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Macao / Macau


MacauPost AICEP
Philately Division (Filatelia) c.2014
Macao Post Headquarters
Largo do Senado

  • Philatelic Dealers: (853) 8396 8601
  • Philatelic Shop: (853) 8396 8611, (853) 8396 8513
  • [email protected]...
    Correio e Telecomunicacaoe de Macau (c.2000)
    Servicos de Filatelia
    Avenida da Praia Grande N° 789
    Largo do Senado
    Macau, Macao
  • Tel (853) 377220
  • Fax (853) 3968532, (Linn's 853-3969104l, 921663)
  • E-mail
    Note: Returned to PR China in Dec. 1999.
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.1999)
    CTT de Macau
    International Affairs
    Avenida da Praia Grande N° 789
    Largo do Senado, MACAO
  • Téléphone (+853) 356 062
  • Téléfax (+853) 921 663
  • E-mail: E-mail
    Interpost .us,
    HK Telpo .cn ,
    AFINSA .es ,
    Allen .uk ,
    Japan; .jp

    Macao Dealers Directory

  • General Post Office
    Full name c.1999: Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China

    A former Portuguese colony, Macau was administered by Portugal from the mid-16th century until late 1999, when it was the last remaining European colony in Asia. . .

    Also spelled 'Macao' it is one of two such regions, the other being Hong Kong and lies on the western side of the Pearl River Delta across from Hong Kong to the east..

    Sovereignty over Macau was transferred back to China on 20 December 1999. The Sino-Portuguese Joint Declaration and the Basic Law of Macau stipulate that Macau operate with a high degree of autonomy until at least 2049 . . . (Wikipedia)


    Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of

    Macedonian Post and Telecommunications UPU, CEPT, POSTEUROP
    (Makedonski Telekomunikacii) c.2000
    was: - resolves to : c.2014; electronic comm.
    aka: Makedonski Telekom AD - Skopje (c.2014)
    Orce Nikolov bb.
    1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

  • Tel + 389 91 132 300
  • Fax + 389 91 120 180
  • [email protected]...

    Philatelic Bureau -
    Orce Nikolov b.b.
    P.O. Box 1
    91000 Skopje, MACEDONIA
  • Tel/fax + 389 91 164-040 [or (02) 165-286]
  • Tel/fax + 389 91 165-286 [or (02) 164-040]
  • E-mail
    UPU Int'l Custormer Svc (c.1999)
    Entreprise publique du trafic postal ŤMakedonska Postať
    M. Nikola Setlov
    Directeur du Secteur de l'exploitation postale
    Rue ŤOrce Kikolovť bb
    91000 SKOPJE
  • Tél (+389 91) 227 129
  • Fax (+389 91) 231 55
    Agent: (none known)

    Macedonia Dealers Directory
  • Official Name: The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
    PostEurop Data:
    Mr Nikola Setlov
    Manager of Postal Operations Department
  • Tel + 389 91 105211
  • Fax + 389 91 105211
  • E-Mail



    Paositra Madagascar UPU, PAPU, SAPOA
    (via Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications c.2014)
    (' ..approves the budgets of the public operator "Paositra Madagascar." ')

    BP 555 Antaninarenina
  • Phone: +261 20 22 224 45
  • Fax: 020 22 325 99
  • paositra@moov...
  • facebook (no data c.2014)


    Service Philatelique (c.2000)
    Direction des Prestations Financieres Postales
    Ministere des Postes et Telecommunications
    101 Antanarivo, Republic of Madagascar
  • Tel 261 22 305.46
  • Fax 261 22 203.01 or 261 22 312.01
    UPU Int'l Customer Service: (c.2000)
  • Téléphone (+261 20) 22 317 63
  • Téléfax (+261 20) 22 325 99
    IGPC; dealers only,
    Hansen; .no,

    Madagascar Dealers Directory
  • King Andrianampoinimerina in 1790, found an easy and safe way to enhance the action of his government by bringing messengers under his direct control.

