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Bahamas Postal Service
C/O: Post Office Department
East Hill Street
  • (242) - 322-3344, 322-1112/3, 323-5543
  • The Philatelic Bureau (c.2014)
    C/O: General Post Office
    East Hill Street
    P.O. Box N- 8302
    New Providence
    The Bahamas

  • Tel. (242) 397-3618
  • Fax. (242) 328-2220 or 326-8667
  • [email protected]...
    Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 to 5:00pm,
    Except on Public Holidays
    General Post Office (c.2000)
    P.O. Box N-8302
    Nassau, Bahamas
  • Fax (+1 242) 328-2220
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
    (same address)
  • Téléphone (+1 242) 322-4917
  • Fax (+1 242) 328-2220
  • Agent(s): Pobjoy Mint (c.2011), IGPC
  • Dealer's Directory: Bahamas




    Books and everything!



    Bahrain Post UPU, APPC

    Philatelic Bureau
    Bahrain Post
    Ministry of Transportation Building No. 189
    Road 1703, Diplomatic Area 317
    Kingdom of Bahrain

  • Tel: 17 523 403
    Philatelic Bureau (c.2000)
    Postal Directorate
    Box 1212
    Manama, State of Bahrain
  • E-mail
  • Tel 973 523403
  • Fax 937 533455
  • Reference URL
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
    (same address)
  • Télé. (+973) 523 401
  • Fax (+973) 533 455
  • Agent: Allen; .uk
  • Dealer's Directory: Bahrain
  • Postal service was established on August 10th, 1884 by opening the first post office in Manama the capital. It was a sub-office of the Indian postal service under the supervision of its department at Bombay, and remained so for a period of 62 years.

    During this period British India stamps of Queen Victoria were also known used. In 1933 it was decided to use overprinted stamps in Bahrain so that the country could have a distinct postal identity. Thirteen values of Indian stamps having the portrait of King George V up-to the values of 5 rupees were put on sale on August 10th, 1933.

    With the partition of India in 1947, the administration of the Bahrain post office was taken over by the Pakistan postal department. In April 1948 the British Postal Agency took over the postal service.

    In 1957 the Indian currency was decimalized and the stamps in “annas” were cancelled and new currency "naye paise" were replaced the old values.

    . . . A number of local stamps were issued between 1953 and 1961 which, whilst intended only for domestic mail, are known used on international mail. These stamps all depicted Shaikh Sulmanbin Hamed al-Khalifa and are similar in design to the later 1960 series.

    ... A number of cinderella and bogus stamps have been issued over the years including official traffic safety labels available free from Bahraini post offices in 1981 and a bogus Bahrain Camel Post series between 1986 and 1990. The Camel Post series was based on the famous desert postman stamps of Sudan and sold in aid of a home for disabled children.




    Bangladesh Post Office UPU, APPU

    Philatelic Bureau (online shop c.2014)
    Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh

  • Tel.: (+880 2) 955 17 70 (Int'l Svc)
  • Tel.: 880-2-9555531 (Post Master)
  • Fax: 880-2-9563314
    BPO's WW Postal Links! (cc)

    Contact Persons For Philatelic Products:
    Md.Mozammel Haque
    Section Officer (Philatelic)

  • Phone: 880 02 9550446
  • Fax: 880 02 9563314
  • mozammelpostal@yahoo...

    Md.Shawkat Ali
    Director (Stamps)
  • Phone: 880 02 9558592
  • Fax: 880 02 9563314
  • [email protected], [email protected]
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2006)
    Mme Rafia Shaheen Ahmad
    Director (International Postal Services)
    DHAKA - 1000
  • Tel.: +880 2 716 97 94
  • Fax: +880 2 956 20 38
  • @-mail
  • Agent(s): (none known)

    Dealer's Directory: Bangladesh
  • "Bangladesh Post office is a govt. owned department dedicated to provide wide range of postal products and public services. It is the premier national postal communication service holding together a vast country with a large population. Bangladesh Post Office is committed to provide a speedy, reliable and regular service to the people of all walks of life at a reasonable cost. " (c.2008 BPO)
    Grievance Manager
    Abdullah Al Mahbubur Rashid
    Director (Mails)

