A.J. Styles
1st – I Am (by Dale Oliver) (from ?)
2nd – I Am (Phenomenal Remix) (by Dale Oliver) (from ?)

Ace Steel
1st – I’ll Cast A Shadow (by Pantera) (from ?)

Adam Flash
1st – Sun Doesn’t Rise (by Mushroomhead) (from ?)
2nd – Nothing Left to Lose (by Puddle of Mudd) (from ?)

Adrian Serrano
1st – Wherever I May Roam (by Metallica) (from ?)

Alex Shelley
1st – Whatever Happened to My Rock N Roll (by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) (from ?)

The All-Stars

1st – ? (by ?) (from ?)

Allison Danger
1st – Dancing Through Sunday (by A.F.I.) (from ?)
2nd – The Days of the Phoenix (by A.F.I.) (from ?)
3rd – Pretty Piece of Flesh (by One Inch Punch) (from ?)

The Amazing Red
1st – Informer (by Snow Feat. MC Shan) (from ?)

Angel Williams
1st – Papercut (by Linkin Park) (from ?)

Arik Cannon
1st – Anarchy in the U.K. (by the Sex Pistols) (from ?)

Austin Aries
1st – From This Day (by Machine Head) (from ?)
2nd – Born of A Broken Man (by Rage Against the Machine) (from ?)

B.G. James

1st – Oh! You Didn’t Know (by ?) (from ?)

B.J. Whitmer
1st – Down (by the Stone Temple Pilots) (from ?)

Balls Mahoney
1st – Big Balls (by AC/DC) (from ?)

1st – Real Muthapuckin’ G’s (by Eazy E) (from ?)

B-Boy & Homicide
1st – Poppin’ Them Thangs (by G-Unit) (from ?)

Becky Bayless
1st – The Touch (by Stan Bush) (from ?)

Brad Bradley
1st – Debonaire (by Dope) (from ?)
2nd – Firestorm (by Earth Crisis) (from ?)

Brad Bradley & Ryan Boz
1st – Force Fed (by Strapping Young Lad) (from ?)

Brandon Thomaselli

1st – Blood In My Eyes (by the Dimestore Hoods) (from ?)

Bull Pain
1st – Eruption (by Van Halen) (from ?)

C.M. Punk

1st – Miseria Cantare (The Beginning) (by A.F.I.) (from ?)
2nd – People=Shit (by Slipknot) (from ?)
3rd – Ole! (by the Bouncing Souls) (from ?)
4th – ? (by Jay-Z) (from ?)
5th – Gainesville Rock City (by Less Than Jake) (from ?)

1st – I’m Too Sexy (by Right Said Fred) (from ?)

Cash Flo
1st – Hell Low (by Ice Cube Feat. Dr. Dre & MC Ren) (from ?)

Chad Collyer
1st – Supernova Goes Pop (by Powerman 5000) (from ?)
2nd – Hair of the Dog (by Nazareth) (from ?)

Chandler McClure
1st – ? (by ?) (from ?)

Chris Candido
1st – Back In Black (by AC/DC) (from ?)

Chris Hamrick
1st – If the South Woulda Won (by Hank Williams Jr.) (from ?)

Chris Hero
1st – Kryptonite (by 3 Doors Down) (from ?)

Chris Kole
1st – I Fucking Hate You (by Godsmack) (from ?)

Chris Sabin
1st – Headstrong (by Trapt) (from ?)
2nd – The Leaving Song, Pt. II (by A.F.I.) (from ?)

Claudio Castagnoli
1st – Burgler's Olympic Theme (Instrumental) (by John Williams) (from ?)/I’ve Got to Have It (by Jermaine Dupree Feat. Nas) (from ?)

Colt Cabana
1st – Copa Cabana (At the Copa) (by Barry Manilow) (from ?)

Conrad Kennedy III
1st – Pompeii (by E.S. Posthumus) (from ?)

