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Prototyped BreadBoard Projects
from University of Tennssee 




Projects from University of Tennssee 
(Rehabilitation Engineering Program, under Dr. Douglas R. Hobson )  
and State Technical Institute, 
circa 1977 - 1997:  


Lab "Versatile Signal Processor"  circa 1980: 
*** Switchable Sequence *** 
. Analog Meter < 1% F.S. 
. Bi-Polar Active-Diode , selectable polarity.
. Peak Amp , selectable time base.
. True Root-Mean-Square Amp , 40mS timebase.
. True Logrithmic Amp, real time. 











First mockup for Perfoard Construction of AFX.  
Notice the Resistor trio that is plug-in changeable. 
This allows tweaking or altering the "Q" or "freq(0)" in a stage of a PCB circuit.  Chip is LM308 . 






General Project photos from way back , 1980's: 

Wonderful Non-Linear Systems  mini-scope  dual 35MHz from 1982. 




Various circuits designed / built / used in our Clilnic work :    
 Dual Bi-Polar Active Diode... True R.M.S. Calculating Analog Amp, 1% precesion. ... Logrithmic amp ( 6 decades precision a 1% )   





Motor Controls, Pulse-Width Modulated, wheelchair, 1980. 



Apple II  ProtoTyping PCB






Tandy 1000 LapTop Computer RAM memory expansion, 1980. 




Topographical Scanner Video Accumulating Board. 

This OpAmp was used at Video Speeds, 20MHz clock, in 1980.    OpAmp 7nS rise time allowed near direct feed into RAM section. 
Notice the disc caps soldered directly to the legs of the OpAmp.    
Mike Hodgetts designed this board, & I did the OpAmp circuit and all wiring.  
Circuit is Very Fast!  


This OpAmp , 1980, runs is clocked at  20 Meg Hz !!!    ---  for capturing live video signals, into an Altair 8000 . 
 /prj-BB-pcb-TopoOpAmp.jpg   prj-BB-pcb-TopoChips.jpg   



S100 control card , Altair 8000 .