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(formerly? of Georgia Republic)
    No current postal data

See: Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
Agency: D & G Philatelic Inc.

Georgia Dealer's Directory
Abkhazia considers itself an independent state, called the Republic of Abkhazia or Apsny. This status is recognised by Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Nauru, and also by the partially recognised state of South Ossetia, and the unrecognised Transnistria and Nagorno-Karabakh. (via Wikipedia c.2014)



Afghan Post   UPU, APPU

(in English c.2010, Philately c.2014)

Ministry of Communications (c.2010)
Afghan Post
Philatelic Department
P.O. Box 1190
Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Ph.: 93 20 210 1188, 93 20 210 2657 (Int'l Custormer Svc.)
  • Fax: 93 20 210 2674 (Int'l Custormer Svc.)
  • [email protected] ( Int'l Custormer Svc. via UPU c.2006)
  • See Also: Postal Training Center, Kabul (c.2010)
  • Afghanistan Dealer's Directory
  • Afghan Post has: Expresspost (EMS) (sponsored by UPU)

    "EMS the Guaranteed worldwide conveyance service, and international expedited shipping option offered by Afghan Post Administration and about 200 other postal administrations worldwide. Every country has introduced their EMS service by different names, which are matched with quality and safety of the service. Accordingly, we nominated our EMS service by name of ( Afghan Shaheen Post) it means safe, speedy, and secure. It was officially launched on 1th January 2008 in Afghanistan." (c.2010)


    (One of The Cook Islands; a dependency of New Zealand)
    Aitutaki Post Office
    Aitutaki, Cook Islands
    South Pacific Ocean
    Agents: Herrick, NZ Post?
    Cook Islands Dealer's Directory



    (autonomous territory of Finland)


    PB 1000 (c.2014) (cites: 1 , 2)
    AX-22111 Mariehamn
    Åland, Finland

  • Phone +358 18 6360
  • Fax +358 18 636 608
  • info@posten...
  • minafrimarken@posten... <===
    Posten på Åland (c.2000)
    Philatelic Manager
    PB 100, Mariehamn,
    FIN-22101, Åland, Finland
  • Tel: +358 (0)18 6360
  • Tel: 358-18-636 641 (English)
  • Tel: 358-18-636 638 (German)
  • Tel: 358-18-636 643 (French)
  • Tel: 358-18-636 639 (Swedish)
  • Tel: 358-18-636 640 (Finnish)
  • Fax: +358 (0)18 636608
  • E-post E-mail
  • E-Filateliservicen E-mail
  • or: Kristine Sund
    old: (forwards c.2014)
    (credit to Linn's for most phone #'s)
    Agent: Japan
    Finland Dealer's Directory
  • A union of Nordic postal agencies - stamp sales!

    PostCodes (cc)

    The special Åland nature has an abundance of variation alternating between the bare rocks of the outer archipelago, coniferous forests and groves of deciduous trees and fertile farmlands on main Åland. There are about 40 nature reserves in Åland. (SEPAC)

    Wikipedia: Posten Åland (c.200906; no current data - needs help!)

    The Åland stamps can be bought c.2014) abroad at (cc):
    Japan Philatelic Agency
    1-4-25 Mejiro
    JAPAN 171-0031
    Phone: 81-3-5951-3433
    Fax: 81-3-5951-3431
    E-mail: [email protected]

    P.O. Box 284
    Old Bethpage NY 11804
    Phone/Fax: +1516 931-3485
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Filagest S.A.
    Bruc, 5, 1-2
    ES-08010 Barcelona
    Phone: +34 93 412 4566
    Fax: +34 93 302 71 69
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Filagenzia-De Rosa Srl
    Via San Vito, 18
    IT-20123 Milan
    Phone: +39 02 806 619230
    Fax: +39 02 72014362
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Noting : "Åland Post now sells Finnish stamps (22.11.12)"



    Posta Shqiptare UPU, CEPT, POSTEUROP
    (offers English c.2014)
    (Posta Shqiptare sh.a.)
    Rr. “Reshit Çollaku”, Nr. 4

  • Telefononi në: + 355 4 2222 315
    (Çentrali i Drejtorisë së Përgjithshme)
  • Fax: + 355 4 2266 559
  • posta@postashqiptare...
    Albanian Mail Enterprise (c.2000)
    Philatelic Service
    Reshit Collaku Str.
    Tirana, Albania
  • Tel: 355 42 29696
  • Fax: 355 42 32133
  • E-mail
    UPU Int'l Relations:
  • Téléphone (+355 42) 23243
  • Téléfax (+355 42) 32133 or (+355 42) 23108

    Albania Dealer's Directory
  • It was just a week after the declaration of independence, on December 5, 1912, the first Albanian postal, telephonic and telegraphic service was founded. Also founded was the Ministry of Telegraphs and Communications. The first Albanian post stamps were emitted on May 5, 1913 . . .

