Heartland Wrestling Association
The A-Squad
1st – We Will Rock You (by Queen)

B.J. Whitmer
1st – Down (by the Stone Temple Pilots)

Chad Collyer
1st – Sleep Now In the Fire (by Rage Against the Machine)

Crypt Castle
1st – Antichrist Superstar (by Marilyn Manson)

Dean Jablonski
1st – We Will Rock You (by Queen)

1st – Earache My Eye (by Cheech & Chong)

1st – I’m A Hustler (by Cassidy Feat. Jay-Z)

The Island Boys
1st – Tonight (by DJ Quik)

Jamie Noble
1st – Back In Black (by AC/DC)

Lance Cade
1st – Hair of the Dog (by Guns N Roses)

Mark Mattis
1st – Get This Party Started (by Pink)

Matt Dillinger
1st – Gimme Back My Bullets (by Jackyl)

Matt Stryker
1st – Symphony of Destruction (by Megadeth)

Mike Sanders
1st – Can’t See Straight (by Sick Speed)
2nd – Welcome To Atlanta (Remix) (by Jermaine Dupri Feat. P. Diddy, St. Lunatics, Snoop Dogg, & Ludacris)

Nigel McGuinness
1st – Roll On (by the Living End)

Patrick Black
1st – Black (by Sevendust)

Quentin Lee
1st – Electric Head, Pt. 2: The Ecstasy (by White Zombie)

R.C. Haas
1st – My Sacrifice (by Creed)

Race Steele
1st – Break Stuff (by Limp Bizkit)

Rory Fox
1st – Goody Two Shoes (by Adam Ant)

Shannon Moore
1st – Scum of the Earth (by Rob Zombie)

Shark Boy
1st – I Come From the Water (by the Toadies)

The Smart Money
1st – Hi-Lo (by J.T. Money)

Steve Bradley
1st – Last Resort (by Papa Roach)
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