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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - A Media and Collectible Resource, 1928-2005

Character Review - Thom Christopher is "Hawk"

Thom Christopher is Hawk

Thom Christopher was born October 5, 1940 Jackson Heights, New York USA.
He has appeared in soap operas such as "Love of Life" , "Edge of Night",
but he is mostly recognized for his Daytime portrayal of Carlo Hesser and
Mortimer Bern on the ABC soap opera "One Life to Live'. But before his
career on television had even begun Thom had pursued a life on the New
York stage, both on and off Broadway..

Thom Christopher is Hawk

Some of his television credits include "Kojak", "The Rookies", "Harry-O",
"Cannon", "TJ Hooker" and "Murder She Wrote". His film credits include "Space
Raiders", "Wizards of the Lost Kingdom", "Butterfly Legend", "Peril", "Bridget"
and more. When taking on the role of Hawk in season two of Buck Rogers, Thom
did some research for the part by reading books on bird mannerisms, visiting
the birds section of the American Museum of Natural History and observing
real life hawks in the Central Park zoo. Thom's interests in running, fencing,
dancing and playing racket ball contributed to his lean physique and stamina
which played out perfectly for the character.

Thom Christopher is Hawk Thom Christopher is Hawk

As the story goes, Hawk's ancestors originally came from Earth and evolved
into these half man half bird type humanoids, he fly's a very impressive ship
that is also shaped like a hawk and controls it with an accuracy and degree
that surpasses even the most experienced pilot. It was this amazing space craft
that we remember so vividly (below)..The ship has claw like landing gear which
he can use to grab hold of other unsuspecting craft, it was during one of these
operations that he unfortunately looses his wife Koori, played by Barbara Luna..

Thom Christopher is Hawk

The lone survivor of his race, Hawk was originally written into only three scripts,
however it soon became clear how popular he had become so efforts were
made to have Hawk appear in every single episode. In fact Hawk was so popular
that it gave rise to the "Thom Christopher Fan Club" in the States and of the Hawk
Alliance in England.

Thom Christopher is Hawk Thom Christopher is Hawk

Filmography - Thom Christopher

 They're Just My Friends
 Tempting Adam
 Law & Order
 The Warrior Class
 Jackie, Ethel, Joan: The Women of Camelot
 The Guiding Light
 The Stranger
 Blood and Wine
 One Life to Live
 Street Hunter
 Murder, She Wrote
 Andy Colby's Incredible Adventure
 Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell
 Simon & Simon
 Betrayed by Innocence
 Wizards of the Lost Kingdom
 T.J. Hooker
 Space Raiders
 McClain's Law
 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
 Hellinger's Law
 S+H+E: Security Hazards Expert
 Love of Life
 Harry O
 The Rookies
 Movin' On
 The Edge of Night
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(2004) Ted Heller
(2004) Alferandi Dilmanian
(2004) Judge Kaye
(2003) Niles
(2002) Art
(2000) Dr. Koosman
(1999/II) Steve
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Thom Christopher

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