Arsion/Major Girl's Fighting A-to-Z
Ai Fujita
1st – Angel Negrita (by ?) (from Arsion Music)

1st – Maria (by Ricky Martin) (from A Medio Vivir)
2nd – Ciero Perfecto (by ?) (from Arsion Music)
3rd – Loaded (by Ricky Martin) (from Sound Loaded)

Ayako Hamada
1st – El Cubo (by Calo) (from Sin Miedo)
2nd – Cruz (by ?) (from Arsion Music)

Bullfighter Sora
1st – Rydeen (by the Yellow Magic Orchestra) (from X Multiplies)

Candy Okutsu
1st – Silver Lynx (by ?) (from Arsion Music)

Cheerleader Melissa
1st – 1 Da Woman (by Tricky) (from ?)

Emiko Kado
1st – Shot Down in the Ring (by ?) (from Arsion Music)

Fabi Apache
1st – Latinos (by New Era) (from ?)

Lady Metal
1st – Samba De Janeiro (by J-Wave) (from Tokyo Hot 100 Emi Edition, Vol. 2)

Lady Pentagon
1st – Are You Gonna Go My Way? (by Lenny Kravitz) (from Are You Gonna Go My Way?)

Mariko Yoshida

1st – Fable (Message) (by Robert Miles) (from Dream Land)

Mary Apache
1st – Quiero Seguir Railando (by ?) (from ?)

Michiko Omukai
1st – Latin Lover (HV Club Mix) (by Popsie) (from Latin Passion)
2nd – Egoist (by ?) (from Arsion Music)
3rd – Egoist Trance (by ?) (from Egoist Trance)

Mika Nishio
1st – Tenshi (by ?) (from ?)

Mikiko Futagami
1st – Respect O.K. (by ?) (from Arsion Music)

1st – Can’t Help Falling In Love (by Hi-Standard) (from Love Is A Battlefield)

Rena Takase
1st – Go! Takase! Go! (by ?) (from ?)
2nd – Welcome to the Jungle (by Guns N Roses) (from Appetite For Destruction)

Rie Tamada
1st – Electric Head, Pt. 1 (by White Zombie) (from Astro Creep 2000)
2nd – Back to the Jungle (by ?) (from Arsion Music)

Sachie Abe
1st – Mayonaka Wa Junketsu (by Ringo Shiina) (from Mayonaka Wa Junketsu)

Tiger Dream
1st – Endless Dream (by ?) (from Arsion Music)

Yukari Kitao
1st – Na-Na (by Bus Stop) (from Get It On)

Yumi Fukawa

1st – Super Hero (by Daze) (from Super Heroes)
2nd – Cosmic Surfer (by ?) (from Arsion Music)
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