    Phone :9558006
    [email protected]
    Dhaka GPO
    Chittagong GPO
    Senior Postmaster
    Dhaka GPO
    Dhaka 1000
    Phone : 880-2-9555531
    Email : [email protected]
    Senior Postmaster
    Chittagong GPO
    Chittagong 4000
    phone: 880 - 031 - 611820
    Email: [email protected]
    Rajshahi GPO
    Khulna GPO
    Senior Postmaster
    Rajshahi GPO
    Rajshahi 6000
    Phone: 880 - 0721 - 775887
              880 - 0721 - 811382
    Email: [email protected]
    Senior Postmaster
    Khulna GPO
    Khulna - 9000
    Phone: 880 - 041 -760677
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Sylhet HPO
    Barisal HPO
    Sylhet HO
    Sylhet - 3000
    Phone: 880 - 0821 - 716337
    Email: [email protected]
    Barisal HO
    Barisal - 7400
    Phone: 880 - - 0431 - 52513
    Email: [email protected]

    Search for 'Postal History of Bangladesh'



    Barbados Postal Service UPU, CPU
    Bridgetown, Barbados
  • Tel.: +1 (246) 436-4800
    (7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m)
  • marketing@bps...
  • facebook

    Barbados Philatelic Bureau

    (Formerly: General Post Office (c.2008)

    Barbados Philatelic Bureau
    Cheapside, Bridgetown, Barbados W.I.

  • Tel 436-4800 ext. 226 or 426-0381
  • Fax 429-8178 or 429-4118
  • [email protected]


    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2006)
    Mme Cecilia Frederick
    Senior Postal Superintendent
    International Postal Affairs
  • Téléphone (+1 246) 436-4800
  • Téléfax (+1 246) 429-4118
  • Agent(s): Crown; .uk, Brithish; .jp, IGPC; dealers

    Dealer's Directory: Barbados
  • "For more than 150 years, the BPS has linked the island’s people (in the 4 parish's of St's Andrew, James, Michael, Thomas; aj) at the social, cultural and economic levels – both locally and internationally. In that century and a half, there have been considerable changes in the postal environment resulting in greater challenges for the Post to overcome ... ~The Barbados Phiatelic Bureau~ is intergral with BPS and began in 1968…" - c.2008 BPS

    'Barbados Post Office'

    Barbuda Mail
    Barbuda Post Office
    Codrington, Barbuda, W.I.
    See Also: Antigua & Barbuda


    (offers Philately in English c.2014)
    (no address data offered in 2014)

    Stamps & Philatelic Dept. (c.2000)
    10, F. Skaryna Ave
    220050, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
  • Fax: (017) 227-46-38
  • Fax: 375 172 261170 (Linn's)
  • Phone: 375 172 275472 or 375 172277994 (Linn's)
  • Phone: (017) 226-11-70
  • E-mail (Linn's)
  • Gen. E-mail
    Agents: Eurofila; .lt, IGPC; delaers, Hansen; .no Neofila; .lt

    Belarus Dealer's Directory
  • (Belarus is aka: Byelorussia)

    ~ In the early eighteenth century, Peter the Great decrees (&) establishes two postal paths: from Moscow to Arkhangelsk and from Moscow to Voronezh. At this time, has been introduced to mark the exact time of arrival of the stations on the mail. Roadsides were issued on behalf of the sovereign ...(&)... Operated under strict orders of Peter I for the slightest slowing of imperial decrees on the road was to face the death penalty.

    ...In 1802, the postal districts were created, including Minsk, Vitebsk and Mogilev.

    . . . In 1884, the Russian mail had been merged with the telegraph, which was the turning point in the development of mail.

    . . . The first telegraph station in Belarus were equipped in 1859 at the post offices of the Minsk and Bobruisk. (c.1850)

    . . . In Belarus, the regular transport of mail started in 1871 by the railways, "Minsk - Moscow", "Minsk - Exactly", "Minsk - Brest", "Minsk - Liubava." . . .~

    (loose Google translation of Belpochta's History of the Post page)

    Wikipedia's : Belpochta

    Our "Commonwealth of Independent States" data




    Institut belge des services postaux et des télécommunications (regulator)

