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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - A Media and Collectible Resource, 1928-2005

Concept Review - The Space Vampire

Space Vampire

This episode of Buck Rogers is probably the most remembered amongst the
fans, vampires have always been scary to the young and old and this story
which was appropriately named "Space Vampire" is no exception to the rule.
Being very young at the time the Vorvon was totally scary to me and the idea
of having such creatures menacing the neighborhood was a horrifying thought.
I was used to watching the classic vampire stories that sprung from the 60's
and 70's and this re-invention of an already terrifying idea was very inspired..

Space Vampire

A derelict spaceship called the I.S. Demeter collides with the space station,
Theta, every member of the ships crew is presumed dead and believed
to have died from the EL-7 virus. While the bodies are brought onboard the
station for examination by Doctor Ecbar the appearance of a Nosferatu like
space vampire enters the station.. The Vorvon appears on the station and
begins to systematically attack its personnel, he is seen only by his intended
victim and the creatures next target is Colonel Wilma Deering. Doctor Ecbar
soon discovers that the victims are not actually dead and remain in a state of
cellular suspension, Buck learns that the crew were attacked by a creature
known as the Vorvon, but when he tries to warn Commander Royko, his
claims are dismissed as wild fantasy.

Space Vampire Space Vampire

Above, just like conventional vampires the Vorvon is able to transform itself
from one form to another, but instead of the traditional bat creature it assumes
the disguise of an energy based life form, its able to pass through the smallest
hole and cavity of the ships hull..

Space Vampire Space Vampire

Another vampire trick used by the Vorvon is the ability to hypnotize its victim
and place them in a deep trance, but instead of draining the victims blood
like traditional vampires, it feeds on their life force, making them weak and
a slave to the Vorvon's command..

Space Vampire Space Vampire

Just like a crucifix the symbol (Below) is the only physical object that can hurt
or even kill a Vorvon, but it order to use the symbol you have to physically
touch the amulet against the Vorvon to be successful.. The amulet is very similar
in appearance to the one worn by Commander Adama in "Battlestar Galactica"..

Space Vampire

Another way to kill a Vorvon is to send him into a neighboring sun, its doesn't
turn to dust like traditional vampire, instead it drains away all the Vorvons
power and life force, eventually killing the Vorvon forever..

Space Vampire Space Vampire

Space Vampire

Actor Nicholas Hormann, plays the part of Vorvon in, "Space Vampire"..

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