In 1992 twelve former Soviet Republics (FSU) formed the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and are:





Kazakhstan (original site of Soviet space activity)

Kirghizia (aka: Kyrgyzstan?) -?



Tajikistan (aka: Tagikistan or Tadjikistan)




Three (3) Baltic Republics which did not join are:


The Autonomous

The stamps of seven (7) C.I.S. autonomous Republics have been "approved as real postage issues" according to the Belarusian International Stamp Co.. It's assumed that this means within the CIS, at least. They are:

Abkhazia (Georgia)
Chechnya (Russia)
Mountainous Karabakh (Armenia-Azerbaijan)
Nakhichevan (Azerbaijan)
South Ossetia (Georgia)
Transnistria (Moldova)
Tuva (Russia)
Each has issued 'unoffical' issues; see next paragraph.
The Cinderella Regions

There are 68 territories within the 15 FSU Republics/Nations which issue or have issued 'unoffical' stamps. This includes the 7 CIS autonomus regions above and the CIS Republics of Kirghizia, Tajikistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan - (circa July 2000)
Abkhazia (Georgia)*
Abruka (Estonia)
Adygeal (Russia)
Aegna (Estonia)
Akhal (Turkmenistan)
Aksi (Estonia)
Altai (Russia)
Amur (Russia)
Balkan (Turkmenistan)
Bashkiria (Russia)
Batum, Adjaria (Georgia)
Buriatia (Russia)
Carelia (Russia)
Chechnya (Russia)*
Chuvashia (Russia)
Crimea (Ukraine)
Dagestan (Russia)
Dashkhovuz (Turkmenistan)
Evenkia (Russia)
Franz Josef Land (Russia)
Gagauzia (Moldova)
Hiiumaa (Estonia)
Ingoushia (Russia)
Jewish Republic (Russia)
Kabarda-Balkaria (Russia)
Kalmykia (Russia)
Kamchatka (Russia)
Karachai-Cherkessia (Russia)
Karakalpakia (Uzbekistan)
Khakassia (Russia)
Kirghizia (CIS state)**
Kolguev Island (Russia)
Komis (Russia)Koriakia (Russia)
Kunashir Island (Russia)
Kuriles Islands (Russia)
Lebap (Turkmenistan)
Manilaid (Estonia)
Mari El (Russia)
Mary (Turkmenistan)
Mordovia (Russia)
Mountainous Badakhshan (Tajikistan)
Mountainous Karabakh (Armenia-Azerbaijan)*
Muhu (Estonia)
Nakhichevan (Azerbaijan)*
North Ossetia (Russia)
Novaya Zemlya Island (Russia)
Novosibirskiye Islands (Russia)
Osmussaar (Estonia)
Prangli (Estonia)
Ruhnu (Estonia)
Russian post in Antarctic **
Saaremaa (Estonia)
Sakhalin (Russia)
Sakha-Yakoutia (Russia)
South Ossetia (Georgia)*
Spitsbergen (Russia-Norway)
Suur-Pakri (Estonia)
Tajikistan (CIS state)**
Tatarstan (Russia)
Transnistria (Moldova)*
Turkmenistan (CIS state)**
Tuva (Russia)*
Udmurtia (Russia)
Ukrainian Antarctic **
Ukrainian Arctic Post **
Vaike-Pakri (Estonia)
Vorms (Estonia)

* = autonumous regions of CIS Republics which also issue 'official' stamps.
** = CIS Republics which also issue 'offical' stamps.  
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A Country Study: Soviet Union (Former) - Library of Congress
Society for the Study of the New Republics of the Former USSR (Michael Padwee - United States) ('404' c.2014)

And from a e-mail from the webmaster at the Belarusian International Stamp Company site (variant URL) - where most of this information was researched: "The words you are writing about are names of various regions of the New Independent Republics of the former USSR (aka 'FSU' - aj). For example, Abkhazia is an Autonomous Republic that officially belongs to Georgia. Abruka, Aegna, Aksi are small islands in the Baltic Sea that belong to Estonia (all territories of Estonia that are listed on my site are such islands), Akhal, Balkan are veloyats (regions) of Turkmenistan, Amur, Bashkiria etc are Autonomous Republics of Russia."

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