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Hello everybody and welcome. This is my Totally Groovilicious Website, called Monkeeing Madness, and that's basically what goes on here all the time!! Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Mrs Rudnik, but I'm not a formal person, you can call me Millie! Erm, actually, call me Spev, as that is my favourite nickname. I hope you enjoy your stay here and don't forget to save the Texas Prairie Chicken! And if you don't want to do that, then sign my guestbook!!
Peace, love and Michael Nesmith,
Spev xxxx

Oh, by the way, although this is really a Monkees site, I'd like you all to take a gander at the NON-MONKEES PIC OF THE MONTH! It will change every month, mainly to a Keith Moon picture, but you never know, maybe I'll get a George Harrison one in there someday...

PLEASE NOTE! This site is heavily under construction, so don't yell at me cos everything isn't up, I'm doing my best! Right, well, I've been on holiday so I've not been doing anything to my site. thank you to all the people who have awarded me stuff. If you've applied for the award from my site and you've not got it, I'm sorry, I'll try and sort it out as soon as possible. I'm now able to receive and reply to emails so keep 'em comin'! Also, if you want to be in the Mike's Arse or Peter's Hips campaign (nobody seems interested in my other one...) and I've not replied, then please apply again, I do get confused... I think that's all for now.

Take care of yourselves, and don't have a heart attack over the pictures!

PPS, Please vote for me in the Monkees Top 100! Cheers!

i *heart* Mike Nesmith

And don't you forget it!  *grr*!

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EHMI's Award!
This is my first ever award, from EHMI! Thanks girls! You rock...

Ah, my widdle Junnykins!  UH, you, er, di'n' 'ear tha', wot I jast... di'n' saiy...

This is my second award, from Armenia City in the Sky, a site run by my bestest budcdy in the whole wide world EVER, ~*M*~. Thanks ever so much, dear gel! :-)

This is my new award from Christy of Peace, Love and The Monkees, a groovy little site that I'd like you to all check out NOW! Thank you!

This is my FOURTH award from Sleepy Jean (yeah, the real live proper Sleepy Jean!) of Sleepy Jean's Land of Security! Thank you SO much, Jean!

This is my FIFTH award from Tawny Crabb, who won my award! Cheers, Tawny! go see here site, here, now, it's dead cool!

This is my SIXTH(!!!) award! God I'm good! it's from, er, somewhere I can't remember, sorry. I know it's Moonbeam's page, but she didn't give me a link and I've forgotten the address! I wanted this award because LOOK AT MIKE!!!!! He's just GORGEOUS!! I love him, I want to marry him NOW! Thank you anyway for the award!

This is my SEVENTH award, making me in seventh heaven! It's from The Groovy Site of the 60s, and I wanted it because, well, just LOOK at Davy... I'm back in love....!!!! Thank you, Danielle!

This is my EIGHTH award! I feel so honoured! The main reason is because you can't actually APPLY for this award, AND I am the first person to win it! That kinda sorta starts to make me on a par with EHMI, doesn't it? No? Well, I guess I'll never be THAT good... Anyway, thank you ever so much to Monday for this award, I'm so pleased with it! Phantasmagoric Splendor is the name of the site, please go and visit it!

This is my latest award from In This Generation, which USED to be The Groovy 60s Site or something. Yes, I rule, I know, you don't have to tell me.

Yes, I am.

DISCLAIMER: Suffice to say, this is my Monkee page, in which I only make my own opinions. I don't make any profit from this site (I'm a student, you really expect me to know how to make money? I can write essays about it, though, if that's any help!!), nor do I wish to. None of the pictures are mine, I've taken them from various places across the net. I generally give the URL of the site I got them from, but occasionally I forget where I went. If that applies to you, just email me and I'll sort it out. Thanks!

This page was created on 13th January 2001 and is under major construction. Keep coming back to check out what's going on!!

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