Corporal Robinson
1st – The Halls of Illusions (by the Insane Clown Posse) (from ?)

Cru Jones
1st – Supernova Goes Pop (by Powerman 5000) (from ?)

Daizee Haze
1st – Sensei (by the Long Beach Dub All-Stars Feat. Tippa Irie) (from ?)

Danny Daniels
1st – Turn Me On Mr. Deadman (by the Union Underground) (from ?)

1st – Hybrid Stigmata/The Apostasy (by Dimmu Borgir) (from ?)

1st – Dig (by Mudvayne) (from ?)

1st – Swarm (by Dark Lotus) (from ?)

Eddie Edwards
1st – Faceless (by Godsmack) (from ?)

Eddie Kingston
1st – Breathe (by Fabolous) (from ?)

Eddie Venom
1st – Interactive-X (by Mind Candy) (from ?)
2nd – Stand Up & Shout (by Steel Dragon) (from ?)

Emil Sitoci
1st – Hey Ya! (by Outkast) (from ?)

Erik Priest & Cilas Young

1st – Bye Bye Bye (by N’Sync) (from ?)

Frankie the Face
1st – Guerrilla Radio (by Rage Against the Machine) (from ?)

Gator McGraw
1st – Wild Wild West (by Will Smith Feat. Dru Hill & Kool Moe Dee) (from ?)

Generation Next

1st – Six Barrel Shotgun (by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) (from ?)

H.C. Loc
1st – High Rate Extinction (by Crowbar) (from ?)

1st – Battle Without Honor Or Humanity (by Tomoyasu Hotei) (from ?)

The Havana Pitbulls
1st – Breathing (by Yellowcard) (from ?)

The Highlanders
1st – Shoots & Ladders (by Korn) (from ?)

Hillbilly Jed
1st – Cotton-Eye Joe (by Rednex) (from ?)

1st – The Truth (by Beanie Sigel) (from ?)
2nd – Poppin’ Them Thangs (by G-Unit) (from ?)

1st – Like Whoa! (by Black Rob) (from ?)

Ian Rotten
1st – The Beautiful People (by Marilyn Manson) (from ?)

1st – Song 2 (by Blur) (from ?)

The Iron Saints
1st – Square Dance (by Eminem) (from ?)

J.C. Bailey
1st – Stupify (by Disturbed) (from ?)
2nd – Faint (by Linkin Park) (from ?)

Jack Marciano
1st – Jack of Speed (by Steely Dan) (from ?)

Jaimy Coxxx
1st – Master of Puppets (by Metallica) (from ?)

Jamie D
1st – Get ‘Em Up (by Paul Oakenfold Feat. Ice Cube) (from ?)

Jason Dukes
1st – Master of Puppets (by Metallica) (from ?)

Jerry Lynn
1st – Scapegoat (by Fear Factory) (from ?)

Jimmy Jacobs
1st – The Touch (by Stan Bush) (from ?)

Jimmy Rave
1st – Leave You Far Behind (Instrumental) (by Lunatic Calm) (from ?)

John McChesney
1st – Friday (by Ice Cube) (from ?)

Josh Abercrombie
1st – Our Lady of Sorrows (by My Chemical Romance) (from ?)

Josh Prohibition
1st – Firestorm (by Earth Crisis) (from ?)

1st – Sad But True (by Metallica) (from ?)
2nd – Sober (by Tool) (from ?)

1st – The Game (by Disturbed) (from ?)

Larry Sweeney
1st – More, More, More (by the Andrea True Connection) (from ?)

Lexie Fyfe
1st – RPM (by Sugar Ray) (from ?)

Louie Ramos
1st – #1 (by Nelly) (from ?)

