Dramatic Dream Team
1st – Magic In Your Eyes (by ?) (from ?)

Daichi Kakimoto
1st – Kakimoto (by DJ Eguchi)

Daisaku Shimoda
1st – Crash & Burn (by Yngwie Malmsteen) (from the Seventh Sign)

Daisuke Taneichi
1st – ? (by ?) (from ?)

Danshoku Dino
1st – Thriller (by Tomoyasu Hotei)

The Far East Connection
1st – Insane in the Brain (by Cypress Hill)
2nd – Entre Dos Tierras (by Heroes Del Silencio)

Futoshi Miwa
1st – Gold Giving

1st – Another Side of (by DBMN)

Gorgeous Matsuno
1st – Theme Music of Gorgeous Matsuno

1st – Main Title (by ?) (from Hero!)

Issei Fujisawa
1st – Take the Dream (Infinity) (by ?) (from ?)
2nd – The World (by ?) (from ?)

Jun Inomata
1st – Be My Baby (by Complex)

Kayoko Takagi
1st – Furenzu

Kazushige Nozawa
1st – Missile Man (by the High-Lows) (from Missile Man)

1st – Take the Dream/The World

1st – Opening Theme (by Raymond Wong) (from Shaolin Soccer)

Masahiro Takanishi
1st – Faint (by Linkin Park) (from Meteora)

1st – Spain (by Tak Matsumoto) (from Thousand Wave Plus)
2nd – Spain (by ?) (from 20th Century Best Modern Jazz)
3rd – No Sleep Till Brooklyn (by the Beastie Boys) (from Licensed to Ill)
4th – Deep Impact (by Dragon Ash) (from Lily of the Valley)
5th – Deep Impact (DJ Krush Remix) (by Dragon Ash) (from ?)

Mitsunobu Kikkuzawa
1st – Wild Thing (by X) (from Major League )/Pretty Fly (by the Offspring) (from Americana)

Miyuki Maeda
1st – ? (by ?) (from Charlie’s Angels)

Muscle Sakai
1st – Reborn

Nobutaka Moribe
1st – What’s Up Mr. Jones (by Hide With Zilch)

OK Revolution
1st – Touch Operation (by Tak Matsumoto) (from Thousand Wave Plus)
2nd – Hot Limit (by TM Revolution Feat. John Desire) (from the Force)
3rd – White Breath (by TM Revolution)

Poison Sawada Julie
1st – Jakai Tensei (by Taka Kakimoto)

1st – PRIDE Main Theme

Riki Sensyu
1st – Power Hall

Sanshiro Takagi
1st – (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (to Party) (by the Beastie Boys) (from Licensed to Ill)
2nd – Fire (by Scooter) (from the Age of Love)
3rd – Fire (3:46 Remix) (by Scooter) (from Dance Panic! Presents Campus Hits!)

Seiya Morohashi
1st – Sandstorm (by Darude)
2nd – Don’t Call Me White (by NOFX)

Shigeru Ohta
1st – Missile Man (by the High-Lows) (from Missile Man)

Shoichi Ichimiya
1st – Revolution (by ?) (from PuroresuQ 10)
2nd – ? (by ?) (from ?)
3rd – Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (by Jimi Hendrix) (from Electric Ladyland)
4th – 4th Movement (by Antonin Dvorak) (from Symphony No. 9: New World)

1st – WPW Theme Song (Club Mix) (by ?) (from ?)

Showa 80’s
1st – One Night Gigolo (by the Checkers) (from the Checkers)

1st – Hero (by Papaya) (from Pink)

Shuji Ishikawa
1st – ? (by ?) (from ?)

Snake Iwata
1st – ? (by ?) (from ?)

Super Uchu Power
1st – Terminator 2 Main Theme

Takashi Sasaki
1st – Youth Gone Wild (by Skid Row) (from Skid Row)
2nd – This Is War (by Vanden Berg)
3rd – Storm (by Yoshida-Kyodai) (from Storm)

Tanomusaku Toba
1st – ?  (by the High-Lows) (from Flash)
2nd – Fire (by Yutaka Ozaki) (from Birth)
3rd – What in the World Happened to You? (by the Offspring)

Tomohiko Hashimoto
1st – Pulp Fiction (by ?) (from ?)
2nd – No Way Out (by Tak Matsumoto) (from Thousand Wave Plus)
3rd – Train-Train (by the Blue Hearts) (from Super Best)
4th – Ante Up (FMF Remix) (by M.O.P. & Funk Master Flex)
5th – Superthug (by Noreaga)

Tomohiro Ishii
1st – Million Miles Away (by the Offspring) (from A Conspiracy of One)

1st – Graveyard Symphony

Yuki Yamazaki
1st – Pedal to the Medal (by Guy Mann-Dude) (from ?)
2nd – Rhythm & Police (by Akihiko Matsumoto) (from Rhythm & Police)

Yusuke Inokuma
1st – Into the Light of the 13 Dark Night (by BALZAC)
2nd – Start the Riot
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