    De Post (c.2000)
    Postage Stamp Dept.; Philately
    Centre Monnaie
    B-1000 Bruxelles, Belgium
  • Philatelic E-mail
    old: (forwards c.2014)

    and via Linn's (c.2002):
    Philapost Marketing,
    Postage Stamps & Philatelic Dept.,
    Egide Walschaertsstraat 1,
    2800 Mechelen, Belgium.
  • Fax: 015/285 816
    UPU Int'l Customer Service Data (c.2002):
    Société nationale des chemins de fer belges (SNCB)
    Relations internationales
    Boulevard Industriel 14
  • Téléphone (+32 2) 556 64 60
  • Téléfax (+32 2) 556 64 31
    PostEurop Data:
    (Centre Monnaie; above)
    International Affairs Service
  • Tel: +32.2.2262227
  • Fax: +32.2.2262456
  • E-mail
    Manager - Director
    (via Centre Monnaie address)
  • Tel: +32.2.2262663
  • Fax: +32.2.2262157
    Agents: Unicover (US), Japan

    Belgium Dealer's Directory

  • Roger's PostCodes list (cc)

    bpost history
    (an interesting work in English c.2014)

    By Royal Decree of 17 March 2000, The Post cast off its status of autonomous public enterprise to adopt the status of a public limited liability company. Its public service missions are all described that it concluded with the Belgian State.

    In January 2006, Post Danmark and CVC Capital Partners signed an agreement with the Belgian Government on the acquisition of 50% minus one share in the Belgian Post for €300 million. Post Danmark had been selected by the Belgian Government a partner because it would assist bpost in modernizing the company. The Belgian Government, bpost, Post Danmark and CVC have prepared a joint plan for developing the Belgian Post over the coming years. The target is for bpost to be among the leading and most efficient postal services in Europe.

    (from Wikipedia's Belgian Post Group)



    Belize Postal Service UPU, CPU
    150 North Front Street
    Belize City, Belize

  • Tel.: (501) 227-2201
  • Fax: 223-0936
  • [email protected]...
  • (© 2007) (Real or not?)

    Belize Philatelic Service (c.2000)
    Private Bag 1
    Belize City, Belize, C.A.
  • Tel 02-77380, 72201
  • Fax 02-30936
    Post Office Foreign Market
    P.O. Box 485
    Belize City, Belize
    Central America
    Agent: Crown Agents

    Belize Dealer's Directory
  • Since 1830 ....

    The Belize City Post Office has had a chequered history, particularly as regards disastrous fires. The Post Office originally seems to have been housed in the court House, but was later to be located on Regent Street, where in 1909 it was completely destroyed by fire, along with all the postal records. Stocks of postage stamps were held at the Treasury and were thus saved. The Post Office was then set up in the Council Chamber in the Public Buildings. On the evening of Saturday, 17 August, 1918, a disastrous fire broke out between the General Post Office and the District Commissioner’s Office. It spread rapidly to the Court House and adjoining buildings; the fire raged throughout the night. The General Post Office and all its equipment was completely destroyed, along with the stamp stocks in the Post Office was then temporarily located on Albert Street, and in fact was to remain there until the new Post Office was erected as part of the Public Buildings in 1930’s.

    The Post Office moved to its present site in the 1940’s and was housed in the Paslow Building. The Paslow Building was destroyed in a fire on September, 2002. The Post Office then took up full residence in the Biddles Building where only the Parcel Office was housed.
    (Ref. A Postal History Of Belize by: E. W. King {from Belize Post's History page.})



    La Poste du Bénin UPU, PAPU, WAPCO

    Office des PTT (now OPT) (former regulator)

    Service Philatelique (c.2000)
    Cotonou, Republique Populaire du Benin
    Agent: (none known)

    Benin Dealer's Directory
    The PTT has a very long history, about 120 years old and so rich in experiences. Its history goes back to the history of communications (Dahomey now Benin) of old colonization where to meet the needs of communication and trade between the metropolis and its colonies, Victor BALLOT, French administrator in charge of Establishments in the Gulf of Guinea, established in Dahomey public service "Posts, Telegraphs and Telephones" (PTT) later known under the name of Post and Telecommunications Service. In this context, the first post office was established on 1 July 1890 in Cotonou. . .

    . . . Later with the transformation of colonies into nation-state and the transfer of powers and responsibilities to national leaders, the Dahomey state has recognized the value and importance of the services provided by the public service of Posts, Telegraphs and Telephones (PTT). He then decided to take over the service by establishing, by Law No. 59-32 of 19 December 1959, its own administration under the name of the Office of Post and Telecommunications (OPT).

    . . . the state decided to privatize some state-owned companies, particularly in the field of telecommunication and energy . In line with its reform plan, OPT was split in 2004 into two entities with each of management autonomy; hence the creation of two entities POST OF BENIN SA and BENIN TELECOMS SA. This split became effective March 24, 2005...

