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   I.C. Analog Design Applications   
  Phase-Filtering  for Amateur Radio  Narrow PassBand  CW operations

"Non-Linear" & "Non-Resonant" & 




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Basic Topics:

Summary of AFX Project
 AFX Basic Filter 
 Adanced AFX Basic Filter 

Advanced Topics:

-> AFX 'V' Variable Filter <-
(1RL-Manual Control)
(3RL-Manual Control)
(1RL-Fet Control)
(3RL-Fet Control)

(AFX 'T' Triad Filter)

< Radical All-Pass Projects >

    Non-Linear Non-Resonant       AllPass_Experimental_Filters   
   Dual-Notch  Phase-Filter 

                 Published Projects                          


 KC9ON C.A.L.F.  Active Filter 

   Circuit Documentation : 
 about the Topics , Measurements
and Terms used

Digital Documentation :  
of the Differential Dual-Notch circuit 
Dobromir Dobrev , Ph.D ,
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


More Projects : 

***    PC2D : Parallel  Dual-Channel + Differential   CW Audio Filter Page. 

***     P2S : Parallel-to-Sum

***     P2D : Parallel-to-Differential

*** Phased-Signal Analysis :  

->  Research Gate Net  <-


Analog Phase-Filtering

in OpAmp Active-Band-Pass






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