    In 1810, Radama first created a special corps of royal messengers which he called "tsimandoamamy" which were divided into groups. The "Tsimandoa" being royal messengers, were free of any other service or chore. They enjoyed the competition of authorities which offered free gifts and ministered to their needs.

    Telecommunications activities began in 1886: France and England had established a regular courier service... The post office was created in 1888 and operated by foreign officials.

    In 1892: a money order service was created between Madagascar and the mainland with the admittance of objects of any kind, up to approximately 2 kg.

    (via Telecommunications ministry and roughly translated by Google; edited by me. aj.)

    Elsewhere it is noted, "The Post has 354 points of sale of which 230 are Post offices covering country wide." (c.2007)



    (autonomous region of Portugal since 1980)
    Direction Generale des PTT
    Direccao de Filatelia
    Avenida Casal Ribiero, 28-6
    1000 Lisbon Codex, Portugal
    Agent: Japan; .jp
    See Also: Portugal

    Portugal Dealers Directory



    Malawi Posts Corporation UPU, CRASA, PAPU, SAPOA
    ('Philately' offered c.2014)
    Head Office
    Glyn Jones Road
    P.O. Box 602

  • Telephone : +265 1 822 144 / +265 1 822 388
  • Fax : +265 1 820 188
  • pmg@malawiposts...

    Philately :

  • Telephone : +265 1 870 778
  • pmg@malawiposts...

    Complaints :

  • Telephone : +265 1 832 163
  • customercare@malawiposts...
    Malawi Post Office Philatelic Bureau (c.2000)
    P.O. Box 1000
    Blantyre, Malawi

    (or via Linn's)
    Post Office Philatelic Bureau
    Box 30700, Chichiri
    Blantyre 3, Malawi
  • Tel 265 670778
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
    Postal Division Headquarters
    International Postal Services and Affairs
    Postal Planning and Development
    P.O. Box 30500
    Capital City, LILONGWE 3, MALAWI
  • Téléphone (+265) 780 677
  • Téléfax (+265) 783 221
    Agents: IGPC, Crown Agents

    Malawi Dealers Directory
  • "Philatelic counters are available at all major post offices. . "



    Pos Malaysia UPU, APPU
    Stamp and Philatelic Division (c.2014) Dayabumi Complex
    50670 Kuala Lumpur

  • Tel:
    (603) 2267 2000 - SODA Inquiry
    (603) 2267 2001 - Philatelic Counter
    (603) 2267 2002 - Personalised Stamp Inquiry
  • Fax : 603 - 2694 2139
  • [email protected]...
    Stamp Bureau (c.2000)
    Postal Head. - Federal House
    Kuala Lumpur 01-34, Malaysia
    Philatelic Bureau, First Floor
    Post Malaysia Headquarters (c.2014)
    Dayabumi Complex (c.2000)
    50670 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Tel 603 274-1122
  • Fax 603 294-2139
  • [email protected]...
    Agents: IGPC, Crown Agents, Brunei Post , Japan
    Note: one of its 13 states called 'Perlis' has also issued stamps recently...

    Malaysia Dealers Directory


    Maldive Islands

    Maldives Post UPU, APPU

    General Post Office (c.2000)
    Philatelic Bureau
    Chandani Magu
    Male' 20-02, Maldives
    Agent: IGPC

    Maldives Dealers Directory



    Office national des postes UPU, APU, PAPU, WAPCO
    (c.2014 in French & only online contact form)

    Office Timbres
    Dir. Gen. des PT,T du Mali
    Service Philatelique (c.2000)
    Bamako, Mali

    Agent: IGPC; dealers only, Hansen; .no




    Mali Dealers Directory

    Products and Services

    Post of Mali, led the new impetus that characterizes his ongoing quest for a more comfortable position in the market of Communication, offers a range of diverse and varied products.

    Postal Mail: send mail safely and promptly.

    Parcel Post: Send your freight shipments in the safest conditions at destination.

