Mike Nesmith!

Isn't he the most delightful work of art you've ever seen?!  Oh yeah...

You just had to see the pic of Mike with his leather jacket on!  *thud*

NAME: Robert Michael Nesmith

DoB: 30th December 1942

PLACE OF BIRTH: Dallas, Texas, USA

HAIR COLOUR: It WAS dark brown, nearly black really, but now it's a little less abundant (although I'm sure he's just as hairy as he was... ooohhh... Enough of this pervyness! Ahem, I'm over it!) and a nice distinguished looking silvery grey.

EYE COLOUR: Dark brown. OH and have you seen how cute he looks when he narrows his eyes?! RUFF!

MARITAL STATUS: He's MARRIED! *sob* Sorry, gals, guess we'll have to get in the queue. OR ALTERNATIVELY what we could do is kidnap his wife and then one of us could pretend to be her (I volunteer for that. I'm so selfless...)! Of course, if Mrs Nesmith happens to read this, please note that I am in fact, only kidding. I hope you and Mike are very happy together. *grits teeth and forces a grin*

BEST SONGS: You Just May be the One, Sweet Young Thing, The Kind of Girl I Could Love, St. Matthew, Carlisle Wheeling, the list just goes on and on and on...

BEST EPISODE: Oh, come on, it HAS to be as Princess Gwen in the Fairy Tale episode! "You're darn tootin', it's MY locket!" Although he's kinda cool in all of them.

BEST SCENE IN 'HEAD': His surprise birthday party with the hilarious "I don't like surprises" speech. Best line he gave in the film has to be "Okay, you think they call us 'plastic' now, babe, but you wait'll I get through tellin' 'em how we do it, huh?!" or "He'll never make it through this intense bombardment. Nobody could..."

ANYTHING ELSE? Er, nope, just that I love him. If anyone else adores Nez, please email me and tell me WHY!

I'd like to tell you all that the picture there was taken minus permission from Meg's Nez Page. I didn't know I needed to ask, Meg, but if there's a problem, I'm sorry, email me and I'll take it down. The latest pic is from Melisssa's Monkees Menagerie, also without permission.

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