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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - A Media and Collectible Resource, 1928-2005

Larry Buster Crabbe - Buck Rogers Film Series, 1939

Larry Buster Crabbe Buster Crabbe as Tarzan Buster Crabbe as Flash Gordon
Above, Buster Crabbe with Poster Advertisements for
Tarzan and Flash Gordon,Click To Enlarge

'Larry' 'Buster' Crabbe was born 1908 in Oakland California, his family had
nicknamed him 'Buster' otherwise known as Larry Crabbe. In 1928 and 1932 Crabbe
was selected for the Olympic swimming teams and at the 1932 games held in Los
Angeles he earned himself a gold medal in the 400 meter freestyle setting a new
world record. And so it began, hollywood noticed the new olympic champion and
offered him a career in the movies. He made five serials at Universal Studios
between 1936 and 1940 and one of his first roles in 1933 was as "lord of the jungle"
in the film serial, "Tarzan the Fearless". It was around about the same time that
friend Johnny Weissmuller was at MGM beginning his reign as the new screen
Tarzan. During the next half dozen years Crabbe appeared in a number roles and
movies with his best work appearing in western adventures.

Buster Crabbe starred in the following films:

TARZAN THE FEARLESS (Principal, 1933)
FLASH GORDON (Universal, 1936)
RED BARRY (Universal, 1938)
BUCK ROGERS (Universal, 1939)
THE SEA HOUND (Columbia, 1947)
KING OF THE CONGO (Columbia, 1952)

Buck Rogers, Poster advertisements Buck Rogers, Poster advertisements Buck Rogers, Poster advertisements
Poster advertisements,Click To Enlarge

Paramount loaned him to Universal Pictures for the Flash Gordon comic strip by
Alex Raymond and In 1939 he finally took on the film role of Buck Rogers in a 12
episode film serial. The similarity's between the cartoon strip and the films were
apparent and with a much larger budget the series was able to capture the
energy of the original cartoon. Oddly enough in 1953 the serial became a theatrical
release called "Planet Outlaws" and aired again for television in 1965 under the
title "Destination Saturn".

Buster Crabbe as Buck Rogers Buster Crabbe as Buck Rogers
Buster Crabbe as Buck Rogers,Click To Enlarge

Buster Crabbe as Buck Rogers Constance Moore Constance Moore
Above, Center and Right Constance Moore, Click To Enlarge

The cast of the film serial included the following actors..

Larry "Buster" Crabbe : Colonel Buck Rogers
Constance Moore : Lieutenant Wilma Deering
Jackie Moran : Buddy Wade
Jack Mulhall : Captain Rankin
Anthony Warde : Killer Kane
Philson Ahn : Prince Tallen
C. Montague Shaw : Dr. Huer
Guy Usher : Aldar

Larry Buster Crabbe with Erin Gray and Gil Gerard

Not long after making a special appearance in the Buck Rogers television series (Pictured above with Erin Gray and Gil Gerard ) Buster Crabbe passes away in Scottsdale, Arizona on April 23, 1983..

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