    The Po Box: Anyone with a home or having an industrial or commercial establishment in the postcode of a post office can purchase a subscription allowing him to withdraw his letter in a special box called PO Box or trade.

    The Postal Mandate: The mandate is considered as an order to pay. Is called mandate any security issued or paid by a post office for the execution of transfer of funds.

    The Post-Fax: is the email from the mail. It allows instant mail forwarding a fax machine called Fax.

    To learn more about our products, go to the post office nearest you.

    (from website c.2014; Google translantion.)



    MaltaPost p.l.c. (c.2014)
    Customer Care Department
    305, Triq Hal-Qormi
    Marsa MTP 1001

  • info@maltapost...
  • Telephone 21224421
  • Freephone: 800 7 22 44
  • Fax: 2124 2052

    Philatelic Bureau (online shop)
    Mary Grace Simpson
    Head Philately (c.2014.09)
    MaltaPost p.l.c.
    305, Qormi Road
    Marsa MTP 1001

  • Tel.: (+356) 2596 1742 (via MSimpson)
  • MSimpson@maltapost...
    Bureau is open Mon-Fri 7.30am-4pm

    Old? (via MaltaPost 2014):

  • Tel: 2596 1740
  • philately@maltapost...
  • MaltaPost Reference (c.2014)
    Philatelic Bureau G.P.O.
    305 Gormi Road
    Marsa GPO 01, Malta

    (or via Linn's c.2000)
    Office of the Postmaster General
    305, Qormi Road
    Marsa HMR 17, Malta

  • Tel 00356 22079
  • Fax 00356 220789
    UPU Int'l Affair: (c.2000)
    Public Relations/Marketing/Customer Care
  • Téléphone (+356) 220 345
  • Téléfax (+356) 225 266
    Agents: Allen .uk , Japan; .jp

    Malta Dealers Directory
  • 10th Anniversary Accession to the European Union
    30 Apr 2014

    "The islands of Malta, which include sister islands Gozo and Comino, are situated in the Mediterranean Sea, 60 miles south of Sicily. With a history spanning over 7000 years, and at the crossroads of strategic maritime routes, Malta has been a home, stronghold, trading post and refuge to many civilizations.

    The Islands have been described as a melting pot of cultures: Neolithic temple builders, seafaring Phoenicians, the traveller Apostle Paul, the Knights of St. John, Napoleon and the British royalty – all have left their indelible mark. Malta is now an independent sovereign nation and a member of both the EU and the Commonwealth.

    Malta’s philatelic history goes back to 1860 and, with access to such a rich source of material, Maltese stamps are renowned around the world for their unique depiction of a wide variety of popular themes: history, architecture, art, maritime, flora and fauna to name but a few. Many Maltese stamps are mini reproductions of artwork produced by local artists, and are much sought after by collectors and philatelists, both locally and internationally. "

    (from the Philatelic Bureau)

    Mariana Islands
    See: Northern Mariana Islands


    Marshall Islands
    No data, send some
    Unicover .us ,
    Allen .uk ,
    Japan; .jp

    Marshall Isls Dealers Directory



    (overseas deptartment of France)
    BP 700
    From France's: LISTE DES POINTS PHILATELIE, (cc)
    See Also: France




    Martinique Dealers Directory
    There are numerous post offices throughout Martinique, including branches located in Fort-de-France (tel 05 96 60 83 86), Belle Fontaine (tel 05 96 55 01 63), Case-Pilote (tel 05 96 78 82 94), Grand-Rivière (tel 05 96 55 70 70), Le Carbet (tel 05 96 78 05 44), Le Diamant (tel 05 96 76 40 79), Les Anses D'Arlets (tel 05 96 68 62 33), Les Trois-Ilets (tel 05 96 76 31 28), Sainte-Anne (tel 05 96 76 73 32), Sainte-Luce (tel 05 96 62 50 24), Saint-Pierre (tel 05 96 78 62 99) and Trinité (tel 05 96 58 13 08). (

    The snake flag of Martinique (French: Drapeau aux serpents) has no official status on the island. It is a historical flag dating from an edict issued 4 August 1766, specifying that vessels of the French Colony of Martinique and Saint Lucia should fly a version of the French ensign, which at the time was a white cross on a blue field. . (Wikipedia)




    Société Mauritanienne des Postes

    Postal Address (c.2014) :
    B.P. 10 000
  • Telephone : 45257227
  • Fax : 45255174
  • mailto:mauripost@mauripost...


