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   Maps for Bicycling in Shelby, Tipton, Fayette County :  
        Near Memphis, TN

   Click the Maps and down-load the very Large Hi-Res version

   All Maps by Glen Ellis, are original from 1988 to 2020,
   personally cycled, noted, corrected,
   provided to the Memphis HighTailers Bike Club, 1988 + .

   Originally transcribed from TN state local topographical maps,
   into Auto-CAD and
 DWG files available, ( 7 layers ).


1992 Trek
 , Carbon Fiber OCVL frame.   Really fine long distance bike ! 
A gift from my Hawaiin friend Wilburn.   Rode a Century 2018, October.    

Trek_180914_100_1298.JPG   Trek_180914_100_1287.JPG

1992 Look, among the first of the carbon fiber frame bikes in Europe, French and all Campy !  
Like the KG that Greg Lemond rode during the late 80's.          


below: cockpit view Tri-Aero-bars           below: Model KG-176 all carbon tubes: 
Look_My_190121_100_1383-2.JPG               Look_My_190121_100_1399-2.JPG

All Campy Gearing, shifters, chainwheel/cranks, brakes.
, Campy '70 Record Road Pedals, Cristophe clips/straps.   


       Cobb-55 : the best all-around Long Distance Saddle



Schwinn Sport Tourer, 1969, sn-DG069779 .  The "favorite bike", 49yrs, 110K miles.
All vintage European components, 
Campagnolo, Huret, Simplex, Rigida, TA cranks. 
Rear gearing 14-15-17-20-24-28 , front 52-36. Shifters mounted on Aero-bars (2012). 


Australian KOALA bear climbing up on bike wheel to drink water on hot day ! 




The 93 / 94 / 95  Fall Century Ride had 100 / 62 / 50 / 25 / loops.
Started from the  "General Store" ,
staged by Glen Ellis and Gerry Wright.
Shelby Forrest area in  Shelby and Tipton Counties

Route first used in 1992-1993, Glen Ellis tour director, Hightailers Bike Club. 
Fall Century


    Below :
   map covers a typical  Ride around Arlington area.

   Starts at the old Canada Road Factory OutLet Mall parking lot.                 

Map Arlington Fayette

    Below :
    map covers a typical ride  into Arlington and into Tipton County.

   Starts at the old Canada Road Factory OutLet Mall parking lot.                 

Map BP North

    Below :
   map covers a typical ride from Bolton High School
   into Tipton County.



    Below : map covers a typical   ride
   from LakeLand to Arlington and North.

Map BP North   

  Below :
  map covers a typical ride from Appling/Reese  to Davies Plantation.
  Very nice 3 mile loop around Davies Plantation.

Map BP Davies Plantation    
      Below :
   map covers my favorite long ride from Appling/Reese to Arlington
   and around the country in Fayette County.  About 65 miles. 
   Great Country route with lots of rolling hills.  

  Map BP Arlington