    (Google translation from La Poste du Bénin's History page.

    See : St. Vincent



    Bermuda Philatelic Bureau CPU
    (online shop c.2014)

    c/o Bermuda General Post Office
    56 Church Street (c.2000, 2014)
    Hamilton HM 12

  • Tel: (441) 297-7866 (c.2000) / 7893 (c.2014)
  • Fax: (441) 295-0340 (c.2000) / 292-1928 (c.2014)
  • E-mail postoffice@gov... (c.2014)
  • [email protected] (c.2000)

  • old: '404' c.2014

    Agents: Crown Agents, Interpost

    Bermuda Dealer's Directory
  • HAMILTON, Bermuda, and LOS ANGELES—September 30, 2009 –

    "Today, the Bermuda Post Office, under the Ministry of Energy, Telecommunications and E-Commerce, and RPost®, the leader in managed outbound messaging with its flagship Registered Email® services announced they have entered into a partnership to offer Registered Email services as an official Bermuda Postal Service to Bermuda’s domestic and international businesses. The RPost service will allow Bermuda Post business customers to dramatically reduce their annual communications costs by offering a viable electronic alternative to high-cost courier and overnight delivery services. . . ."






    Bhutan Post UPU, APPU
    (offers Philately and an online shop: see 'Stamps')

    Chief Controller of Stamps (c.2000)
    Philatelic Bureau
    Timphu, Bhutan
  • Tel (975 2) 22296
  • Fax (975 2) 23108
    UPU Int'l Affairs:
    Posts, Telegraphs and Civil Wireless
    Bhutan Postal Corporation Ltd (in English)
    General Post Office
    Director General
  • Téléphone (+975 2) 22296, (+975 2) 22675, (+975 2) 23103
  • Téléfax (+975 2) 23108
    Agents: IGPC; dealers, CS; .sg, Hansen; .no, Japan; .jp

    Bhutan Dealer's Directory



    Empresa de Correos de Bolivia (ECOBOL) UPU, PUASP

    Oficina Central (c.2014)
    Av. Mariscal Santa Cruz

  • Tel.: (591) 2374144 - 2374143
  • [email protected]

    Departamento de Filatelia (online shop c.2014)
    Av. Mariscal Santa Cruz
    Edificio Palacio de Comunicaciones, Nivel Plaza
    La Paz - Bolivia

  • Tel. 2374145
  • Fax (591-2) 2-118319
  • gcomercial.cen@correosbolivia...
  • filateliacen@correosbolivia...

    Correo Central (c.2000)
    Av. Mariscal Santa Cruz No. 1278
    Edificio de Comunicaciones
    La Paz, Bolivia, S.A.
  • Tel (591-2) 374144
  • [email protected]

    Empresa de Correos de Bolivia
    Unidad Desarrollo
    Filitelico Nivel Plaza
    Palacio de Communicaciones
    La Paz, Bolivia, S.A.

    Seccion Filatelica, La Paz
  • Tel 00591-2-374145 ext. 3114
  • Fax: 00591-2-391620

    Empresa de Correos de Bolivia
    Avenida Carmacho, Ed. Uebana
    La Paz, Bolivia
    South America
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
    Empresa de Correos de Bolivia
    Jefe Departamento Relaciones Internacionales
    Palacio de Comunicaciones, 1er. piso, La Paz
  • Téléphone / Téléfax (+591 2) 392 859

    Bolivia Dealer's Directory
  • The Post offers a nice history (in Spanish {cc})


    UPU listed Ministry c.2014:

    Ministarstvo komunikacija
    i prometa Bosne i Hercegovine UPU, CEPT, POSTEUROP

    JP BH POŠTA d.o.o. Sarajevo
    (offers Philately & English c.2014)
    (no address offered)
    J.P. PTT Saobracaja BiH (c.2008)
    (covers "Bosniak" part of the fed.)
    (in Serbo-Croat, Latin script) :

    Sektor za Marketing
    Izdavastvo i Filateliju
    Fra Grge Martica 2/3
    71000 Sarajevo
    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    old: ('404' c.200912 ?)
    JP BH POŠTA doo, Sarajevo (no English c.2005)
    Obala Kulina bana 8
    71000 Sarajevo
    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Hrvatska posta d.o.o. Mostar
    (aka: Croatian Post Ltd. Mostar or 'HPT d.o.o.')
    (HPT - covers the Croat part of the federation.)
    (good philatelic section)

