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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - A Media and Collectible Resource, 1928-2005

Character Review - Erin Gray is "Colonel Wilma Deering"

Erin Gray is Wilma Deering

Erin Gray was born January 7 1950 in Honolulu Hawaii, when her parents
divorced at the age of 7, her mother took Erin to live in Palm Springs
California to live with her grandparents. A few years later, her mother
"Diane" remarried and was reunited with Erin, they then went to live in
Northern California. She meet the boy of her dreams at Redwood High
School but attended several different schools before graduating from
Pacific Palisades High. In her junior year her mother submitted Erinís
photo to a teen-age clothing manufacturer in St. Louis and at 15, her
modeling career had began.

Erin Gray is Wilma Deering

In 1967 Erin made her television debut as a dancer in a variety series
with Ricky Nelson called "Malibu U" playing one of the Malibeauties. More
modeling offers rolled in and making a choice between being a math major
or a model in Paris she made her decision to be a model. In 1968 Erin got
married to Ken Schwartz and with her modeling career flourishing in 1976
she and Ken were blessed with the arrival of a son. In the following
years Erin became a recognized face in the United States, serving as the
original spokes person for "LíOreal', Maxi Girl for Max Factor, a Sports
Illustrated model and making ads for Maybelline. The Schwartz family then
returned to Hollywood where Erin was given a walk-on part in a series
called "Gibbsville", but it was a scene in "Police Story" that captured the
attention of MCA Universal casting directors and put Erin under contract
doing guest appearances on shows such as "The Rockford Files" ..

Erin Gray is Wilma Deering Erin Gray is Wilma Deering

In 1979 Erin took on the role as Colonel Wilma Deering and over two seasons
she changed her hair from brown to blonde to satisfy the producers who felt
it would benefit the show, when the series ended in 1981 she had left a lasting
impression on viewers around the world, especially many male fans who had
developed a crush on the sultry actress. Erin then went on to make television
appearances in "Fantasy Island"," The Fall Guy", "Magnum PI", and taking up
parts in television movies such as "Born Beautiful", "Coach of the Year",
"Code of Vengeance" and "Six Pack with Kenny Rogers". She then went on a
search for some comedy roles and by this time husband Ken had become
manager, then in 1982 Erin received the call for a new show being released
called "Silver Spoons". Then following a very successful run on the new show
she then made numerous appearances in such shows as "Murder She Wrote",
"L.A. Law", "Hunter", and Silk Stalking's.

Erin Gray is Wilma Deering Erin Gray is Wilma Deering

Sadly her long marriage to Ken ended in the 90s after which she married to
cinematographer Richard Hissong and welcomed a new daughter "Samantha"
in 1991. In 1997 Erin took a recurring role on the hit series "Baywatch" then
returned to feature in films such as "Friday the 13th", "T-Force", "Official Denial",
"A Dangerous Place", "Special Tactics" and many more. In 2000 Erin became the
spokesperson for The Hollywood Celebrity Diet and was named Woman of the
Year by the Los Angeles Commission For Women and the 2002 Entertainer of
the Year. Along with partner Mara Purl, Erin has co-written a handbook for actors
titled "Act Right": A Manual for the On-Camera Actor, but her primary interests
these days are practicing Tai Chi and Chi Kung, Erin also teaches the ancient
Chinese art of moving meditation at UCLA.

Erin Gray is Wilma Deering

Filmography - Erin Gray

 Meat Pie
 Caught in the Headlights
 Special Weapons and Tactics
 Serial Intentions
 Social Misfits
 Clover Bend
 Touched by a Killer
 The Last Producer
 Delicate Instruments
 Woman's Story
 Port Charles
 Silk Stalkings
 A Dangerous Place
 Heaven Help Us
 Burke's Law
 Honor Thy Father and Mother
 Official Denial
 Jason Goes to Hell
 Almost Home
 Danseurs du Mozambique, Les
 Dark Justice
 The New Lassie
 Jake and the Fatman
 Laker Girls
 L.A. Law
 The Hitchhiker
 The Princess and the Dwarf
 Murder, She Wrote
 Addicted to His Love
 Perry Mason
 Breaking Home Ties
 Code of Vengeance
 The Love Boat
 Code of Vengeance
 Born Beautiful
 Silver Spoons
 Six Pack
 Fantasy Island
 Simon & Simon
 The Fall Guy
 Magnum, P.I.
 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
 Coach of the Year
 Vega$ - Black Cat Killer
 B.J. and the Bear
 The Ultimate Impostor
 Winter Kills
 The Rockford Files
 Evening in Byzantium
(2006) as Sharon Cox
(2005) as Charlene
(2004) as Mrs. Jones
(2002) as Gloria Day
(2002) as The Mayor
(2001) as Virginia Madden
(2001) as Sharon Cox
(2001) as Betty Clayton
(2001) as Liza Collins
(2000) as Dee Freeman
(2000) as Karen Archer
(2000) as Jessica Livingston
(2000) as Laurel Warner
(1997) as Nicole Devlin
(1995) as Nora
(1995) as Mayor Pendleton
(1995) as Audrey
(1994) as Brenda Palmer
(1994) as Bozanich
(1994) as Annie Corliss
(1993) as Shirley
(1993) as Diana Kimble
(1993) as Jennifer
(1992) as Kathryn Saint
(1992) as Dr. Meyers
(1990) as Julie Lawrence
(1990) as Rochelle Peters
(1989) as Kate Lawson
(1988) as Andrea Dean
(1988) as Jenny Barrett
(1988) as Captain Terry O'Malley
(1987) as Carol
(1987) as Jenny Hayden
(1986) as Nadine Flowers
(1986) as Vanessa Clark
(1985) as Nadine Flowers
(1982) as Betsy Forrest
(1982) as Kate Summers Stratton
(1982) as Lilah
(1982) as Vicki Whittaker
(1982) as Bonnie Carlson
(1981) as Joy 'Digger' Doyle
(1980) as Paula DeFalco
(1980) as Jennifer Stallings
(1979) as Samantha
(1979) as Beatrice Tate
(1979) as Beautiful Woman #3
(1978) as Gail McKinnon
(1976) as Model

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