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*****   Some Circuits 
*****   From the author's University of Tennessee career, 
while associated with the Rehabilitation Engineering Program .  
*****   These were Designed - Fabricated - Tested - Used in Research 
*****   all by the author  during 1976 - 1996.   

*****  Note: This was long before the days of  
*****   micro-computers ,  internet,   graphical SPICE,
*****   This was way back
***** when we had to do hand-calculations with a TI-59
*****    and build-up circuits on ProtoBoards
*****    and hard-wire circuits with wire-wrap  
***** test/use by plugging into
***** an Apple-II microcomputer
***** an Altair 8000


Short List:  

1) Log_Delta_Ohm_Meter, UT/STIM 

2) Bipolar Active Diode,  UT/STIM 

3) Root-Mean-Square-Amp,  

UT/STIM  Jun82

4) No-Touch Computer_Kybrd Interface, UT/REHAB  Jun81, patented
and assigned to Prentke-Romich.

5) Calculator_to_Computer_Keyboard_
Interface, UT/REHAB  Jun80







*******   Nwobi Muscle Activity Project required Eight Insrumentation Amps ,
*******          as part of the Radio Frequency Noise Control method.
*******   Ferrite Bead chokes were used on ALL leads in/out of the Device Metal Box.  

*******   All instruments were enclosed in an 8ft x 8ft x 7ft Faraday Room
*******          which was built from expanded mesh steel screen.
*******   Doors front and back with lapping contacts.
*******   Input-Shield + Circuit-Ground was hard driven to control RF noise.