    Mostar Direkcija pošta
    Tvrtka Miloša bb
    88000 Mostar
    Bosna i Hercegovina
  • Tel + 387 36 445 000 (c.200912)
  • Fax + 387 36 445 002
  • [email protected]
  • [email protected]


    Enterprise of Postal Traffic of Republic of Srpska

    Philately department (offer(ed) English; none c.2014)
    (Mr.) Vladimir Racic (c.2012 on a YaHOo Group)
    Kralja Petra I Karadordevica 85 (forever)
    78000 Banja Luka
    Republic of Srpska - Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Tel.: +387 ()51 249-018 (c.2014)
  • Tel.: +387 (0)51 215-882 (c.2009)
  • fax: +387 (0)51 216-563 (c.2009, 2014)
  • filatelija@...

    PostEurop Data:
    Public Enterprise PTT
    International Postal Affairs Division
    Ferhadija 17/1, 71000 Sarajevo
    Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Tel: +387.71.446774
  • Fax: +387.71.447410
    Official Agent: Phila Service
    Linn's Agent: Philagentur

    Bosnia and Herzegovina Dealer's Directory
  • Hrvatska posta d.o.o. Mostar
    (in Serbo-Croat, Latin script)

    The Croatian post Mostar is one of the three postal operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina and began its functioning in 1993 as part of the Croatian post and Telecommunications HPT company. It became an independent company following the split of HPT into two separate companies: the Croatian Post Ltd. Mostar and Croatian Telecommunications Ltd. Mostar since January 1st 2003 ..." Besides traditional services of transporting postal parcels, we offer a whole wide range of services to our customers such as money transfers and exchanges, settling telephone, cell phone, electric bills, water and communal services, business services etc. ..

    Some images...from Serbia (above) and elsewhere.



    BotswanaPost UPU, CRASA, PAPU, SAPOA
    Physical Address: (c.2014)
    Plot 53952 Khama Crescent
    Postal Address:
    P.O.Box 100 Gaborone, Botswana

  • Toll Free 0800 33 55 77
  • T +267 368 1000
  • T +267 395 3131
  • F +267 391 3599
  • E [email protected]
    (formerly: Department of Postal Services)
    Philatelic Bureau (c.2000)
    P.O. Box 100
    Garborone, Botswana
  • Tel: (+267) 353 131
  • or (via Linn's:) 352 806
  • Fax: (+267) 313 599
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
    Manager International Postal Affairs/EMS
    (same address/ phone..)
    Agents: Crown Agents, IGPC

    Botswana Dealer's Directory
  • "The postal service in Botswana dates back to 1875, when the London Missionary Society established the service. Back then, pairs of "runners" carried mail between two points on a stretch from Bulawayo in present-day Zimbabwe, to Mafikeng, in present-day South Africa. Later, after the railway had been built, the train replaced the runners on foot. In the late 1990s the Botswana postal department acquired its own fleet of vehicles to carry mail and parcels.

    ''' Botswana Post have established a small philatelic museum in their headquarters in Gaborone.

    From: Wikipedia



    (formerly: Empresa Brasileira de Correios)
    Departamento de Filatelia (Blog) (c.2014)

    Correios' filatelico magazine on facebook

    Departamento de Filatelia (c.2000)
    SCS Q.4 Bloco A nº 256 - Ed. Apolo
    70300-944 Brasília-DF, Brasil, S.A.
  • Fone: (061) 317-1802 or (061) 322-8310
    old?: [email protected]
    old: (forwards c.2014)
    Empresa Brasileira de Correios C Tel.
    70002 Brasilia DF, Brazil
  • E-mail: (same as above)
  • Cerreios On Line: Selos! (Stamps)

    or via Linn's:
    Divisao Central Filatelica, DICF/ DEFIL,
    SCS-Quadra 5 Lotes 22/24
    Galeria Nova Ouvidor
    70305-920, Brasilia-DF-Brasil
  • Tel 5561 317-1808 or 317-1532 (Portuguese only)
  • Fax 5561 224-7460.
    UPU Int'l Affairs
    Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos - ECT
    Département international d'exploitation et marché postal
    SBN - Quadra 1 - Bloco A, 4° andar
    70002-900 BRASÍLIA - DF, BRÉSIL
  • Téléphone (+55 61) 317 2100
  • Téléfax (+55 61) 317 2114
  • E-mail
    Agent: (none known)

    Brazil Dealer's Directory
  • Back Issues since 1977 of COFI magazine are online here

    A Revista COFI - Correio Filatélico -, publicação da ECT - Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos, estimula, desde março de 1977, a Filatelia, a Marcofilia, a Cartofilia e outras formas de colecionismo, com tiragem de 25 mil exemplares distribuídos gratuitamente a assinantes de todo o mundo.

