Adrian Adonis
1st – Star Wars Main Title (by John Williams)

Animal Hamaguchi
1st – Zero-to-Sixty In Five (by Pablo Cruise) (from Pablo Cruise)
2nd – Matador (by Terumasa Hino) (from Trade Wind)
3rd – Back On Track (by Mud Slick) (from Keep Crawlin’ in the Mud)

1st – Shikaku No Uta (by ?) (from PuroresuQ)

Ashura Hara
1st – Don’t You Know How Much I Love You (by the Love Unlimited Orchestra) (from the Best of)
2nd – Ashura (by ?) (from PuroresuQ)
3rd – Dreams (by Van Halen) (from 5150)

Genichiro Tenryu
1st – Thunder Storm (by ?) (from ?)

Head Hunters
1st – March of S.O.D. (Instrumental) (by S.O.D.) (from ?)

Hiromichi Fuyuki
1st – Shoot It ’95 (by ?) (from ?)
2nd – Love Theme (by ?) (from ?)

Isamu Teranishi
1st – Alient Water Kiss (by Steve Vai)/Another Man Mix (by One 2 Many)

King Haku
1st – Natural Power (by ?) (from ?)

Koji Ishinriki
1st – Alcatras (by ?) (from ?)
2nd – Over the Sky (by ?) (from WAR: Wrestle & Romance)
3rd – Rydeen (by the Yellow Magic Orchestra) (from X Multiplies)

Koki Kitahara
1st – Town Bad Girl (by Legs Diamond) (from Town Bad Girl)
2nd – Shining V (by ?) (from WAR: Wrestle & Romance)
3rd – Theme of Koki Kitahara (by ?) (from ?)

Lion Heart
1st – Thunder Kiss ’65 (by White Zombie) (from Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1)

Masao Orihara
1st – Phoenix (by ?) (from ?)

Michiyoshi Ohara
1st – Erotic Nightmares (by Steve Vai) (from ?)

Mitsuhiro Matsunaga
1st – Flash's Theme (No Intro) (by Queen) (from Flash Gordon)

Norihisa Yamamoto
1st – Speak For Yourself (by Gary Moore)

Stefan Leko
1st – Theme From Warriors (by Barry DeVorzon)

Sumo Gundan
1st – ? (by ?) (from ?)

Takashi Ishikawa
1st – Thercules (by Parachute) (from Colours)
2nd – Touchdown Raiders (by Santana) (from Beyond Apperance)
3rd – Edge of Insanity (by Tony MacAlpine)
4th – Hercules (by Parachute) (from 6 Kinds, 6 Sizes)

Takayuki Iizuka
1st – After the War (by Gary Moore)

Tarzan Goto
1st – ? (by ?) (from PuroresuQ 10)

Tomohiro Ishii
1st – Revolution (by ?) (from PuroresuQ 10)

Tsuyoshi Kikuchi
1st – Revolution (by ?) (from PuroresuQ 10)

Ultimo Dragon
1st – El Dorado (by ?) (from WAR: Wrestle & Romance)

Yoshihisa Yamamoto
1st – Speak For Yourself (by Gary Moore)

Yuji Yasuraoka
1st – Head the Ball (by Bernie Marsden) (from And About Time Too)
2nd – MacGyver (by Randy Edelman) (from MacGyver)

Yukihide Ueno
1st – Take Me Higher (by V6) (from Take Me Higher)
2nd – Winners Forever (by Infix) (from Winners Forever)

Zambuei Express
1st – Theme From Warriors (by Barry DeVorzon)
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