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Administration des PT (c.2000)
Service Philatilique
Rue Jawaharial Nehru
Vientiane, Laos
Bureau de Philatelie
Avenue Lane Xang
0100 Vientiane, R.D.P. Laos
UPU Int'l Affairs (c.2000)
(Av Lanexang):
  • Téléphone (+856 21) 21 63 22
  • Téléfax (+856 21) 21 63 22
  • Télex 8044303 POST LAO
    Agent: (none known)

    Laos Dealers Directory
  • Official name: Lao People's Dem. Rep.
    Date of Laos' entry into the UPU: 20-05-1952
    Laos is a Member: Asian Pacific Postal Union (APPU)



    (c.2014.09 no English)

    (VAS Latvijas Pasts)
    Ziemelu iela 10
    Lidosta Riga, Marupes novads

  • info@pasts...
  • Filatelija: infofil@pasts...
    Philatelic Dept. c.2000)
    Latvijas Pasts
    21 Brivibas Blvd.
    LV - 1000 Riga PDP, Latvia
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Telephone 7018700
  • Telefax 7018747
  • Telex 161176 LPOST LV
  • and E-mail: [email protected]
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
  • Téléphone (+371) 701 8817
  • Téléfax (+371) 701 8823
    Agent: (none known)

    Latvia Dealers Directory

    LibanPost UPU, APPC, PUMed

    Customer Care from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm,
    and Saturday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm
    Tel.: 1577 or email us at customercare(at)
    For calls from outside Lebanon: +961 1 629628

    Receveur Principal des Postes
    Service Philatelique
    Beirut, Lebanon
    UPU Int'l Affairs:
  • Téléphone (+961 1) 424 986
  • Téléfax (+961 1) 424 980

    Agent: (none known)

    Lebanon Dealers Directory
  • >> Browse Catalog (ordering stamps)

    This service is only available for orders outside Lebanon.
    For assistance or additional info, please call us on 961-1629628
    or email us at [email protected]
    For domestic orders (Lebanon), please call us at 1577



    Lesotho Post UPU, CRASA, PAPU, SAPOA
    Kingsway Road (c.2014)
    Post Office Building

  • [email protected]...

    Contact Person:
    Mr. Mosiuoa Aau

  • Tel: 2232 1690
  • [email protected]...
    Ministry of PT,T - Philately (c.2000?)
    P.O. Box MS 413
    Maseru 100, Lesotho

    (or via Linn's)
    Lesotho Philatelic Bureau
    Private Bag No. 1
    Maseru 100, Lesotho
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
    (same Box #)
  • Téléphone (+266) 323 542
  • Téléfax (+266) 310 476

    Agent: IGPC

    Lesotho Dealers Directory

  • Re: Ministry of PT,T (no DNS 7/2002)
    Gets Communication Authority c.2014


    Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications UPU, APU, PAPU, WAPCO
    General Post Office (c.2000)
    1000 Monrovia 10, Liberia

    Minister: Dr. Frederick B. Norkeh (c.2014?)
    Carey Street, Monrovia
    Asst Minister: Joe Bando: +231 (0) 886 553 427
    County: Montserrado 'Suspended' c.2014

    Agents: IGPC, Crown Agents per Linn's but not on Crown's list







    Liberia Dealers Directory

    Factoid: Liberia, on the west coast of Africa, is bordered by Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Cote d'Ivoire and has an area of 111,369 sq. km.

    U.S. Embassy Monrovia
    502 Benson Street
    Monrovia, Republic of Liberia

  • Tele.: +(231) 77-677-7000

    Emergency After-Hours Telephone :

  • +(231) 77-677-7000
  • Fax : +(231) 77-677-7370
  • ConsularMonrovia@state...

    (Sorry to hear about the Ebola outbreak - aj 2014.09)



    (Libyan Jamahiriya)

    "The first country to achieve independence
    through the United Nations.

    Libya Post
    (c.2014 offers English)
    (Stamps & Postage Club)
    Section des timbres-poste (c.2000)
    et de la philatelie Societe
    Direction Generale des PT
    Tripoli, Libya
    Agent: (none known)
    The coastal plain of Libya was inhabited by Neolithic peoples from as early as 8000 BC. The Afro-Asiatic ancestors of the Berber people are assumed to have spread into the area by the Late Bronze Age. The earliest known name of such a tribe is that of the Garamantes, who were based in Germa. The Phoenicians were the first to establish trading posts in Libya. By the 5th century BC, the greatest of the Phoenician colonies, Carthage, had extended its hegemony across much of North Africa, where a distinctive civilization, known as Punic, came into being. . . (More Wikipedia)

    Libya Dealers Directory

    "Libya Post Company is a Libyan joint stock company having its legal personality and independent financial liability. It is affiliated to the Holding Libyan Post, Telecommunication and Information Technology Company." (c.2014 website)

    The official name was "Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya" from 1977 to 1986, and "Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya"
    ( Arabic: الجماهيرية العربية الليبية الشعبية الاشتراكية العظمى )
    from 1986 to 2011.

    The National Transitional Council, established in 2011, referred to the state as simply "Libya". The UN formally recognized the country as "Libya" in September 2011, based on a request from the Permanent Mission of Libya citing the Libyan interim Constitutional Declaration of 3 August 2011. In November 2011, the ISO 3166-1 (Alpha-2: LY) was altered to reflect the new country name "Libya" in English, "Libye (la)" in French.

