D’ya Wanna Be In My Gang, My Gang, My Gang?

Oh, just DON'T tempt me....
I took this pic without permission from Hail the Pants!, my new favourite website, dedicated to pants. I'm dead sorry if it's a load of bother, Bron, just email me and I'll get rid of it. It's just it goes so well with my whole campaign here!!!

Are you a Nezhead?

Do you particularly admire the gorgeous one’s bottom?

If you fulfil both of these requirements then you are eligible to join my gang of The Mike Nesmith’s Arse Appreciation Society. Catchy little name, innit?

If you desire to become a member of my gang then please apply in an email to the usual address and I’llsend you an invitation to join my group (if I decide I like you, of course. You have to tell me which of my stories you liked best.) and hey presto! You're an official pervert in the Nez World! Yesssss…

THE MOTTO: Perving is a divine right!

THE AIM: To get more people into perving over Mike Nesmith's arse! In short, WE NEED MORE NEZHEADS!!!!!!

As of the moment, there are the following members of The Michael Nesmith's Arse Appreciation Society

President: Spev (that'll be me)
Member of Major Import #1: ~*M*~
MMI #2: Alex
MMI #3: Sam
MMI #4: Sarah
MMI #5: Butterphlie

Other Members


Come on, people, join my list thingy!

*puts on a Texan accent* Now, Shotgun, you sure better get out there an’ spread the word!

The ass in question
This is the what the fuss is about!
Courtesy of Melisssa's Monkee Menagerie. Taken without permission. Sorry.

Peace, love and, of course, Mike’s BUTT!

Spev xx

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