My Adoptions!!!

Because I have nothing better to do, I frequent Monkees sites and adopt stuff. I've adopted so much stuff that now I think they deserve their own house! So here everything is! Enjoy having a look, and if you want to adopt your own stuff, I've even been kind enough to give the links to the sites! Except the Monkees Harem, I think... Sorry, Heath :-) Dead site and all, y'know. But there's loadsa links here to EHMI if that's any help!

Baby Texas prairie Chicken
Adoption Certificate

Baby's Name: Nezzeroonie
Adoption Date: 12th January 2001
Parents Name: Spevvy

Adopt your own! Click Here

This is my Texas Prairie Chicken named Nezzeroonie! Isn't he cute?!

Isn't he so sweet?!

My adopted page boy, Moonie.

Don't you know that this is true? AMEN!

Just a coupla groovy ribbons I made!

Mine, alllllllll miiiinee *cackles maniacally*!!! SPEV:  'F*** me...  Ahem.'  PETER:  'What, AGAIN?!'

Thought I'd have a Peter and a Mike all for myself. Gets lonely up in the hills...

I have kissed Mike.  Click here to show that you've kissed a Monkee. I have kissed Peter.  Click here to show that you've kissed a Monkee.

Well what else do you do when faced with the two gorgeous Monkees?! I'M ONLY MORTAL!!!!

Adopt your Monkee Lollipop today! Adopt your Monkee Lollipop today!

Very lickable... Uhm... you, er, di'n' 'ear tha', wot I jast, di'n' saiy...

I have adopted the gourd who knows that the secret to life is to explode everything that gets in your way. Adopt your own gourd today!

Well here's my MoonieGourd named Ernie!


We don't like him. At all.

Don't they look so cute when they're asleep?!

I'm not in that picture because I'm more to the other side of Mike at that particular time...

Here are my Sea Monkees, Petrov and Mikael!

Adopt Mike's Pants Adopt Peter's Pants

Look, I adopted Mike and Peter's pants! They're mine, all mine! *evil laughter* Ha! you can't have them! unless you click on that link........ bugger it!

I'm usually terrified of masks but Peter hasn't got a real gun so I guess he won't hurt me...
Have you seen these men lurking the streets where you live? If you have, send them to me and I'll be eternally grateful! *dirty giggle*

I'm a groupie! LalalalaLAAAAAAAA!!!! *another dirty giggle*

See, I'm so lovely I've adopted doodle hats from The Monkees Harem! This page died a while ago, but it was my favourite of all time! The Peter doodle hat is called The Astonishing Pietro, and the Mike one is called Billy Roy Hodsetter!

Don't get any funny ideas, we're serious Chicks Under Net Totalitarianism!

Now, I don't want you thinking anything silly. This isn't rude. We're a bunch of Monkee Fans who are against Totalitarianism on the internet. Therefore we are Chicks Under Net Totalitarianism. See? It's an ANACRONYM!

got mike? got tork?

I wish...

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