    The COFI Magazine - Philatelic Mail - publication of ECT - Brazilian Post and Telegraph, stimulates, since March 1977, Philately, the marcophilia the Cartofilia and other forms of collecting, with a circulation of 25 000 copies distributed free to subscribers worldwide.

    The UPU lists as the Governing Ministry:

    Ministério das Comunicações

    British Antarctic Territory
    Postmaster General
    British Antarctic Territory
    GPO, Port Stanley, Falklands
  • Tel 00500 27159
  • Fax 00500 27160
    Agent: Crown Agents

    Falklands Dealer's Directory



    British Indian Ocean Territory
    Post Office
    British Indian Ocean Territory
    Chagos Archipelago, Indian Ocean
    - via Singapore
    Agent: Crown Agents

    BIOT Dealer's Directory



    British Virgin Islands
    Office of the Postmaster CPU
    Philatelic Bureau
    Tortola, British Virgin Islands
    West Indies
    Agent: Crown Agents

    BVI Dealer's Directory



    Brunei Postal Services Department (alt) UPU, APPU

  • Tel.: 673-2382888 (c.2014)

    Controller of Posts

    Philatelic Bureau
    P.O. Box 3000
    Bandar Seri Begawan 1930
    Brunei Darussalam

    or via Linn's:
    Philatelic Bureau
    Postal Services Dept.
    M.P.C. Old Airport
    Berakas BB3510
    Brunei Darussalam

  • Fax 02-383130
  • NOTE: Handles the stamps of Malaysia Post, Singapore Post and Thailand Post
    Official Agents: (cc) Crown Agents, IGPC
    Brunei Dealer's Directory
  • ~The earliest known use of a postage stamp in Brunei is one bearing a Brooketon postmark of 24 April 1894; this is a Sarawak stamp used at a small post office which was established sometime in 1893 for the coal-mining community at Raj Brooke's colliery at Brooketon (Mauara). This post office, run by the Sawarak Government, operated a monthly mail service to and from Kuching until early 1907; and copies of Sawarak stamps bearing Brooketon cancellations are known throughout this period. . . .

    The (Brunei) post office was opened, it is believed, on 22 July 1895 ... (as) it is known that more than 300 covers were posted on that date but very few appear to have survived. As Brunei was neither a member of the Universal Postal Union of the Straits Settlements Postal Union these stamps, which had been printed in Glasgow by the firm Maclure Macdonald and placed on sale that day, were only valid for use within the State of Brunei. Mail service of the the State was through Labaun, and all letters beyond Labuan had to be additionally franked with Labaun stamps. Very little is known about the postal service of this period . . .

    A government postal service was set up in 1906 (Treaty of Friendship) with the appointment of a British Resident; and Brunei was admitted the the Straits Settlements Postal Union. . . a post office opened 11 October 1906 (as part of the Custom House) . . and . .used overprinted and surcharged stamps of Labaun until new stamps arrived from London...

    Since 1984, the Postal Services Dept. is under the Ministry of Communications.~

    (Paraphrased from Brunei Post's History of Brunei Stamps)


    Bulgaria (Rep.)

    Bulgarian Posts UPU, CEPT, POSTEUROP, RCC

    (offers English & philately c.2014)

    1, Academic Stefan Mladenov Str., Bld. 31
    1700 Sofia, Bulgaria Fax: +3592/ 962 5329
  • +3592/949 3280 (Customers)
  • +3592/949 3270 (Public Relations)
  • info@bgpost...
    Bulgarsica Philatelia & Numismat (c.2000)
    (Bulgarian Philately and Numismatics (BFN) c.2014)
    (" a specialized division of Bulgarian Posts PLC )
    Director: Filipa Zhivkova - Muratovska (c.2014)
    8, Haydushaka poliana Str.
    BG-1612 Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Telephone: 02/ 953 22 33 (c.2014)
  • Fax: 02/ 953 18 26 (c.2014)
  • bfn@bgpost... (c.2014)