  • Philately Contact: Tel.: 524 27 80 (local)
  • Philatelie@mauripost...
    Office des postes et telecom (c.2000)
    Service Philatelique
    Direction Generale des PTT
    Box 99
    Nouakchott, Mauritania
    Agent: (none known)

    Mauritania Dealers Directory
  • Mauripost is run by a Management that consists of four operating departments and three departments for studies.


    In charge of (c.2014) :

    Relations with International Institutions
  • Tel: (222) 524 27 80
  • Fax (222) 525 51 74
  • mltaher@mauripost...




    Mauritius Post UPU, CRASA, SAPOA

    The Mauritius Post Ltd
    3 Dumas Street
    Port Louis

    Mauritius Philatelic Bureau
    General Post Office (c.2000-2014)
    Port Louis, Mauritius
  • Tel.: (+230) 208 2851
  • Fax 212-9640
  • E-mail
    Agent: Crown Agents


    Mauritius Dealers Directory

    (territorial collectivity of France)

    La Poste de Mayotte
    Service Philatélique de la Poste
    F-97600 Mamoudzou, Mayotte
  • Tel.: 02 69 61 11 11 (c.2007)
  • [email protected]... (c.2000)

    (or via Linn's c.2000)
    Service Postal de Mayotte
    Boite Postale 83
    97600 Mamoudzou
    Mayotte, Indian Ocean

    Mayotte Dealers Directory
  • From 1 January 2012, with the full integration of Mayotte with France, the island has no longer postal autonomy and uses the stamps of France exclusively. (Wikipedia)



    Correos de México
    (Mexican Postal Service c.2014)

    Mexican Postal Service
    Nezahualcoyoti 109, Piso 8
    Centro, 06082 Mexico City, D.F., Mexico
  • teléfonos (525) 709- 9010 y 709-1566
    old: c.2000
    Gerencia de Filatelia y Cultura Postal
    Netzahualcoyotl 109, 6 piso
    CP 06080, Mexico DF, Mexico
  • Filatélica, al teléfono (525) 709-9694
    Oficina Filatelica Mexicana
    Palacio Postal
    Tacuba 1
    Mexico City 1, D.F., Mexico
    Agent: (none known)

    Mexico Dealers Directory
  • "... in the government of President Ignacio Comonfort it was established by the decree of 21 February 1856, the first printing of postage stamps showing the portrait of Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, which were put into circulation the first of August of the same year. The design and engraving, made on a copper plate, known as gravure printing and printed on a white paper, of different thicknesses and are the work of Jose Villegas, the skillful and famous illustrator, Chief of the Bureau..."



    Federated States of

    FSM Philatelic Bureau
    Box 1376
    Kolonia, Pohnpei State
    Federated States of Micronesia

  • Tel 691 320-2615
  • Fax 691 320-2612
  • E-mail
    Agents: IGPC , Japan; .jp

    Micronesia Dealers Directory


    'Transnistrian Moldovan Republic'

    Posta Moldovei

    Filatelia (c.2014 offers English)
    bd. Stefan cel Mare, 134
    MD - 277012 Chisinau, Republica Moldova
    Commonwealth of Indepentent States

  • Tel: +373.2.243660 (c.2000)
  • +373 22 251 280 *Filatelia" c.2014
  • Fax: +373.2.224290 (c.2000)
  • timbres@posta... (c.2014)
  • postam@cni... (c.2000: Posta Moldowei)
    Agent: (none known)
    See Also: Transnistria; an autonomus region of Moldova

