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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - A Media and Collectible Resource, 1928-2005

Character Review - Gil Gerard is "Captain William Buck Rogers"

Gil Gerard is Buck Rogers

We all know him as Buck Rogers, a future bound hero saving the earth
and exploring the galaxy, there was never a dull day for Buck spanning
36 chapters of sci-fi entertainment. But what about the man behind the
character, lets take a moment to explore, Gil Gerard "is" Buck Rogers..

Gil Gerard is Buck Rogers

Born January 23rd 1943 in Little Rock, Arkansas USA, Gil attended Arkansas
State Teachers College where he pursued a career in chemistry, but It was
acting that grabbed his attention during his college years and at the age of 26
he gave up a promising business career to pursue a dream of acting. Gil
headed for New York to study at the American Music and Dramatic Academy
and appeared on stage in plays such as Stalag 17, Oklahoma and Carousel,
but it was while working as a cab driver that a passenger suggested that
he should audition as an extra for the film "Love Story". He then went
on to appear in over four hundred television commercials spanning a six
years period and in 1974 Gil took on the role as "Dr Allen Stewart" in the
daytime soap opera "The Doctors".

Gil Gerard is Buck Rogers Gil Gerard is Buck Rogers

Two years later he moved to Hollywood forming his own production company
called "Prudhomme Productions", he then produced and starred in his first
film "Hooch". With guest starring roles in "Little House on the Prairie",
"Hawaii Five-0' and "Baretta" he then went on to star in TV movies such as
"Ransom for Alice" and "Killing Stone". After twice turning down the role for
Buck Rogers, he eventually took on the part which aired in 1979, Gil preferred
the second season of stories because he liked the idea of exploring the galaxy.
After its cancellation in 1981 Gil went on to do more TV movies such as "Not
Just Another Affair", "Hear No Evil", "Help Wanted: Male", "Storming Home"
and "Sidekicks". Standing over 6 feet in height he's an accomplished pilot
and enjoys scuba diving amongst many other sports.

Gil Gerard is Buck Rogers Gil Gerard is Buck Rogers

Gil was married to actress Connie Sellecca from 1979 to 1987 with whom
he had a son and since then he also has a daughter. Gil's involved in
many charities such as the Make-a-Wish and Leukemia foundation, he's
been active with the Special Olympics for over 15 years and a volunteer
for the Los Angeles Mission which helps the homeless. Gil has appeared
in recent TV movies such as "Air Rage" (2001) while continuing to be
involved behind the camera's producing and since 1997 Gil has been
attending sci-fi conventions, meeting many fans from all over the world..

Gil Gerard is Buck Rogers Gil Gerard is Buck Rogers

Filmography - Gil Gerard

 Air Rage
 The Stepdaughter
 Fugitive Mind
 Mom, Can I Keep Her
 Pacific Blue
 Brotherly Love
 Looking for Bruce
 Fish Police
 Soldier's Fortune
 E.A.R.T.H. Force
 Final Notice
 International Airport
 Stormin' Home
 Fury to Freedom
 For Love or Money
 Hear No Evil
 Not Just Another Affair
 Help Wanted: Male
 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
 Killing Stone
 Hawaii Five-O
 Little House on the Prairie
 Ransom for Alice
 Airport '77
 The Doctors
 Some of My Best Friends Are
 Love Story
(2001) as Victor Quinn
(2000) as Jesse Conner
(1999) as Karl Gardner
(1998) as Reinhart
(1998) as Double Lives
(1996) as Big Mike
(1996) as Richard
(1992) as (voice)
(1992) as Robert E. Lee Jones
(1990) as Doctor John Harding
(1989) as Harry Stoner
(1989) as Dr. Paul Petrillo
(1986) as Sgt. Jake Rizzo
(1985) as David Montgomery
(1985) as Bobby Atkins
(1985) as Officer
(1984) as Mike
(1982) as Dragon
(1982) as Bob Gifford
(1982) as Johnny Gillis
(1979-1981) as Buck Rogers
(1978) as Gil Stone
(1977) as Marty Cobb
(1977) as Chris Nelson
(1977) as Clint Kirby
(1977) as Frank Powers
(1976) as Steve
(1963) as Dr. Alan Stewart
(1971) as Scott

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