Micky? Hey, Mick, wait!

Micky Dolenz!

What's that you see, Mick?  Aliens from the planet Zoorg comin' to getcha?!

NAME: George Michael Dolenz (quiet, isn't it?)

DoB: 8th March 1945

PLACE OF BIRTH: California, USA.

HAIR COLOUR: Dark Brown. I think he dyes it as well, y'know... hmmm...

EYE COLOUR: Dark Brown

MARITAL STATUS: He too is single! So, uh... yeah...

BEST SONGS: RANDY SCOUSE GIT! MY THEME TUNE! For very obvious reasons, if you know what the title means. Just A Game, umm, and NOT Shorty Blackwell, it scares me...

BEST SCENE IN 'HEAD': When he's in the desert and he beats up the Coke machine. hahahaha!

BEST EPISODE: Umm, Monkees at the Movies. I just loved the CRAZY Micky the D Show on W GO GO GO! 'It's Been Lonesome in the Saddle Since my Horse Died!' What a name for a song!!! *sigh* yeahhhhh...

ANYTHING ELSE? No. But if you love Micky, please email me and tell me what the hell it is that does it for him!! I've been a fan for over four years and I STILL can't think what it could be!

I took this picture from Melisssa's Monkee Menagerie as well.

WAIT! Hang on a second! I got an email from ~*M*~ telling me why she likes Micky. You want to know? Here ya go:

Micky is gorgeous, wonderful, and above that, HE'S FFFFFFUUUUUUNNNNNNYYYY!

Just as I was thinking she'd totally lost her mind, she redeemed herself by saying:
Not to say Nez isn't. Oh no.

So now we all know. Thank you, ~*M*~, you've been a great help!

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