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Well, I've been here too long to not give out awards to my favourite sites. All I want you to do is email me with the subject line "Your groovilicious award!" or something highly similar. Tell me why your website deserves this award, who your favourite Monkee is, which of my stories you liked best (look, it's important!), and of course, your name and website address! Then I'll go and have a little looksee, and if I dig it, then you've got it! Okay, so I guess you'll want to know what the award looks like? Well, here y'are then:

Don't even bother nicking it, cos it says 'sample' all the way across it!

Now if that isn't a good enough reason to want my award, then what is? Sorry, I'm not too hot on making things look purdy, but it's the thought that counts!

The first winners of the award hadn't applied but they're the ones who inspired me to make a site and plus the fact they're like my best friends!


Names: Heather and Emily
Favourite Monkees: Heather - Peter (good choice!); Emily - Mike and Micky (~*M*~, look, dear, NOT Micky!!! ;-))
Stories: I dunno, actually but the only one Heather mentioned was 'How The Monkees Got Their Girls!' and ~*M*~ said her favoUrite was "The Who in the Chocolate Factory". It's on Armenia City in the Sky, her Who page, if you want to read it.
Award? Well they do have THE best site on the web, even if I am biased!

My newest award winner is Tawny Crabb! She applied for it for her groovilicious site. Here's the deets on the lady:

Maitai Monkees

Name: Tawny Crabb
Favourite Monkee: Davy (or as she calls him, "the Nipple Man himself". Er, she didn't tell me what was so great about them, I think I'd best check them out again...)
Stories: She liked all of them. Which is nice!
Award? She wanted it because of all the time she'd spent on the site and the fact it'd make her smile and shut up. She got the award because of the picture of Mike on her "Win My Award" page. She needed it for that! Thank you SO much... *thud*

And I've got another THREE people who have received my award! Firstly may I present:

Ally's Monkees Magic

Name: Ally
Favourite Monkee: Davy (Quote: "Us short people have to stick together..... plus he's very cute! Mike is second right behind Davy.")
Stories: Erm, she didn't say...
Award? It's small yet simple and popular, it took her over 2 months to make and BECAUSE I LIKE IT! Do we need any other reason? Nope!!

Then there's:

Peter's Saturday Child

Name: Elizabeth Abbott
Favourite Monkee: Erm, come on, who do you think? Micky! No, just kidding, it's Petah!
Stories: All of them, she couldn't just choose one. Isn't that sweet?!
Award? "Because it's full of Peter pictures!" Well, you can't really argue with that!!!!!!!

Finally, there's:

Jessa's Site of Beatles and Monkee Humour With the Occasional Deadpan

Name: Jessa
Favourite Monkee: Peter
Stories: The Door Into Summer, and the Beatles one I did. Finally, it gets the deserved recognition it craved so much! THANK YOU!!!!
Award? Because I told her to apply for it, basically. And with a website title like that, the girl is just BEGGING to be given awards!!! She has a very cool site, and you should all visit it! NOW!

If you would like to join them in my hall of fame then you know what to do!!!

Peace, love and Peter Tork

Spev xx

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