Ayako Hamada
1st – Mex Storm (by ?) (from GAEA Locus)

The Bomber
1st – Burnin’ Heart (by ?) (from ?)
2nd – Bomb (by ?) (from GAEA Rhythm)

Chigusa Nagayo
1st – Hearts On Fire (by John Cafferty) (from Rocky IV)
2nd – Brave Heart (by ?) (from GAEA Rhythm)

Chikayo Nagashima
1st – Born to Win (by ?) (from GAEA Rhythm)

Devil Masami
1st – Raise the Devil (by ?) (from GAEA Locus)

Hiromi Kato
1st – Give the Fire A Blow! (by ?) (from GAEA Rec.)

1st – My Kinda Girl (by Babyface) (from Closer Look)
2nd – If You Were A Woman (by Bonnie Tyler) (from Super Hits)
3rd – Feel the Magic (by ?) (from GAEA Rhythm)
4th – Free Your Mind (by Double) (from Crystal Planet)

Lioness Asuka
1st – Riot (by Motsu) (from GAEA Locus)

Maiko Matsumoto
1st – Miracle (by ?) (from GAEA Rec.)

Makie Numao
1st – Catch Up (by ?) (from GAEA Rhythm)

Mayumi Ozaki
1st – Ozaki’s Waiting (by ?) (from GAEA Rec.)

Meiko Satomura
1st – Rock Your Life Away (by ?) (from GAEA Rhythm)

Rina Ishii

1st – Real Dream (by ?) (from GAEA Rec.)

Sakura Hirota
1st – Sakura (Instrumental) (by ?) (from GAEA Rec.)

Sonoko Kato
1st – Rush & Beat (by ?) (from GAEA Rhythm)

Sugar Sato
1st – Cool in the Jungle (by ?) (from GAEA Rhythm)

Toshie Uematsu
1st – Fiesta! (by ?) (from GAEA Rhythm)
2nd – Return to the Dragon (by Manchild) (from United States)

Toshiyo Yamada
1st – Fire (Instrumental) (by ?) (from GAEA Rec.)

1st – Zero (Instrumental) (by ?) (from GAEA Rec.)
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