As this is how it all started for me in my Monkee fandom state of mind, I thought I'd type in some of the groovy things they've said from some of the episodes. Because Channel 4 are evil, I've not seen all of them, but here are the quotes I have from the episodes I've seen more than once (I have a good memory but it ain't THAT good!) Hope you don't laugh your ass off too loudly, or else people will look at you in a very concerned fashion...

Oh, and if you have any more quotes from episodes you'd like to give me, then send them here!

Dance, Monkee, Dance
The Picture Frame
The Christmas Show
Case of the Missing Monkee
I Was A Teenage Monster
Find The Monkees (The Audition)
The Prince And the Pauper
Monkees In The Ring
One Man Shy
Too Many Girls
Captain Crocodile
Monkees At The Movies
Monkees Manhattan Style
Monkee Chow Mein
Monkee Mother
Monkees A La Carte

And, of course:


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