I'm A Torkaholic!!!!!!!

And now you can see why!

Yes, that's right, folks. I'm in love with Peter Halsten Thorkelson!

It's been three years since I became a Nezhead and I guess it's time for a change. You'd think so, anyway. Well, no. I'm still a Nezhead just as much as I ever have been! Don't fret, fellow Nezheads, the society and campaign are still happening... But...

Fellow Torkaholics will agree with me here... JUST LOOK AT HIM!!!!! He's GORGEOUS! �Look at those sideburns! Look at that body, I've never seen such a groovy lookin' chick...� No, wait, wrong episode!

"My darling Petrov, The Face!"

�Well, it can�t be you every week, David!�

Well, it can't be Davy every week! Or Mike, for that matter.

Okay, so it can always be Mike! Always always always be Mike!

You probably want to know how this change occured. Then again you might not, but I'm going to tell you anyway. It was after watching The Devil And Peter Tork. Well, well, well...

Peter: I like the music, Mr Zero. When I play the harp, it makes people happy.

Mr Zero: I see, and the money is unimportant?

[PETER shrugs and smiles]

[SPEV falls on the floor due to lack of oxygen, as she had forgotten to breathe for quite some time]

And that, my dear friends, is the whole reason!

I'm adding some pics of Peter to prove to you all that I have NOT lost my mind (hmm...) but Peter really is as gorgeous as people say he is. These are from Sylvia's Groovy Psychedelic Monkee Pad! Go visit it now! It's very groovy. And Psychedelic. And it's a Monkee Pad... Oh I'm shutting up now. To the pictures, ho!

Signing autographs.  Gee, I've only just looked that far up! Well, I wouldn't quite go THAT far, but he's damn cute!
EEEP!  Peter Tork with no clothes on!  Oh, bugger it, I bet he's wearing trousers... Oh, that smile, its so beautiful...  PEEEETAAAAH!!
Ah, the old white socks under black trousers thing.  In some men youd think that was sad.  With Peter, you just want to marry him! Can you dig it?  Oh hell yes...  Ahem.

And here are some pictures from Melisssa's Monkees Menagerie to prove my point even further.

Oh my god.  Oh my dear dear dear god...  Okay, just excuse me while I quickly go and take a cold shower.  Petah, you coming?  Oh, I wish I hadn't said that... Don't LOOK at me like that!  I hate being a Torkaholic, it's got my nerves a wreck!

Right, this isn't bothering me, this isn't affecting me in the least... *thud* I want to be that tiger...

So now I know the truth about him.

I used to think he was just your average, everyday hippy cutie, but now I know that�

He is actually a sex god in hippy�s clothing!!!

Oh, and in the episode where they worked for a pirate captain on his ship thingy? When Davy barged into their room and Peter and Micky were sat on their bunk beds singing a little song. Peter was playing guitar and dear lord god goodness gosh dearie me AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Basically. That�s what I thought.

After watching a load of Peter 2nd season action, I have made a list of things I'd like to be, and think about it, you'll understand!