band)
5th – Main Offender (by the Hives) (from Your New Favorite Band)
6th – Burning Through the Night (by ?) (from NOAH Destiny)

Takeshi Rikioh
1st – Comp (by Osamu Suzuki) (from NOAH Departure)
2nd – Rising Spirits (by Yuki Nakajima) (from NOAH Navigation for the Glory)
3rd – A Passage In Time (by Authority Zero) (from A Passage In Time)

Takuma Sano
1st – S.O.S. (by ABBA) (from Gold)
2nd – Attack & Release (by Yutaka Ozaki) (from NOAH Navigation for the Glory)

Tamon Honda
1st – No Survivors (by G.B.H.) (from NOAH Departure)

Tsuyoshi Kikuchi
1st – Hinotama Kozo (by Ginji Ogawa) (from NOAH Departure)
2nd – Hinotama Kozo (NOAH Version) (by Ginji Ogawa) (from NOAH For Evolution)
3rd – Hinotama Kozo Again (by ?) (from NOAH Destiny)

1st – It’s Vader Time (Instrumental) (by ?) (from ?)

Vinnie Valentino
1st – Blood Sugar Sex Magik (by the Red Hot Chili Peppers) (from Blood Sugar Sex Magik)

The Wild II
1st – Destined For Glory (by Hammerfall) (from Renegade)
2nd – Incarnation (by ?) (from NOAH For Evolution)

Yoshihiro Takayama
1st – Destructive Power (by K-A-Z) (from NOAH Departure)

Yoshinari Ogawa
1st – Lost At Birth (by Public Enemy) (from Apocalypse ’91)
2nd – Scum of the Earth (by Rob Zombie) (from Mission: Impossible II)

Yoshinobu Kanemaru

1st – No Good (Start the Dance) (by the Prodigy) (from Music for the Jilted Generation)
2nd – Maximum (by Yutaka Ozaki) (from NOAH Departure)
3rd – Maximum (Version 2.1) (by Yutaka Ozaki) (from NOAH Navigation for the Glory)
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