1st – Urgent Evacuation (by ?) (from MPRO Michinoku Walker)

Beef Wellington
1st – I Got Power (by Snap) (from ?)
2nd – YMCA (by the Village People) (from the Best of the Village People)

Bobby Blaze
1st – Freebird (by Lynyrd Skynyrd) (from Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd)

Curry Man
1st – Guerrilla Radio (by Rage Against the Machine) (from ?)

Dick Togo
1st – ? (by Kazuko Matsumara) (from the Best of Best)
2nd – I Miss You (by Takeshi Kitano) (from Graduation)
3rd – Entre Dos Tierras (by Heroes Del Silencio) (from En Evidencia: Lo Mejor Del Rock)
4th – Abnormal Paradise (by Ven) (from MPRO Complete Works)
5th – Bad to the Bone (by Inner Circle) (from Bad Boys)
6th – Thunder Kiss ’65 (by White Zombie) (from La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1)
7th – Insane in the Brain (by Cypress Hill) (from Black Sunday)

Gran Hamada
1st – Bad Boy Blues (by Hound Dog)
nd – Wild Mow-Mow (by the Injustice)

Gran Naniwa
1st – Fisherman’s Head of Crab Fishing (by Romanesque Seven)

The Great Sasuke
1st – Just A Hero (by ?) (from MPRO Complete Works)
2nd – Just A Hero (by ?) (from Just A Hero)
3rd – Sakura Sakura (by ?) (from ?)/Separados (by Luis Miguel) (from Busca Una Mujer)
4th – Integral Hard (by ?) (from MPRO Complete Works)
5th – Radio One (by ?) (from MPRO Michinoku Walker)

Hanzo Nakajima
1st – Aura Road (by Mio) (from PuroresuQ 3)
2nd – The Sweetest Victory (by Touch) (from Rocky IV)
3rd – Theme From Police Story (by ?) (from Police Story)

1st – Promenade (by ?) (from MPRO Michinoku Walker)/Milky Way Railroad 999 (by ?) (from MPRO Michinoku Walker)

Hideki Hosaka
1st – ? (by Kyoko Koizumi) (from Kyouko No Kiyoku Tadasiku Utsukusiku)
2nd – Hero (by Takuro Yoshida) (from Rolling 30)

Hiroyoshi Kotsubo
1st – Ain’t My Bitch (by Metallica) (from Load)
2nd – ? (by ?) (from ?)

Ikuto Hidaka
1st – Go (by Asia) (from Astra)
2nd – Children of Decadence (by Children of Bodom) (from Follow the Reaper)

Jinsei Shinzaki

1st – Yamato Suite, Pt. 1 (by Musashi) (from PuroresuQ 9)
2nd – Sky, Wind, Fire, Water, Earth (by ?) (from MPRO Complete Works)

Junji Tanaka
1st – Lady Marmalade (by ?) (from ?)

Kaientai DX
1st – ? (by Kaientai) (from Best Collection)
2nd – Abnormal Paradise (by Ven) (from MPRO Complete Works)

Kazuya Yuasa
1st – Time Bokan (by ?) (from ?)
2nd – Time Bomber (by ?) (from MPRO Michinoku Walker)

1st – (by ?) (from ?)

Kessen Numajiro

1st – Soul (by Kessen Numajiro) (from Soul of Sea)

1st – Promenade (by ?) (from MPRO Michinoku Walker)/Milky Way Railroad 999 (by ?) (from MPRO Michinoku Walker)

Los Carros Exoticos
1st – Steel Tormentor (by Helloween) (from ?)

Los Salseros Japanesos
1st – La Chica Que Nacio En Japon (by Camaguey) (from ?)

Macho Pump
1st – African Symphony (by Van McCoy) (from ?)

Masaru Seno
1st – Chain Reaction (by Journey) (from ?)

Masato Yakushiji

1st – Miracle Man (by ?) (from Jackie Chan Best One)

Men’s Teioh
1st – Memory (by ?) (from ?)
2nd – Galaxy Express (by ?) (from ?)
3rd – Stayin’ Alive (by ?) (from ?)

Minoru Fujita

1st – Tomorrow (by Stratovarius)

1st – Torture (by ?) (from ?)

Monkey Magic
1st – Monkey Magic (by Godiego) (from Godiego: The Best of)

Mr. Cacao
1st – Danger Zone (by Kenny Loggins) (from Top Gun)

1st – Not For Sale (by the Odd-Bowz) (from Dirty Market)

Sasuke the Great

1st – Dangerous Toys (by the Electric Gang) (from the Electric Gang)

1st – I Miss You (by ?) (from ?)

1st – The Ring Cried (by Chage & Aska) (from ?)
2nd – Eve (Last Night For You) (by Laputa) (from ?)

Shoichi Funaki

1st – Come Out & Play (by the Offspring) (from Smash)

Super Delfin

1st – Bad Communication (by B’z) (from Bad Communication)
2nd – Theme of Delfin (by the Naoto Shibata Project) (from?)
3rd – The Perfect Twist (by ?) (from ?)
4th – Senor Perfecto (by Super Delfin) (from Senor Perfecto)
5th – Senor Perfecto (by ?) (from MPRO Complete Works)

Taka Michinoku

1st – Michinoku Traveling (by ?) (from ?)
2nd – Yamato Suite, Pt. 4 (Original) (by Musashi) (from ?)
3rd – Yamato Suite, Pt. 4 (by Musashi) (from ?)

Terry Boy

1st – Spinning Toe-Hold (by Creation) (from ?)

Tiger Mask (IV)

1st – Boys Be A Tiger (by ?)  (from ?)
2nd – Tiger Mask World (by ?) (from ?)
3rd – Theme of Tiger (by ?) (from ?)

Tsubo Genjin

1st – Ultra Q Main Theme (by Kunio Miyauchi) (from Ultra Q)/Main Title (by Kunio Miyauchi) (from Ultra Q)
T2nd – Run (by ?) (from MPRO Michinoku Walker)

Ultimo Dragon
1st – Separados (by Luis Miguel) (from ?)
2nd – Theme of Michinoku (by the Naoto Shibata Project) (from ?)
3rd – Just A Hero (by ?) (from ?)

Yone Genjin

1st – Symphony No. 5 (by Ludwig Von Beethoven) (from ?)/Midnight Teenage Shuffle (by the Personz) (from the Personz)

Yoshito Sugamoto
1st – Fantasia (by Osamu Akira Yoshikawa) (from ?)
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