Acute Sae
1st – Sweater (by Blankey Jet City) (from the Six)

Azumi Hyuga
1st – Tip Tip (by Kool & the Gang) (from ?)
2nd – We All Fall Down (by Blue Murder) (from Nothin’ But Trouble)

The Bolshoi Kid
1st – The Show Must Go On (by Three Dog Night) (from Hard Labor)

Candy Okutsu
1st – Nessa (by Noro Issei) (from Vida)

Carlos Amano
1st – Storm (by ?) (from JWP Pure Sound)
2nd – ? (by Ryoko Shinohara) (from Lady Generation)
3rd – Gangster’s Paradise (by Coolio) (from Gangster’s Paradise)
4th – Speed Demon (by Michael Jackson)

Commando Bolshoi
1st – B. Kid Special (by Yuki) (from Power of Woman)
2nd – Sludge (by Trevor Rabin) (from Can’t Look Away)
3rd – Space Walker #1 (by the Wonder 3) (from Hybrid Battle)
4th – The Show Must Go On (by ?) (from ?)

Cuty Suzuki
1st – It’s Magic (by Marlene) (from the Best of Marlene)

Devil Masami
1st – Truth (by the Square) (from Truth)
2nd – Queen (by Yuki) (from Power of Woman)

Dump Matsumoto
1st – ? (by Musashi) (from Ryudogumi)

Dynamite Kansai

1st – Conga (by Miami Sound Machine) (from 80’s Alive (Red))
2nd – Night Danger (by Pretty Maids) (from Red Hot & Heavy)

Fusayo Nouchi
1st – Tokyo Road (by Bon Jovi) (from 7800 Fahrenheit)/Woman From Tokyo (by Deep Purple) (from Who Do We Think We Are?)

Hikari Fukuoka
1st – Typhoon Island (by the Square) (from S-P-O-R-T-S)
2nd – Omens of Love (by the Square) (from R-E-S-O-R-T)
3rd – Bad Boys (by Whitesnake) (from Whitesnake)

Hiromi Sugo
1st – ? (by ?) (from ?)

Kanako Motoya

1st – Jump Around (by ?) (from JWP Pure Sound)
2nd – Seventeen (by Bobby Brown) (from Dance!... Ya Know It!)
3rd – Playin’ With Fire (by Lita Ford) (from the Best of Lita Ford)

Kaori Yoneyama

1st – CP Time (by Vernon Reid) (from Mistaken Identity)

Kayoko Haruyama

1st – Lemonade Girl (by the Jellys) (from Welcome to Our World)
2nd – Love (by Sonic Dream) (from Dustproof)

Maya Hashimoto

1st – Welcome to the Pleasuredome (Into Battle Mix) (by Frankie Goes to Hollywood) (from Toys)/Come On! (by ?) (from JWP Pure Heart)

Mayumi Ozaki
1st – ? (by Show-Ya) (from Hardway)
2nd – Red Hot & Heavy (by Pretty Maids) (from Red Hot & Heavy)
3rd – Can’t Catch Me (by Lita Ford) (from Lita)

Plum Mariko
1st – Love At First Sight (by Kylie Minogue) (from Kylie)
2nd – Fallen Angel (by Poison) (from Poison’s Greatest Hits)
3rd – Don’t Cry Angel (by Yuki) (from Power of Woman)
4th – I Wanna Dance (by B’z) (from Wicked Beat)

Ran Yuyu
1st – Dream (by ?) (from JWP Pure Sound)
2nd – Hard Driver (by Badlands) (from Badlands)
3rd – Easy Living (by D.C. Cooper) (from D.C. Cooper)
4th – Storm From Ran (by the Wonder 3) (from Hybrid Battle)

The Round Girl

1st – Like A Virgin (by Madonna) (from Like A Virgin)

Sari Osumi
1st – Get Ready (by 2-Unlimited) (from Get Ready)


1st – ? (by ?) (from ?)

Tomoko Watanabe
1st – ? (by ?) (from Savachan Megamix)
2nd – For the Heroes (by Tube) (from the Color of Life)

Tsubasa Kuragaki
1st – Whole Lotta Love (Radio Version) (by Gold Back) (from ?)
2nd – Love Got Wings (by Snakes In Paradise) (from Yesterday & Today)
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