Don't you just WANT those glasses?!

The thing you have to know about Head before you ever watch it is that IT IS NOT A TV EPISODE. There's not even a resemblance to the TV series. So if you expect it to be anything like The Monkees we know and love, you'll be disappointed.

Also, to confuse your poor souls even more, Head doesn't actually have a storyline. Well, when I say that, I mean you can't say "The Monkees do this and that and because they do it, this happens at the end" because someone failed to mention to Bob Rafelson and Jack Nicholson the key word "coherent". The film flits from bit to bit, hardly linking anything together at all.

I don't want to put you off watching it because, contrary to what The Critics say, it is a fantastic film. And as a Monkee fan, you need to consider it your duty to see it. the one piece of advice I must give you is don't try to understand it as it's happening, just let it happen and when it's over it will just click into place. Head isn't a film you can understand and describe how you understood it. You just know, somewhere in your brain, that you get where they were coming from.

If you're a new Monkee fan, I'd say wait a while before you watch it or it will truly blow your mind. You have to be totally at one with the minds of The Monkees to cope with it. I waited three years and I only just managed to get through my first viewing without having a migrane!

All Nez fans, watch it simply for the "Circle Sky" performance and his walk along the beach in "As We Go Along". I promise you won't be disappointed!!


The annoying scene is near the beginning when Jack Nicholson's girfriend at the time snogs The Monkees and then leaves. That's it. Her role in the film begins and ends there. I know what you're thinking. "She got PAID for that?! That's so unfair! I'd do it for nothing! Some people have all the luck, no justice in this world!" and so on. I thought that too at first. But then I thought about it and changed my mind. Here's why I think she deserved to be paid and why I think it was a tough job.

1. She had to snog Micky Dolenz. 'Nuff said.
2. She had to STOP snogging Mike Nesmith!
3. And then go and snog Peter Tork (which wasn't too bad I suppose...)
4. When Nez asked who was the best, she had to say "Hmmm, even!" I would've said "NEZ!! Oh, it was you, my darling, no contest!"
5. When Mike asked if she'd like to come back sometime later when the guys weren't there, she had to say "Are you kidding? *giggle*" I would've been like "*nods head vigorously* Hmm-hmm, yeah, sure, I'd like that a lot, what time do you want me, uh, when, umm...?" Wouldn't you?!

So that's why she deserved to be paid and why it was a tough job. Just thought I'd share!


Circle Sky (of COURSE!), Can You Dig It?, Long Title: Do I Have to do This All Over Again?, Ditty Diego - War Chant.


Well, although I kinda dug it, I didn't like Daddy's Song much. It didn't show off Davy's voice at all. Although he did look very cute in the suits! And I loved the dance! (You've been working on your dancing though...)


Mike's birthday party and when they're in the trenches (Peter getting the ammo, BLESS HIM!)


The very first one. I still don't understand why it was drawn out so long. Plus the fact The Monkees weren't in most of it!


Yeah. You know when the cop faints and it says "The Cop's Dream" and you see Nez in bed? I have that sort of dream rather frequently as well, y'know. Freaky, eh?!

The porpoise is waiting, goodbye, goodBYYYYYYEEEEEE...

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