    On July 7, 1913 the Albanian Provisional Government applied to become a member of the General (Universal) Postal Union, a process which lasted for more than 8 years and ended successfully on March 1, 1922.

    Wikipedia's Posta Shqiptare


    Postmaster General, Alderney
    via Postal Headquarters, Guernsey
    Great Britain

    Guernsey Post Office runs the postal service for the Bailiwick, i.e. Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm.
    Agent: IGPC
  • Guernsey or Jersey Dealer's Directories
  • It is part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, a British Crown dependency. . . . the third-largest island of the Channel Islands, and the second largest in the Bailiwick. It is around 10 miles (16 km) to the west of La Hague on the Cotentin Peninsula, Normandy, in France, 20 miles (32 km) to the north-east of Guernsey and 60 miles (97 km) from the south coast of Great Britain. (Wikipedia)



    Algérie Poste UPU, APPC, PAPU

    c/ Ministère de la poste et des technologies de l’information et de la communication
    4 BD Krim Belkacem
    Alger 16027

  • Tél : (0) 21 71 12 20
  • Fax : 021730047
  • E-mail : [email protected]

    Ministère de la Poste et des TIC (c.2014)

    (Algérie Poste: Philately)

    Quartier des affaires, Bab Ezzouar
    Alger - Algérie
  • Tel.: +213 23 92 32 00
    Ministere des Postes et Tel.
    16027 Alger, Algeria
    & :
    (or via Ye Meng:)
    Ministere des Postes et Telecommunications,
    Direction des Services Postaux (French, Arabic)
    Agence Comptable des Timbres-Poste
    4, BD Krim Belkacem
    16 000, AlgerGare, Algeria
    old: '404'
    (or via Malte:)
    La Poste
    Service des Valeurs Postaux et Philatélie
    Recette Principale
    ALGÉR R.P.

    Algeria Dealer's Directory
  • Encyclopédie du timbre-poste d'Algérie



    Director, Andorra
    18 rue Francois Bonvin
    F-75758 Paris, Cedex 15, France

    and via Linn's c.2000:
    Service National des Timbres-poste et de la Philatalie
    Ingenierie et Vente des Timbres-poste et des Produits Philateliques
    111 Boulevard Brune
    75675 Paris Cedex 14, France
    Orangismo Autonomo de Correos y Telefrafos
    Servicio Filatelico Internacional
    Palacio de Comunicaciones
    28070 Madrid, Spain
    Agent: (none known)

    See Also:
    Andorra Dealer's Directory
    (via French Post)
    (via Spanish Post c.2014)

    Andorra is listed as a member of the postal union CEPT (c.2014)

    One Country: Two Postal Administrations
    by Paul Talbot (cf.)



    Empresa Nacional de Correos & Tel.
    Correios de Angola CRASA, PAPU, SAPOA, AICEP, UPU

    Servicos de Filatelia
    Cedex Postal No.1400, Luanda, Angola

    Centro Filatelico de Angola, Lda.
    C.P. 2688
    Luanda, Angola


    UPU Int'l Affairs:
    Téléphone (+244 2) 39 02 25
    U.S. Embassy E-mail
    Agent: IGPC
    Angola Dealer's Directory

    Primeiro selo pós Independência


    Anguilla Postal Service CPU
  • Telephone: (264) 497 2528
  • Fax: (264) 497 5455
    Philatelic Bureau
    Gen. Post Ofc.
    The Valley, Anguilla, West Indies
  • Tel (264) 497 2528
  • Fax (264) 497 5455
  • [email protected]
    old: ('404' c.2014)
    Official Agent: Lister
    Anguilla Dealer's Directory


  • Anguilla Postal Services (c.2014):
    > Home Shopping - Order online from home and ship your merchandise to our US address Credit Card Service - Post Office can order items for persons who do not have or have difficulty using credit card to order online. (Customer required to pay cash upfront plus a service charge)

    > Philatelic Bureau - Stamp collectors

    > Post Shop - Souvenier items, T-Shirts, Post cards and mailing supplies and packaging.

    >Advertising Board - General Public can use these facilities to advertise community activities/events at a reasonable fee.

    . . . . .


