The Peter's Hip Swivelling Campaign!

AKA The Peter Tork - Sex God in Hippy's Clothing! Campaign

'Well, there's reasonable limits to everything!'

Ah, Peter Peter Peter... My Darling Petrov, the Face!

Girlies, we've left this man's hips alone unnoticed for far too long! Well I have, anyway, and I'm not prepared to stand for it anymore! Nope, but I am going to form a new campaign called The Peter's Hip Swivelling Campaign! Are you with me?!

"How did this sudden thing with Peter's lower body wibblings happen?" I hear you cry! Well I guess I could have put it slightly more nicely but that's what it boils down to.

Well, you know the Star Collector video? That's it. Just watch it and just look at Peter's hips the whole way through! You'll soon see what I mean, they are quite definitely things of beauty and a joy to behold...

Of course I know I'm going to get loads of people asking me if I'm just some sort of sick pervert. Well my answer would be "Yes of course I am, you tell me one Monkeefreak who isn't!" Truth is, Peter deserves this campaign because I don't know anyone else who has a campaign for him!

So if you want to join my list of campaigners, then email me at the usual address and I'll add you to it. Unlike my Nez campaigns, you actually GET something for your trouble! A groovy ribbon thingy to put on your website! Hip (pardon the pun...)! It looks like this but without the word "SAMPLE" written across it:

I think that says it all, don't you?

So far there are the following people who are proud members of my new campaign:

Spev - Well, you wouldn't expect me to not be a member of the campaign I invented would you? Would you? You would? Oh. Well, uhm...
Sunflower - a member of the CUNTs, a very groovy person because, well, lets face it, she was the first one to join!!
Ash - A jolly good chum of mine who's favourite Monkee is Micky (I ask you?!) but as Peter is her best friend, she's joined as well. Cool!
~*M*~ - My bestest budcdy and general headsharer, co-owner of the as yet only winner of my award, EHMI! She is a Dolenzkateer as well (dear lord, Spem what *are* you thinking of, dear girl?! ;-D), but started off her fandom as a Torkaholic! Plus the fact I asked her nicely so, uh... she said yeah!
Heather - No, eejits, it isn't ME again! It's Heather, the other co-owner of EHMI! She is such a very cool person and she rocks! Plus the fact she's a Torkaholic through and through, so she quite evidently IS a wonderful person! And, to be honest, I started this campaign just so she could join it, cos ~*M*~ joined my other two bcos she's still a bit of a Nezhead and Heath didn't. Yeah, I'm great, I know!
Beth - Owner of Heart and Soul. I *did* say it was Peace, Love and The Monkees but I got it wrong! Sorry! Well, there's so many groovy sites out there, I get confused! She also noticed the whole hip thing in Star Collector AND she agrees with everything I said on my confession page. I dig, she's cool. Well anyone who understands my need to be a harp, guitar, stuffed tiger, coyote, banjo and love beads deserves a mention I think!!! LOL!
Christy - Is also in my two Nez campaigns and gave the site its third award. Thanks, Christy!!
Frodis - She just asked to be added today so here she is! She also noticed the hip thing. Ah, like-mided perves, isn't it great?!
Erica - If you check out the guestbook, then that's who she is! Thanks for applying, Erica, hope you dig our little campaign!
Tawny - She won my award because she applied for it and then she wanted to be in my campaign! I like this chickadee... :-)
Elizabeth - She asked to be in this campaign ages ago. I'm awful, I know. Sorry.
Danielle - She also asked ages ago to be in this and my other two campaigns. SORRY!!!

I've not heard either way from these people if they want to join my campaign or not but I'm putting their names down anyway because all Torkaholics deserve a mention! BUT, they won't get the Peter's Hips badge thingyo UNLESS they write and tell me they'd particularly like it. So they're sorta honorary members of the society! Isn't that nice?

~*~*Moon*~*~ - At first I thought it was my beautiful wonderful fabulous darling angel pie KEITH MOON but it isn't. Still THIS PERSON HAS MET PETER TORK! Did I *mention* how jealous I am?! heehee!
Roo - Well she's a Nezhead but she did say stuff about being obsessed with hips. So she needs a mention. Plus the fact I thought her guestbook entry ruled!
Torkiegirl - She invited me to her Yahoo group so she's gotta be cool, right? And anyone who's mum and dad call their kid Torkiegirl NEEDS to be part of a Peter Tork campaign!!!

WAITAMINUTE! What if Peter ever finds out about this campaign? What am I going to do? What if Nez ever finds out about his campaigns? Will they discover the sad, sad truth... I'm in pervacious love with 2 men over the age of 55! Still... could be worse. WHAT? It could! I could be in pervacious love with... Karl Green and Peter Noone out of Herman's Hermits! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! The thought is just TOO scary for me!!!! Peter and Mike, if you ever read this, I do hold you in the highest of respect because of your fab music, it's just I thought I would also make a public declaration of my appreciation to Mike's butt and Peter's hips! By the way my phone number is... LOL! Okay, panic over. Like The Monkees ever actually *visit* fan pages!

So, people, please join my campaign and together we can show the world how gorgeous Peter's hips are!!!!!!

Peace, love and Peter's hips
Spev xx

PS, You know I said something about Peter in his sailor suit? Well thanks to Psycho-Jello's site, I now have a picture of Peter in his sailor suit AND a picture of him from the Star Collector video just in case you forget how gorgeous the hips are! Here ya go, chicas!

Just *how* cute does he look in this suit?! The hips in question!
Everyone's talking about them there hips on that there hippy!

Now wasn't that nice?!

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