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Thom Christopher
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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - A Media and Collectible Resource, 1928-2005

Main Cast - Season One and Two - 1979-81

 Gil Gerard
 Erin Gray
 Tim O'Connor
 Felix Silla
 Mel Blanc
 Bob Elyea
 Eric Server
 Pamela Hensley
 Henry Silva
 Michael Ansara
 Thom Christopher
 Wilfrid Hyde White
 Jay Garner
 Jeff David
 Paul Carr
 William Conrad
Captain William Buck Rogers
Col Wilma Deering
Dr. Elias Huer
The Voice of Twiki #1 (1979-80)
The Voice of Twiki #2 (1981)
The Voice of Dr Theopolis
Princess Ardala
Kane #1
Kane #2
Dr. Goodfellow
Admiral Asimov
The Voice of Crichton
Lt. Devlin
Narrator (1979-1980)

Various Guest Appearances - Season One

 Ana Alicia
 Morgan Brittany
 Macdonald Carey
 Judith Chapman
 Juanin Clay
 Gary Coleman
 Buster Crabbe
 Jamie Lee Curtis
 Bob Dowdell
 Frank Gorshin
 Peter Graves
 David Groh
 Sid Haig
 Nicholas Hormann
 Sam Jaffe
 Anthony James
 Anne Jeffreys
 Ann Lockhart
 Richard Lynch
 Roddy McDowell
 Vera Miles
 Michael Mullins
 Julie Newmar
 Trisha Noble
 Jerry Orbach
 Jack Palance
 Markie Post
 John Quade
 Melody Rogers
 Ceaser Romero
 Pamela Susan Shoop
 James Sloyan
 William Smith
 Dorothy Stratten
 Woody Strode
 Ray Walston
 Joseph Wiseman
Falina (Vegas in Space)
Raylyn Merritt (Happy Birthday Buck)
Dr Mallory (Planet of the Slave Girls)
Lara Teasian (Olympiad)
Marla Landers (Vegas in Space)
Hieronymous Fox (Cosmic Whiz Kid and A Blast for Buck)
Brigadier Gordon (Planet of the Slave Girls)
Jen Burton (Unchained Woman)
Galen (Planet of the Slave Girls)
Kellogg (The Plot to Kill a City)
Noah Cooper (Return of the Fighting 69th)
Major Duke Danton(Planet of the Slave Girls)
Spirot i(Flight of the War Witch)
The Vorvon (Space Vampire)
Keeper (Flight of the War Witch)
Varek i(The Plot to Kill a City)
Prime Minister (Planet of the Amazon Women)
Jennifer Leila Markeson (A Dream of Jennifer)
Morgan Velosi (Vegas in Space)
Governor Saroyan (Planet of the Slave Girls)
Tora (Flight of the War Witch)
Regis Saroyan (Planet of the Slave Girls)
Zarina (Flight of the War Witch)
Sabrina (Cruise Ship to the Stars)
Lars Mangros (Space Rockers)
Kaleel (Planet of the Slave Girls)
Joella Cameron (The Plot to Kill a City)
Quince (The Plot to Kill a City)
Lt. Dia Zertan (Cosmic Whiz kid)
Amos Armat (Vegas in Space)
Tangie (Vegas in Space)
Barney (The Plot to Kill a City)
The Traybor (Buck's Duel to the Death)
Miss Cosmos (Cruise Ship to the Stars)
Red (Return of the Fighting 69th)
Roderick Zale (Cosmic Whiz kid)
Draco (Awakening) and Carl Morphus (Vegas in Space)

Various Guest Appearances - Season Two

 Ramon Bieri
 Linden Chiles
 Ann E. Curry
 Rosemary De Camp
 Devon Ericson
 Sid Haig
 Anthony James
 Bobby Lane
 Lance Le Gault
 Mark Lenard
 Barbara Luna
 Denny Miller
 Stuart Nisbet.
 Felix Silla
 William Sylvester
 Amanda Wyss
Commissioner Bergstrom (Testimony of a Traitor)
Ambassador Cabot (Mark of the Saurian)
Cyra Samos (The Satyr)
Edna Rogers (The Guardians)
Asteria (The Dorian Secret)
(Time of the Hawk)
(The Golden Man)
(Delph in 'The Satyr)
(Time of the Hawk)
Ambassador Duvoe(Journey to Oasis)
Korri (Time of the Hawk' and 'The Guardians)
Saurus (The Dorian Secret)
Rand (The Dorian Secret)
ODX (Journey to Oasis)
General Preston C Myers (Testimony of a Traitor)
Laura (The Crystals)

Episode Titles - Season One and Two - 37 chapters, with Six in '2parts"

