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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - A Media and Collectible Resource, 1928-2005

Character Review - Tim O'Connor is "Doctor Elias Huer"

Tim O'Connor is Doctor Elias Huer

In 1979 Tim was cast as Dr. Huer for the first season of Buck Rogers, we all
recognize and know the actor from the show but before this Tim had acquired
a huge list of roles and credits appearing in many film and television series..
Tim was always a big fan of Buck Rogers and enjoyed reading the original comics,
he even owned a Buck Rogers helmet and ray gun, wearing them everywhere.
So you could realize how excited he got when offered the part, but Tim was no
stranger to sci-fi having appeared in such television classics such as "Wonder
Woman" ,"The Outer LImits" and a remake of "The Day the earth stood still"..

Tim O'Connor is Doctor Elias Huer

Tim O'Connor began his acting career with the Goodman Memorial Theater
in Chicago just after World War II, moving to New York in the early 1950's he
became one of television's busiest actors and appeared frequently on the
"The United States Steel Hour". He then became a mainstay of the Family
Classics series, starring in such productions as "The Three Musketeers"
and "A Tale of Two Cities". But the Chicago born actor's career didn't really
get started until a decade later, In the 1960s he played Elliott Carson in the
long-running TV series "Peyton Place", which quickly became a runaway hit.

Tim O'Connor is Doctor Elias Huer Tim O'Connor is Doctor Elias Huer

O'Connor lived on an island in the center of Glenwild Lake near Bloomingdale,
New Jersey. He soon found that commuting between the East Coast and
Los Angeles was too wearing and moved to California. O'Connor soon settled
in Santa Monica, a few short blocks from the Pacific, and established himself
as one of filmdom's most versatile performers.

Tim O'Connor is Doctor Elias Huer Tim O'Connor is Doctor Elias Huer

Check out his huge list of film and television appearances, below..

Filmography - Tim O'Connor

 The Burning Zone
 Walker, Texas Ranger
 General Hospital
 Star Trek: The Next Generation
 Grass Roots
 The Naked Gun 2
 Father Dowling Mysteries
 Cruz de Iberia, La
 Murder, She Wrote
 T.J. Hooker: Blood Sport
 Hardcastle and McCormick
 Peyton Place: The Next Generation
 The A-Team
 Knight Rider
 Matt Houston
 Deadly Encounter
 The Dukes of Hazzard
 Trapper John, M.D.
 3-2-1 Contact
 The Golden Gate Murders
 Barnaby Jones
 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
 Wonder Woman
 Police Woman
 Lou Grant
 Murder in Peyton Place
 The Man with the Power
 Tail Gunner Joe
 The Streets of San Francisco
 Columbo: Old Fashioned Murder
 Power Without Glory
 Eccentricities of a Nightingale
 State Fair
 Matt Helm
 Police Story
 They Only Come Out at Night
 Ellery Queen
 All in the Family
 The Rockford Files
 Get Christie Love
 Medical Center
 The Manhunter
 Wide World of Mystery
 Winter Kill
 Doc Elliot
 The F.B.I.
 Rx for the Defense
 Columbo: Double Shock
 The Stranger
 Across 110th Street
 The Groundstar Conspiracy
 Wild in the Sky
 Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law
 The Bold Ones: The Lawyers
 Hawaii Five-O
 The Failing of Raymond
 Incident in San Francisco
 San Francisco International Airport
 The Young Lawyers
 Daniel Boone
 The House on Greenapple Road
 The Name of the Game
 Bracken's World
 Judd for the Defense
 Peyton Place
 Profiles in Courage
 The Fugitive
 Twelve O'Clock Highe
 The Outer Limits
 The Defenders
 East Side/West Side
 The Nurses
 The Great Adventure
 Armstrong Circle Theatre
 The Twilight Zone
 The Power and the Glory
 Westinghouse Presents: The Dispossessed
 Way Out
 Shirley Temple's Storybook
 Tallahassee 7000
 She Knows, Y'Know
 The Three Musketeers
 The DuPont Show of the Month
 Sunday Showcase
 Play of the Week
 The White Steed
 Look Up and Live
 Master Minds
(1997) William Helderman
(1995) Russell Stanley
(1963) Jack Boland #2 (1994)
(1992) Ambassador Briam
(1992) Billy Lee
(1991) Donald Fenswick
(1990) Judge Phillip Larkin
(1990) Block
(1986) Walter Revere
(1985) Bucky O'Neil
(1985) Elliot Carson
(1984) Kerl
(1983) Phillip Hunt
(1982) Mechanic
(1982) Thomas Crayford
(1982) Thackery
(1981) Michael Pierce
(1981) Capt. Norman Traeger
(1980) Dr. Edain
(1980) Dr. Elias Huer
(1979) Capt. Dan Bradley
(1979) Lt. Walt Abbott
(1979) Dr. Elias Huer
(1979) Robert Elliot
(1978) Hub Hewitson
(1978) Harry Triplett
(1977) Malcolm Findlay
(1977) Elliot Carson
(1977) Agent Walter Bloom
(1977) Librarian
(1977) Frank McGuire
(1976) Edward Lytton
(1976) Paddy Cummins
(1976) Rev. Winemiller
(1976) Dr. Herbert Lester
(1976) James Matthews
(1976) Jim Bryant
(1975) Captain Richards
(1975) Detective Lee Masters
(1975) Ben Waterson
(1974) Charles Dexter
(1974) O'Neil
(1974) Barney
(1974) Ben Marks
(1974) Corrigan
(1974) Bill Carter
(1974) Ben Marks
(1974) Howard James
(1973) Edgar Bronston
(1973) Kogen
(1973) Zack Clinton
(1973) Mike Hatheway
(1973) Paul Kleinschmidt
(1973) Dr. Revere
(1972) Lt. Hartnett
(1972) Bert Hayes
(1972) Mr. Gideon
(1972) Frank Gossage
(1972) Sen. Bob Recker
(1972) Attorney Whitledge
(1972) Dr. Newcomb
(1972) Jonathan Kaye
(1971) Cliff Roeder
(1971) Arthur Andrews
(1971) Albert Tucker
(1970) George Freemont
(1970) Lew Fulton
(1970) Samuel
(1970) George Ord
(1970) Callahan
(1969) Stuart Saxon
(1968) Nay Delavan
(1965-1968) (original cast)
(1964) Dr. Davis
(1964) Maj. Jack Temple
(1964) Paul Tanner
(1964) James Evans
(1964) Mr. Stuart
1963) Dorsher
(1963) Corky Halpern
(1963) General Breckinridge
(1963) Sloane
(1961) Lawrence
(1961) Captain Jim Hawkins
(1961)Terry Roy
(1960) Aramis
(1960) Jabez Stone
(1959) Father Shaughnessy
(1959) Father Shaughnessy
(1959) Tyler
(????) Raphael
(1949) Hoskins Boy

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