    Ministry of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications

    9, Dyakon Ignatiy str. Sofia 1000
  • Information: 02/940 - 9771

    Ministere du Transport et Communications (c.2000)
    Service Philatelique Postal
    44 Rue Dencoglou
    Sofia, Bulgaria

  • Executive Director: Ludmil Yossifov: 962 56 97 / 962 54 46
  • Postal counter services: Ivan Mlekanov 949 33 10
  • Commercial Directorate: Penka Kjneva 949 33 60

    PostEurop Data:
    Bulgarian Posts Ltd
    1, Arso Pandourski Street (bl. 31)
    1700 Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria
  • attn: The Management Board
  • Tel: +359.2.9496423
  • Fax: +359.2.877657
    Agent: Crown Agents (for UK only)

    Bulgaria Dealer's Directory
  • According to the UPU c.2014:

    1. Ministry: State agency for Information Technologies and Communications

      (c.201409: even the UPU gets it wrong . . ;< )



    2. Regulator: Communications Regulation Commission (CRC)
      "The Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) implements the state sector policy in the field of telecommunications and postal services. CRC is a specialized independent state authority, entrusted with the functions of regulation and control over the carrying out of the electronic communications."

    14 May 1879. After the Russian-Turkish War (1877-1879), the Temporary Russian Governance hands over to Bulgarian authorities all postal and telegraph offices with their equipment and facilities.
    1 July 1879. Bulgaria becomes a member of the Universal Postal Union. The start of official international contacts of Bulgarian posts is on 9 October 1880.
    1879. The number of PTT offices is 41, in 1944, today they are 2,986, covering even the most remote corners of the country.
    . . .
    1992. After the split of Bulgarian Posts and Telecommunications Ltd., two companies are established - Bulgarian Posts Ltd. and Bulgarian Telecommunications Company Plc.
    1993. In the beginning of the year, the organization of European postal operators, PostEurop, is established and Bulgaria also accedes to it.
    31 March 1997. Bulgarian Posts Ltd. is transformed into a joint-stock company with a state-owned share in the capital over 50 percent.
    (From Bulgaria Post's 'Historical Summary' c.2014)

    Wikipedia's: Bulgarian Posts (c.2009, 2014 needs additional help!)

    "The Bulgarian Posts ... are the national postal service of Bulgaria. The company was founded after the Liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule, as the Russians handed all the post and telegraph offices to the newly restored Bulgarian state on 14 May 1879. Bulgaria was accepted into the Universal Postal Union on 1 July 1879.

    As of 2005, the company operated 3,008 post offices and a total of 80,060 km of postal routes. The Bulgarian Posts are a joint-stock company since 31 March 1997."


    Burkina Faso
    (In French, offers Philately, @)

    Société Nationale des postes du Burkina Faso (c.2014)
    01 BP: 6000 Ouagadougou 01

  • Tel./Fax : (226) 50 30 12 82
  • dcmcom@sonapost...

    The Yellow Pages lists:

    St. Avenue Nelson Mandela, Ouagadougou

  • Tel & Fax 226 50 30 12 82
  • E-Mail [email protected]
  • Website ('404' c.2014)
  • P.O. Box 6000
    Service Philatelique (c.2000)
    Offices des Postes et Telecommunications
    01 BP 6000 Ougodougou, Burkina Faso
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (same address)
    Société nationale des postes
    La planification et de la coopération
  • Téléphone (+226) 31 27 72
  • Téléfax (+226) 31 27 72
    Agent: IGPC

    Burkina Faso Dealer's Directory
  • The UPU (c.2014) lists as:

    Governing Ministry: Ministère des Postes et des TIC '404' c.2014)


    Now/aka/see: Myanmar


    Régie nationale des postes (RNP) UPU, APU, PAPU
    (In French, offers Philately { all but homepage '404' c.2014.09.09})
    Ministère des P.T.T. (c.2000)
    Agence philat. du Burundi
    Boite postale 45
    Bujumbura, Burundi
    Agent: IGPC

    Burundi Dealer's Directory
    A stamp in the shape of a coin.

    25 April 2003: Mr. Salam Sanfo was until his appointment as CEO SONAPOST, the Postmaster-General in the Ministère du Développement de l'Economie numérique et des Postes (Ministry of Development of the Digital Economy and Post). (Home - News - Branch SONAPOST)




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