International Wrestling Association:  
1st – Iron Man (by Black Sabbath)

Big Bossman
1st – Hard Times

The Blackhearts
1st – Phantom of the Opera

Bob Chuck
1st – Party Up

Bruiser Brody
1st – Immigrant Song (by Led Zeppelin)

Cactus Jack
1st – Kyouran No Symphony

The Chainsaw Brothers
1st – Leather Face

The Crypt Keeper
1st – Main Title of Tales From the Crypt

Dick Murdoch
1st – Texas Fight

1st – Burning Heart (by Survivor)

El Canek
1st – I’m Sorry

El Gigante
1st – Giant Press

Freddy Krueger
1st – Freddy Krueger

Giant Kimala

1st – A.I.E. (A’MWANA)

The Great Kabuki
1st – Yankee Station

Gypsy Joe
1st – Subete Wa Kaze No Naka Ni

1st – Who’s Watching You

Jim Duggan
1st – Cosmic Highway

Kappa Kozo
1st – Tennen No Bi

Katsumi Hirano
1st – Wild Wind (by ?) (from PuroresuQ 7)

Keisuke Yamada
1st – Voice of America (by Nikki French) (from Total Eclipse of the Heart)

Keizo Matsuda
1st – Secret of My Success (by Night Ranger) (from Big Life)

King Kong Bundy
1st – Jaws

Kinroku Dangoro Ichiza
1st – Kinroku No Yokachin Ondo

Kung Fu Master Annin
1st – Theme From S.W.A.T.

Leather Face
1st – Leather Face

1st – Hell’s Bells (by AC/DC)

1st – Seibu Keisatsu Theme (by ?) (from Seibu Keisatsu)

Ryo Miyake
1st – Burn (by Starship) (from Love Among the Cannibals)

Steve Williams
1st – I Love It Loud (by KISS)

Takesako Nozomi
1st – All the Things She Said (by t.A.t.U.) (from 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane)

Tatsukuni Asano

1st – Hawaii Five-O

Ted DiBiase
1st – Olimpia

Terry Funk
1st – Spinning Toe Hold

Terry Gordy
1st – Freebird (by Lynyrd Skynyrd)

Tiger Jeet Singh

1st – Saber Tiger
2nd – Youkai Ningen Bemu No Theme

The U.S. Express
1st – Real American (by Rick Derringer)

Yoshihiro Tajiri
1st – Taj Mahal (by Masayoshi Takanaka) (from Jolly Jive)

Yoshiko Abe

1st – Big Gun (by AC/DC) (from Last Action Hero)

Yuji Kito
1st – Easy to Dance (by TRF) (from Easy to Dance)

Yukihide Ueno
1st – Million Miles Away (by the Offspring) (from A Conspiracy of One)
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