    & Barbuda
    Caribbean Postal Union Representative
    Ms. Avonell Jacob (c.2014)
    General Post Office UPU, CPU
    Postmaster General
    St. John's
  • Tel.: 1(268) 462-0992, 1(268) 462-1928
  • Fax: 1(268) 460-9650
  • [email protected]...
    General Post Office (c.2000)
    St. John's, Antigua, W.I.
    Antigua-Barbuda Philatelic Services, Ltd.
    Box 1144
    Codrington, Barbuda, West Indies
    Agent:: IGPC
    See Also: Barbuda , Redonda

    Antigua Dealer's Directory
  • (and Redonda Island w/no inhabatents)



    Correo Argentino SA
    (incl. 'Filatelia')

    Apartado Respuestas Postales Pagadas N° 286
    Correo Central
    C1000ZAA Capital Federal
    República Argentina
    ( Post Offices by Province ("Consulte su CPA")

    Gerencia de Sellos Postales y Filatelia
    Departmento de Filatelia (Y: Alt URL c.2008)
    C.C. 4224
    Correo Central
    C1041WBQ Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
    República Argentina

  • Tel: 54-114-3163338
  • Fax: 54-114-3163038
  • E-mail

    Incl. Philatelic Workshops for schools
    Ref: Adrian Pietryszyn
    o Alejandro Rodríguez Velo, @

  • Tel: 5550-5378, 5284 (5176 c.2008)
  • Fax: 5550-5186
  • E-mail
    Servicio de Filatelia (c.2001)
    Sarmiento 151, 7° piso
    Ofc. 738-C
    1000 Buenos Aires, Argentino
  • E-mail-1 (c.2001), E-mail-2 (c.2008)

    Y (c.2008):
    "Atención de consultas, pedidos de valores y productos filatélicos"
    Para Adquirir:
    Sucursal Filatelia
    Juan Domingo Perón 300
    Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

    Lunes A Viernes de 10 A 18 Hs.
    Sábados de emisión de 9 a 13 Hs.

    Ventas Filatélicas (c.2008)
    Apartado de Respuestas Postales Pagadas N° 286
    C1000ZAA Ciudad Autónoma de Bs. As.
    República Argentina

  • Tel/Fax: 54 11 4316-3389
  • Correo Electrónico
    Tipo de correspondencia
    RE: Antarctic bases of Argentina
    ("Bases Antárticas de la Argentina")

    Nombre de la Base a la que desee se envíe la correspondencia:
    (Indicar en el margen inferior izquierdo)
  • Base Orcadas
  • Base San Martín
  • Base Esperanza
  • Base Jubany
  • Base Marambio
  • Base Belgrano II
  • Rompehielos A.R.A. Almirante Irízar
    (2 de enero al 30 de octubre de cada año) {see 'Alt' url}

    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
    (at Oficina 738-C above)
  • Téléphone (+54 1) 311-5030
  • Téléfax (+54 1) 311-3111

    Argentina Dealer's Directory
  • Correo Oficial de la República Argentina Sociedad Anónima, mostly known as "Correo Argentino" (since it was privatized in 1997) is the State-owned company that covers the postal service in Argentina. (Wikipedia)
    OCA (Correo Privado) (a 'local post; no filatelie c.2014)

    An Online Catalog ('404' c.2014)


    A local collector (c.2008):

    Julián D. Marcos (c.2005?), (c.2014)
    Av. Sarmiento 574

    "Canje sellos usados de Argentina, España e Italia."



    (Haypost / Armenian Postal Service; incl. Stamps)
    Sarajan Street 22
    375002 Yerewan, Armenia
    Commonwealth of Independent States
  • Tel (3742)524590
  • fax (3742)151621
  • E-mail

    Official Agents list: (cc)

  • Armen Stamps
  • Eurofila
  • Edition 2002
  • Garni
  • Herrick
  • Peterburg
  • Philagentur GmbH
  • Postline
  • Champion
  • Armenia Dealer's Directory
  • Wikipedia's: HayPost (c.200906: no data, c.201409 - still needs help!)



    Post Aruba N.V
    Customer Service
    J.E. Irausquinplein # 9
    Oranjestad, Aruba
  • T: (+ 297) 528-POST/7678, T: (+ 297) 528-7635
  • F: (+ 297) 528-7603
  • customerservice@postaruba...

    To order philatelic products:

  • Tel.: (297) 528-7678
  • or e-mail to philatelic@postaruba...
  • international orders: ipa747@yahoo...
    Philatelic Service (c.2000)
    J. Irausquinplein No. 9
    Oranjestad, Aruba
    West Indies
  • Telephone: 297-8-21900
  • Fax: 297-8-27930
    Aruba Dealer's Directory
  • UPU's Official Name: "Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten"
    The Netherlands Antilles (Dutch: Nederlandse Antillen), also referred to informally as the Dutch Antilles, was an autonomous Caribbean country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Although the country has now been dissolved . . . consisted of two distinct island groups. The "ABC" Islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao are located in the southern Caribbean Sea, just off the Venezuelan coast. The "SSS" islands of Sint Maarten (actually a territory covering a bit less than half an island), Saba, and Sint Eustatius are in the Leeward Islands southeast of the Virgin Islands . . .