 Awakenings (1979) (2parts)
 Planet of the Slave Girls (1979) (2parts)
 Vegas In Space (1979)
 Plot to Kill a City (1979) (2parts)
 Return of the Fighting 69th (1979)
 Unchained Woman (1979)
 Planet of the Amazon Women (1979)
 Cosmic Wiz Kid (1979)
 Escape From Wedded Bliss (1979)
 Cruise Ship to the Stars (1979)
 Space Vampire (1980)
 Happy Birthday, Buck (1980)
 A Blast For Buck (1980)
 Ardala Returns (1980)
 Twiki is Missing (1980)
 Olympiad (1980)
 A Dream of Jennifer (1980)
 Space Rockers (1980)
 Buck's Duel to the Death (1980)
 Flight of the War Witch (1980) (2parts)
Time of the Hawk (1981) (2parts)
Journey to Oasis (1981) (2parts)
The Guardians (1981)
Mark of the Saurian (1981)
The Golden Man (1981)
The Crystals (1981)
The Saytr (1981)
Shgorapchx! (1981)
The Hand of Goral (1981)
Testimony of a Traitor (1981)
The Dorian Secret (1981)

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)

 Cory Applebaum
 David Chomsky
 Calvin Clements Jr.
 Allan Cole
 William Keys
 Glen A. Larson
 Stephen McPherson
 Bob Mitchell
 Esther Mitchell
 Francis Moss
 Philip Francis Nowlan
 Paul Schneider
 Aubrey Solomon
Writer (as Calvin Clements)
Writer (as Robert Mitchell)
Characters (uncredited)


 Richard Caffey
 Calvin Clements Jr
 Jock Gaynor
 Medora Heilbron
 Tim King
 Bruce Lansbury
 Glen A. Larson
 John Mantley
 David J. O'Connell
 David G. Phinney
 John G. Stephens
 Leslie Stevens
Associate producer
associate producer
Supervising producer
Associate producer
Supervising producer

Original Music

 Les Baxter
 Bruce Broughton
 John Cacavas
 Johnny Harris
 J.J. Johnson
 Glen A. Larson
 Stu Phillips
 Robert Prince
 Will Schaefer

Title theme
Also theme


 Ben Colman
 Frank Thackery

Film Editing

 Howard B. Anderson
 Michael Berman
 Ron Honthaner
 David Howe
 Neil MacDonald
 Leon Ortiz-Gil
 George Potter
 Rod Stephens


 Simon Ayer
 Joe Reich

Art Direction

 Hub Braden
 William L. Camden
 Fred Luff III
 David L. Snyder
 Bill Taliaferro
 William H. Tuntke

As Bill Camden

As William Taliaferro
As William Tuntke

Set Decoration

 Frank Lombardo
 Joanne MacDougall

As Joanne C. MacDougall

Costume Design

 Al Lehman

Makeup Department

 Jerry Gugliemotto
 JWerner Keppler
 JJack Stone
 JBrenda Todd
Hair stylist
Makeup artist
Makeup artist
Makeup artist (as Brenda Collins Todd)

Production Management

 Harker Wade
 Charles E. Walker
Unit production manager
Unit production manager

Second Unit Director / Assistant Director

 Bob Bender
 Kenneth D. Collins
 Frank Crawford
 Alan Crosland
 Dick Erickson
 David Kahler
 Stephen Lillis
 Gerald T. Olson
 Robert Villar
First assistant director
Second assistant director
First assistant director
First assistant director
Second assistant director
Second assistant director
Second assistant director
Second assistant director
First assistant director

Art Department

 William Apperson
Construction coordinator

Sound Department

 James R. Alexander
 Barney Cabral
 Earl Crain Jr
 Lou Gordon
 William Tremellen
 Dick Wahrman
 Donald Woods
 Herbert D. Woods
Adr editor
Music editor
Sound effects editor
Music editor
Music editor

Special Effects

 Courtney Dane
 David M. Garber
 Wayne Smith
 Robert Cole
Special effects
Miniature effects
Miniature effects
Special effects (uncredited)

Visual Effects

 Syd Dutton
 C. Cory M. McCrum-Abdo
 David Stipes
 Dennis Michelson
Matte artist
Special visual effects coordinator
Visual effects
Visual effects editor (uncredited)


 Mickey Caruso
 Roydon Clark
 Erik Cord
 Nick Dimitri
 Dick Durock
 Tony Epper
 Dean Raphael Ferrandini
 Peter Horak
 Whitey Hughes
 Gene LeBell
 Bob Minor
 Conrad E. Palmisano
 Michael Runyard
 Rick Sawaya
 Ron Stein
 Michael M. Vendrell
 Kym Washington
 Richard Washington
 James Winburn
 Bob Yerkes
Stunt performer
Stunt performer
Stunt coordinator


 Barry Downing
 Rob Gilmer
 Stephen McPherson
 John W. Morgan
 Don Nemitz
 Reggie Newkirk
 Maureen O'Connell
 Will Schaefer
 Kipp Lennon
Costume supervisor: Gil Gerard
Story editor (as Robert W. Gilmer)
Executive story consultant
Key first assistant camera
Assistant editor Conductor
Theme singer (Flight of the War Witch) (uncredited)

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