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Direction générale des postes
M. Ibrahim Farchoukh
Chef du Service postal

Téléphone (+961 1) 424 986, Téléfax (+961 1) 424 980
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Lebanon -
After the massacre of Catholic Marinites by Muslim Druzes in 1861, the Maronite area around Jabal Lubnan was granted special autonomous status. Lebanon, based on this area, was created in 1920 under French mandate with Muslim coastal regions incorporated. Lebanon became a constitutional republic in 1926.

The first postage stamps were issued in 1924 for Lebanon under French Mandate.

Receveur Pincipal des Postes
Service Philatelique
Beirut, Lebanon

Lebanon - Via the CIA:
Location: Middle East, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Israel and Syria
Independence: 22 November 1943 (from League of Nations mandate under French administration)

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Lebanese Philatelist Archives
Ottoman Occupation
Ottoman, French, Austrian and British post offices operated from Beirut.

French Occupation (1919 - 1924)
--Common stamps with Syria, traditionally listed under Syria in catalogs. The first issue overprinted in Beirut is extremely rare. These are primarily French stamps overprinted T.E.O (Territoires Ennemis Occupes) and O.M.F. (Occupation Militaire Francaise)

Greater Lebanon (1924 - 1928)
1924 Independence (normal res)
1924 Independence (high res)
Lebanese Republic (1928 -)

The A. Absi Philatelic Archive of Lebanon
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Linn's: Beirut, Lebanon 1909-14 ; Ru, Fr, GB: foreign offices
BEIRUT (1909-14)
Stamp-issuing status: inactive; Population: 210,000 (1914). The capital of Lebanon. Prior to World War I, a number of European nations maintained their own postal systems in Beirut. The Russian post office used stamps of the Russian Levant overprinted "Beyrouth" after 1909. In January 1905, the French authorities overprinted a contemporary French Offices in Turkey stamp for provisional use in Beirut. In July 1906, a similar provisional was used by the British authorities in Beirut. Both are scarce.

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