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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - A Media and Collectible Resource, 1928-2005

Welcome to the Ultimate - Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - Resource My name is Peter and I am the editor and also a big
fan Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. This freely hosted
site is a resource for news, media and collectible's
based on the many aspects of the series that exists
between 1928 and 2005. If you wish to submit any
additional data to the resource please contact me at
the address located on the bottom of this page..

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Where to Begin?..

Well the best place to begin is right here, lets start by looking at the evolution
of Buck Rogers and how he became the legend that he is. Although this website
delves mostly into the background and resources of the cult television series
starring Gil Gerard we also need to explore the roots and influences from the
early part of the 20th century. So sit back and read on as the evolution of Buck
Rogers unfolds... Click Here To Continue

Prop Review - Inside the Thunder Fighter

Thunder Fighter

We recognize and know it as a Star-Fighter, but to the prop builders this
full size replica was simply known as the "Thunder Fighter". What remains
of the original prop is in poor condition, its the result of many creative
minds working together to produce an amazing ship..

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Concept Review - The Space Vampire

Space Vampire

This episode of Buck Rogers is probably the most remembered amongst the
fans, vampires have always been scary to the young and old and this story
which was appropriately named "Space Vampire" is no exception to the rule.
Being very young at the time the Vorvon was totally scary to me and the idea
of having such creatures menacing the neighborhood was a horrifying thought.
I was used to watching the classic vampire stories that sprung from the 60's
and 70's and this re-invention of an already terrifying idea was very inspired..

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Wallpaper Making - Buck and Wilma

Buck and Wilma
Click To Enlarge (1024x768)

This image goes all the way back to episode one "Awakenings".. Buck
and Wilma are just getting to know each other as he takes a little stroll
around the city, he's still wearing the original shuttle costume that he
was frozen in..

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Retrospect - Then and Now, Twiki, Wilma Deering and Buck Rogers

Then and Now, Twiki, Wilma Deering and Buck Rogers

Seems hard to believe that almost 30 years has gone by since they
found their way to our television screens, its truly amazing..

Gil Gerard's Biography Page
Erin Gray's Biography Page
Felix Silla's Biography Page

The Technology of the 25th Century

The Technology of the 25th Century

Lets take a look at the gadgets, weapons and ships that are depicted
throughout the show and discover some interesting conceptual designs
that have made the show an exciting prospect..

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Entertainment News - Duck Dodgers Flash Game

Duck Dodgers Flash Game

Remember Duck Dodgers?, this was looney tunes slant on the Buck Rogers
character with Daffy Duck as the hero. Well if you liked the old cartoons and
you enjoy playing flash games maybe you might like this one. Click the image
above or the link below to play a number of levels at the cartoon network..


Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
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