    Moldova Dealers Directory

  • The UPU lists as Posta Moldovei's governing ministry:

    The Ministry of Information Development



    La Poste Monaco UPU, CEPT, PUMed, POSTEUROP, SEPAC

    Office des Emissions de Timbres-Poste
    23, Av. Prince Hereditaire Albert (c.2000)
    MC - 98050, Monaco Cedex
  • Tel 377 93 15 41 26
  • Fax 377 93 15 41 42
    Agent: Japan; .jp

    Monaco Dealers Directory



    Mongol Post - Монгол шуудан компани UPU, APPU

    Admirustration des PT (c.2000)
    Service Philatelique
    P.O. Box 175
    Ulan Bator, Mongolia
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
    Mongol Post Company
    Operational Division
    13, POB - 1106
  • Téléphone (+976 1) 321 976
  • Téléfax (+976 1) 314 124
    Agents: IGPC , Japan; .jp

    Mongolia Dealers Directory


    Pošte Crne Gore (Montenegro Post)


    Kontakt za filatelističke porudžbe:
  • philately@postacg...
  • Tel: ++ 382 20 403 906
  • Mob: ++ 382 67 623

    Slobode 1, 81000 (c.2000)
  • Tel: (++381 81) 22 44 05
  • Fax: (++381 81) 22 48 87
  • E-mail
    old: '404' c.2014
    Agents: (none known)

    Montengro Dealers Directory
  • "Serbia and Montenegro was a country in Southeast Europe, created from the two remaining republics of Yugoslavia after its breakup in 1991. ... (&) together established a federation in 1992 as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY). In 2003, it was reconstituted. . .officially known as the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro.

    A loose union, Serbia and Montenegro were united only in certain realms, such as defense. . . (&) functioned separately throughout the period of the Federal Republic, and continued to operate under separate economic policies, as well as using separate currencies. . .

    On 21 May 2006, the Montenegrin independence referendum was held, and . . . The state union effectively came to an end after Montenegro's formal declaration of independence on 3 June 2006, (after) Serbia's formal declaration of independence on 5 June. After the dissolution, Serbia became the legal successor of the union, while Montenegro re-applied for membership in international organizations." (Wikipedia)


    Montserrat Philatelic Bureau Ltd.


    General Post Ofc. CPU
    Plymouth (c.2000)
    Montserrat, West Indies
  • Tel.: 1-664-491-2996
  • Fax: 1-664-491-3955
  • Post Office: Tel: (664) 491-2457 (c.2014)
  • monphil@candw... (c.2009)
    old: ('404'? fake! c.2014)
    IGPC (Official c.2011)
    D & G; via Linn's

    Montserrat Dealers Directory
  • Montserrat, a British Overseas Territory, formerly issued stamps concurrently with the Leeward Islands until they were withdrawn in 1956. However, the very first Montserrat issue in 1876 used the 1d. red and 6d. green stamps of Antigua overprinted 'MONTSERRAT'. (Wikipedia)

    "Please note that the Philatelic Bureau (stamps agency) has moved from the National Trust Building on Salem Main Road to Government Headquarters in Brades" (dated May 24, 2011 on facebook)



    Barid Al-Maghrib S.A
    (Poste Maroc)
    UPU, APPC, PUMed

    Siège social (c.2014):
    av Moulay Ismail, 10020-RABAT, Maroc.

  • Tél (Fixe): 0537 210 202 / 0537 210 530
  • Fax : 0537 204 089 / 0537 210 53
  • Tel. : 080 200 60 60 (c.2014 homepage)

    Pôle Courrier
    Division Philatélie (' La Philatelie' (c. 2014 offers English)
    Avenue Moulay Ismail, Hassan
    Poste Maroc
    10020 - Rabat

