Crash the Terminator
1st – You Could Be Mine (by Guns N Roses) (from ?)

The Crypt Keeper
1st – Main Title (by Danny Elfman) (from Tales From the Crypt)

Freddy Krueger
1st – Freddy  Krueger (by ?) (from ?)

Gypsy Joe
1st – The Gypsy (by Deep Purple) (from Storm Bringer)

The Head Hunters
1st – March of the S.O.D. (Instrumental)

Jado & Gedo
1st – Sharp Dressed Man (by ?) (from ?)

Jason the Terrible
1st – Satisfaction (by Alien Sex Fiend) (from Another Planet)

Leather Face
1st – Leather Face (by ?) (from ?)

Masayoshi Motegi
1st – Life Force (by Vinnie Moore) (from Mind’s Eye)
2nd – Life Force (by ?) (from PuroresuQ 4)

The Masked Inferno
1st – Poundcake (by Van Halen) (from For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge)

Miguel Perez Jr.
1st – Towns On Fire (by Vicious Rumors) (from Digital Dictator)

Mitsuhiro Matsunaga
1st – Flash’s Theme (No Intro) (by Queen) (from Flash Gordon)

Mitsuteru Tokuda
1st – Fight For Your Life (by ?) (from ?)

Mr. Pogo
1st – ? (by ?) (from ?)
2nd – Get Up (by Van Halen) (from 5150)
3rd –  ? (by ?) (from ?)

Rip Rogers
1st – ? (by ?) (from ?)

Shoji Nakamaki
1st – Autumn Lords (by ?) (from ?)

Super Invader
1st – Metal Invaders (by Helloween) (from Walls of Jericho: Judas)

Tugboat Taylor
1st – Holier Than Thou (by Metallica) (from Metallica)

Victor Quinones
1st – War Game (by ?) (from ?)

Wahoo McDaniel
1st – Indians (by Anthrax) (from Among the Living)

The W*inger
1st – W*inger (by ?) (from ?)

Yukihiro Kanemura
1st – Danger Zone (Remix) (by ?) (from ?)
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