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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - A Media and Collectible Resource, 1928-2005

25th Century Technology

The Technology of the 25th Century

Lets take a look at the gadgets, weapons and ships that are depicted
throughout the show and discover some interesting conceptual designs
that have made the show an exciting prospect..

With each week new tech reviews will be added, this weeks reviews are:
"The Computers" and "The Robots"..

25th Century Technology - The Computers

The Computers

One advancement in the future that Buck is introduced to are these
circular artificial intelligent computers, one in particular is Dr Theopolis
who hangs freely around Twiki's neck but remains a valued member
of the Earths computer council. These computers know all and see
everything, they have complete control over all the city centers and
make day to day decisions on all matters of security and conditions..

The Computers The Computers

Throughout the show we are shown different instances of the same
concept but in different shapes or forms, the two pictures above are
examples. The picture on the right is a computer that acts as a diplomat
to an alien race and the image on the left is a computer that acts like
a door man or some kind of secretary unit..

25th Century Technology - The Robots

The Robots

Twiki was originally assigned to Buck to help out like a kind of butter or
servant, but with time Buck was able to teach Twiki all those quirky lines
and mannerisms that makes him special and more human.. He essentially
becomes Bucks best friend and a favorable character.. In the picture
above Twiki meets up with a female robot like himself in the episode,
"Cruise Ship to the Stars".

The Robots The Robots

Some robots like the one pictured above act like a supervisor to the
humanoid workers, they can be just as bossy as the real thing..

The Robots The Robots

The machine in the upper left picture is specially designed to help the
good doctor analyze various chemicals and organisms etc and the
little roaming robot in the picture (above right) moves from room to
room making deliveries and pickups..

The Robots The Robots

Crichton (Above) was created by Dr. Goodfellow and was designed as
a type of super computer, more superior than any previously built robot
and with a brain equivalent if not larger than Dr. Goodfellow himself.
Despite his intelligence, he is lacking in any real charm..

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
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