    The current name, "State of Libya"
    (Arabic: دولة ليبيا‎ Dawlat Libya),
    was adopted unanimously by the General National Congress in January 2013.

    (Mostly Wikipedia)



    Liechtensteinische Post AG
  • Phone +423399 44 44 (c.2014)
  • info @ post...
    Service Philatelique Officiel (c.2000)
    FL -9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein
  • Tel. 075 / 236 64 44
  • Fax 075 / 236 66 55
  • E-mail: [email protected]
    Agent: (none known)





    Liechtenstein Dealers Directory
  • Our History

    A young company with a remarkable history. The history of the contractually regulated postal system in Liechtenstein goes back to the year 1817. 1st September 1817: The Imperial Austrian Postal Administration opens the first letter collection in Balzers.

    June 5, 1852: By a treaty Liechtenstein is officially under the Austrian postal authority.

    October 4, 1911: The Imperial Austrian Post and the princely Liechtenstein government reach an agreement (postal, telephone and telegraph services). On the basis of the first state-owned stamps will be issued on February 1, 1912.

    February 29, 1920: After the termination of the post-agreement with Austria is Liechtenstein Post an independently operating unit for the time being in full co-operation with the Austrian Post.

    10 November 1920: completion of a postal treaty with Switzerland, which ensures the handling of postal services in Liechtenstein by Swiss Post from 1 February 1921 to 31 December 1999.

    The liberalization of the postal sector in Switzerland and in Europe in the 90s caused Liechtenstein to ask the postal service to an independent, competitive and market-oriented basis. With the laws on the establishment and organization of the Liechtenstein Post (POG) and the Postal Law (PG), adopted on 18 December 1998, the legal and organizational requirements for the independence of the Liechtenstein Postal Service be created.

    19 February 1999: The Liechtenstein Post AG is founded.

    June 1999: The Liechtenstein Post AG is entered in the commercial register. Other milestones include the acquisition of staff and the appointment of directors as well as negotiations with the Swiss post office, with the aim of ensuring the very good cooperation in the future.

    Since the first January 2000 the Liechtenstein Post AG is completely independent and a market economy structures oriented, modern and profitable Dienstleistungsunternehmen.23. June 2005: 25 percent of the shares are acquired by the Swiss Post.

    By first January 2006 the Philately Liechtenstein is integrated in the Liechtenstein Postal Service.

    On the 24th September 2009 , the subsidiary Lieser Vice Ag is founded.

    February 5, 2011 is a branch in Austria founded by post-Beteiligungs GmbH in Linz / Austria.

    February 10, 2011 a majority stake in the DIG GmbH in Linz. A provider of electronic business processes, especially in the procurement area.


    Lietuvos Pastas UPU, BPU, CEPT, POSTEUROP, RCC
    J. Jasinskio g. 16
    03500 Vilnius
  • Call Centre: +370 700 55400 (M-F 8:00 to 18:00) c.2014
  • Fax: (+370 5) 216 3204

    A. Vivulskio str.23 (c.2000)
    LT - 2600 Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Tel. (3702) 337575
  • Fax: (3702) 263204
  • E-mail: [email protected]
    Note; welcome_e.shtml '404' c.2014
    (Philatelic bureau c.2000):
    Publishing Centre "Pasto Zenklas"
    Giedraiciu 60 A
    2042 Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Phone: (+370-2) 724297, 761815
  • Fax: (+370-2) 779911
  • E-mail: [email protected]
    UPU Int'l Affairs:
    Bureau international
    A. Vivulskio g. 23
  • Téléphone (+370 2) 23 10 87
  • Téléfax (+370 2) 26 32 04
    Agent: Kent; via Linn's

    Lithuania Dealers Directory
  • "All access points of AB Lietuvos pastas sell different philatelic products - postage stamps, first day sheets, thematic folders of stamps, books, and etc. Each year AB Lietuvos pastas puts about 25 postage stamps into circulation." (website c.2014)



    Post Luxembourg UPU, CEPT, IPC, POSTEUROP, SEPAC
    (c.2014 : online contact form only)

    Postes et Télécommunications (c.2000)
    Office des Timbres (c.2000, 2014)
    4, Rue D'Eperney
    L-2992 Luxembourg
  • Tel.: (+352) 40 88 88 40
  • Fax: (+352) 40 68 68
  • ptofftim@pt...
    old: (forwards c.2014)
    old: (forwards c.2014)
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
    Division des postes
    Service commercial
  • Téléphone (+352) 4088 7671
  • Téléfax (+352) 488 394
    Agent: (none known)

    Luxembourg Dealers Directory
  • Luxembourg Philately

    by Gary Little

    The Office des Timbres also operates the new (c.2002) Luxembourg P&T Museum, located in the post office opposite the train station at the corner of Rue d'Epernay and Avenue de la Gare. This museum, which opened on November 23, 1995, includes many philatelic gems and is well worth a visit. It is open from Tuesday to Friday from 09:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 17:00, and on Saturday from 09:00 to 12:00. Admission is free.
    (from Gary Little)

    38 Place de la Gare Coin Rue d'Epernay
    L-1616 Luxembourg (Lëtzebuerg)

    Postal Address:
    BP 1518
    L-1015 Luxembourg

  • Tél. : 40 88 72 55
  • Fax : 40 88 72 56
  • postmusee@post...
    old: (forwards c.2014)


    No Frames


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