Madman Pondo
1st – Bullet With Butterfly Wings (by the Smashing Pumpkins)

1st – Tainted Love (by Marilyn Manson)

Mark Wolf
1st – Last Resort (by Papa Roach)

Matt Sydal
1st – Dope Nose (by Weezer)
2nd – Clavicle (by the Alkaline Trio)

M-Dogg 20
1st – Slam (by Onyx)

Mercedes Martinez
1st – Live At Jimmy’s (by Angie Martinez Feat. Big Pun, Cuban Link, Domingo & Sunkiss)

Michael Shane
1st – Du Hast (by Rammstein)

Mickie Knuckles
1st – Fighter (by Christina Aguilera)
2nd – Redneck Woman (by Gretchen Wilson)

Mike Quackenbush
1st – Just A Hero
2nd – Break It Down Again (by Tears For Fears)

Ms. Chif
1st – The Promise of Fever (by Cradle of Filth)
2nd – Repined Bastard Nation (by Satyricon)

Nate Webb
1st – Teenage Dirtbag (by Wheatus)
2nd – I Believe In A Thing Called Love (by the Darkness)

Necro Butcher
1st – Hit Me With Your Best Shot (by Pat Benatar)
2nd – Godzilla (by Blue Oyster Cult)
3rd – The Man Comes Around (by Johnny Cash)

Nick Halen
1st – Black (by Sevendust)

Nigel McGuinness
1st – I Fought the Law (by the Clash)

One Dirty Bitch
1st – Move Bitch (by Ludakris Feat. Mystikal & I-20)

Petey Williams
1st – Calm Like A Bomb (by Rage Against the Machine)
2nd – One Step Closer (by Linkin Park)

1st – Celebrity Skin (by Hole)

1st – You Don’t Want Drama (by 8-Ball & M.J.G.)

Ray Gordy
1st – Superstar (by Saliva)
2nd – Raining Blood (by Slayer)

The Ring Crew Express
1st – Jump (by Van Halen)

Roderick Strong
1st – Did My Time (by Korn)

Ryan Ash
1st – Cry Me A River (by Justin Timberlake)

Ryan Boz
1st – Force Fed (by Strapping Young Lad)
2nd – Du Hast (by Rammstein)

Ryuji Ito
1st – Halcyon & On & On (by Orbital)

1st – Huka Blues (by Harry Slash & the Slashtones)

Salvatore Rinauro
1st – The Choice Is Yours (by Black Sheep)
2nd – React (by Redman Feat. Erick Sermon)

Samoa Joe
1st – Microphone Fiend (by Rage Against the Machine)
2nd – Another Body Murdered (by Faith No More Feat.j the Boo-Yaa Tribe)
3rd – The Champ Is Here (Instrumental) (by Jadakiss Feat. D.J. Green Lantern)

Second City Saints
1st – Jesus Walks (by Kanye West)

Shark Boy
1st – I Come From the Water (by the Toadies)

Skeeter Frost
1st – Toy Box (by the Insane Clown Posse)

Smokey Carmichael
1st – Supernova Goes Pop (by Powerman 5000)

Southern Comfort
1st – Good Ol’ Boys (by Waylon Jennings)

Steve Stone
1st – 5 Minutes Alone (by Pantera)

Sumie Sakai
1st – Butterfly (by D.J. Mystik)

Super Dragon
1st – Earth People (by Dr. Octagon)
2nd – Epic (by Faith No More)

1st – Angel of Death (by Slayer)

Team Friday
1st – Poppin’ Them Thangs (by G-Unit)

Toby Klein
1st – Loco (by Coal Chamber)

Tracy Brooks
1st – 99 Problems (by Jay-Z)

Tracy Smothers

1st – If the South Woulda Won (by Hank Williams Jr.)

Trik Davis
1st – Linchpin (by Fear Factory)
2nd – Anyway You Want It (by Rise Against)

1st – Firestorm (by Earth Crisis)

The Wildcards
1st – Jack of Speed (by Steely Dan)
2nd – Stunt 101 (by G-Unit)

1st – Clichι Guevara (by Against Me!)

Zach Gowen
1st – Real American (by Rick Derringer)
2nd – Where the Hood At (by DMX)
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