My HEAD Quiz!

Tried and tested on 3 victims, this is my HEAD quiz. I hope you like it. Thing is, I don't know how to do the ones where you just fill them in and click a button and tra-daaaaaaahhh, I receive the submission. So what I'm doing is typing all of the questions out and then you can email me the answers. If anyone knows how I can make it easier for you to fill in, please let me know!

Here goes nothin'...

1. What type of shoes did Micky wear during the vast majority of the film?
2. How long had they been in prison?
3. What was the name of the girl Peter signed an autograph for?
4. What relation was she to the guy who got it for her?
5. Who do you hardly see in the "As We Go Along" scene?
6. What did the telegram say?
7. What address was on it?
8. Who, other than the Monkees themselves, had also appeared in a Monkees TV episode?
10. Who depended on The Monkees to show the way?
11. What on EARTH was Peter talking about in the black box?
12. Who was carrying the girl who jumped off the building before handing her to Peter?
13. What was the best chat up line in the whole film (CLUE: Mike didn't say it)
14. Who was the only Monkee who was never labelled as being 'a dummy' during the film?
15. What was strange about one section of the end credits?
16. What did Mike say about the cigarette in the vacuum cleaner?
17. What did Mike whisper to the girl at the beginning of the film?
18. Why did Davy choose the guy he fought against?
19. Why did the cop faint?
20. Name the order in which the Monkees jumped off the supension bridge.

Okay, that's it. Email me with your answers!

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