Davy? Uh, Davy?! Umm...

Davy Jones!

THIS is the most delicious picture you're likely to see of El Shortarse!  Ah, I love him really!

NAME: David Thomas Jones

DoB: 30th December 1946

PLACE OF BIRTH: Manchester, England

HAIR COLOUR: Dark Brown. Still is. Hmm... Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Still dyes it? Yeah, that figures...

EYE COLOUR: Dark Brown.

MARITAL STATUS: Single. So, uh, you can have him!

BEST SONGS: Daydream Believer (of COURSE! Even though he never wrote it, but it needed to be said!), The Poster, Dream World

BEST SCENE IN 'HEAD': The dramatic scene with Theresa. "Ferget it! Ferget wot Father Duffy and Ma say about CarNAYGEE Hall!" Oh, how funny!

BEST EPISODE: Too Many Girls. "Keeping me away from women?! BUT THAT'S 'ALF THE WORLD!"

ANYTHING ELSE? As most of you know, he was in Coronation Street when he was younger. I saw a clip of him in it a few weeks ago, it was soooooooooooo cute! He couldn't have been any more than 12! If you love Davy email me and just tell me why on earth????

I've had an email from Vanessa Jones (that is SO not her real surname) about this whole Davy thing. She has kindly decided to tell me what it is she loves about him.

"Why do I love Davy? It's simple his accent (that's my weakness toward guys accents *swoon* oh sorry) his smile his butt heehee I just love him that's all!"

Thanks for that, Nessa!

I have taken this picture from Melisssa's Monkee Menagerie without permission. Hope you don't mind, Melisssa, and if you do, email me and I'll sort it out for you. Okay? Okay.

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