  • Tél.: +212 5 37 21 01 28/43
  • Fax: +212 5 37 21 01 57
  • philatelie@poste...
    Central Director of Posts and Financial Services (c.2000)
    Direction des Services Postaux
    La Posta du Muroc
    Service de la Philatelie
    10000 Rabat - Complex Des P & T
  • Tel. (07) 70.46.21
    old La Posta:
    old 'Direction..':, [email protected]
    old '..Philatelie':

    UPU Int'l Commercial Affairs: (c.2000)
    Division commerciale
    Boulevard Moulay Ismaďl
    10000 Rabat, Morocco
  • Téléphone (+212 7) 70 20 56
  • Téléfax (+212 7) 20 40 89
    Agent: IGPC

    Morocco Dealers Directory

  • Le Musée National des P et T devient le Musée National de POSTE MAROC.
    ("The National Museum of P and T is the National Museum of POST MOROCCO.")

    Created in 1970, it is the depositoroy of Moroccan philately. It maintains records of production and receives stamps from around the world...

    Address: Avenue Mohammed V

  • Phone: + (212) 0537-21-01-28
  • Fax: + (212) 0537-21-02-06
  • philatelie@poste...

    Note c.2014: The Postal Museum is currently closed to the public for redevelopment.
    Mountainous Karabagh (or:) Nagorno Karabakh
    (Autonomous region of Armenia/Azerbaijan)

    See: Commonwealth of Independent States
    Data needed!

    Armenia Dealers Directory

    Only three entities besides California recognize the existence of the place, and none of them are themselves recognized by the UN. ...

    The stamp on the left features the Parliament building; the stamp on the right has the country's flag and ancient church.. . . Karabakh was claimed by both Armenia and Azerbaijan when both countries gained independence from the collapsing Imperial Russia. They needn't have bothered, as both were subsumed into the newly emerging Soviet Union by 1923. When both countries emerged from the collapsing Soviet Union in 1989, Karabakh was again the center of a dispute between them, culminating in the war that bares the region's name. The war, unknown in the west, claimed at least 26,000 soldiers' deaths. (StampORama Discussions 06 Jun 2014)

    Most of the region is governed by the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, a de facto independent but unrecognized state established on the basis of the former Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast within the Azerbaijan SSR of the Soviet Union. The territory is internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan, which has not exercised power over most of the region since 1991. Since the end of the Nagorno-Karabakh War in 1994, ... Armenia and Azerbaijan have been holding peace talks...on the region's disputed status. (Wikipedia)



    Correios de Moçambique UPU, AICEP, CRASA, PAPU, SAPOA
    Av. 25 de Setembro n 1462 R/c (c.2014)

  • Cel: +(258) 823057378
  • Tel: +(258) 21430061/2
  • Fax: +(258) 21426800
  • [email protected]...
    Entreprise Nationale des Postes
    Service Philatelique
    P.O. Box 4444
    Maputo 1, Mozambique

    (or via Linn's c.2000:)
    Empresa de Filatelia E Numismatica
    E.E. Caixa Postal 4444
    Av. 25 de Setembro
    1509 -2/d Andar
    Maputo 1, Mozambique
  • Tel 258-1-423193
  • Fax 258-1-426800
    Agent: IGPC; self

    Mozambique Dealers Directory
  • A defesa do interesse público que orientará toda actividade da empresa será assegurada pelo Governo, através do Ministro dos Transportes e Comunicaçőes, salvo nos casos em que estiver expressamente definido de outro modo na lei ou nos seus estatutos.

    Google + translation:
    ~ The public will guide all activities of the company and will be ensured by the Government, through the Minister of Transport and Communications, except where expressly defined otherwise in law or its constitution. ~

    AICEP cites Postal Regulator as (INCM) :
    Instituto Nacional das Comunicações de Moçambique



    (aka: Burma)

    Post & Tel. Department UPU, APPU
    125 Ground Floor, Pansodan Str.
    Yangon 11181, Myanmar

    Myanma Export and Import Services
    Export Division, Philatelic Section
    No. 577, Merchant Street
    Yangon, Myanmar
    Agent: (none known)

    Burma Dealers Directory




    No Frames


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