    Aruba became a separate state within the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1986. The Kingdom of the Netherlands dissolved the Netherlands Antilles on 10 October 2010, reconstituting Curaçao and Sint Maarten as new constituent countries and Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba (the "BES Islands") as special municipalities within the Netherlands.


    Related URL: Philatelic Service Aruba (semi official);
    "reviewed by Aruba Post"
    '404' c.2009



    (a dependency of Saint Helena)
    The Post Office
    Online Shop

    C/O Corporate Services
    Ascension Island Government
    Georgetown (c.2014)
    Ascension Island
    ASCN 1ZZ
  • [email protected]..
  • Tel: (+247) 7000 ext 100
  • Fax: (+247) 6152


    The Post Office (c.2000)
    Georgetown , Ascension Island
    South Atlantic Ocean
    "via Cape Town, South Africa"

  • Tel: +247 6260
  • Fax: +247 6152
    old: '404' c.2014 (root good)
    old?: [email protected]?SUBJECT=Post Offfice Query

    Pobjoy Mint (c.2011)

    St. Helana Dealer's Directory



    Ascension Island was known as the Sailor’s Post Office as early as the seventeenth century. Ships passing Ascension would call at the island and leave letters for others going in the right direction to deliver. The eastern head of the Island is called Letterbox, although no trace of the spot used to deposit letters remains today.

    Philatelically Ascension’s history starts on 3rd March 1867, when the UK Postmaster General sent a supply of stamps to the Island for the Island’s postmaster, H.A. Haswell, to sell. Since 1863, the Union Castle Steamship Company had been calling at Ascension to deliver and collect mail. With the withdrawal of the Royal Navy in 1922, new arrangements had to be made.

    To celebrate the conversion of Ascension to a dependency of St Helena, sets of St Helena stamps overprinted with Ascension were produced. At once the Island’s Post office was inundated with requests for stamps from all over the world. On 20th August 1924, the first sets of Ascension definitive stamps were produced, and demand increased. The postal staff, in those distant days, was normally one or two wives of the UK staff of the Eastern Telegraph Company, the forerunner of Cable and Wireless. This arrangement continued for many years.

    In 1966, with the expansion of Ascension due to the arrival of Ministry of Public Building and Works staff, BBC staff and contractors, Ascension’s Administration was put onto a more formal footing with the arrival of an Administrator, and Post Office staff from St Helena. From this time, the Post Office has been run by seconded staff who do nominal two-year tours.

    Today the Post Office has a staff of three, the Postmistress, a Postal Clerk and a Philatelic Clerk. Stamp designs are agreed by the Philatelic Committee, which consists of members of the public, and is chaired by the Administrator.

    We aim to issue five sets of stamps per year, although this policy is flexible to incorporate special and commemorative issues. A “definitive” set is released every five years, and remains on sale until it is replaced, whereas the special and commemorative issues are withdrawn from sale fifteen months after their release date. Stamps from St Helena can also be obtained in mint condition, but First Day Covers are fully serviced. The Post Office operates within the strict regulations of the International Postal Union; for example all first day covers are actually cancelled in the Ascension Post Office, situated in the heart of Georgetown.

    Ascension has up to 400 Standing Order Customers receiving our new issues. We are always ready to welcome others however, and give them our individual attention.

    (Website c.2014)

    The Post Office also produces and features the stamps of Saint Helena and Tristan da Cunha.



    Australia Post
    (Post Office Locations, Collectibles)
    C/O: Australian Postal Corporation (c.2014)
    Australia Post
    111 Bourke St
    Melbourne Vic 3000
    POSTAL: GPO Box 1777
    Melbourne Vic 3001
  • Tel.: (03) 9204 7171
    Australia Post (c.2000)
    GPO Box 1777Q
    Melbourne, Victoria 3001

    (or via Linn's for Norfolk Isl)
    321 Exhibition St.
    Melbourne 3001
    (The Post is an 'agent' for .nf)
    Write (c.2014):

    "Australia Post
    Australian Philatelic Bureau
    Mail: Reply Paid 4000

    "This is a reply paid address - no stamp is required for postage to this address from within Australia "

    Outside of Australia w/ a stamp!:
    Box 4000, Ferntree Gully
    Victoria 3156, Australia

  • .au Freecall: 1 800 331 794
  • Phone: 61 3 9887 0033
  • Fax: (local ver.) 03 9887 0236
  • Fax: (int'l: 61 3 9887 0236)
  • (More addresses)
  • Australia Post Office search
  • Agents:

    Unicover; self for North America
    and Linn's lists:
  • De Rosa; .ch
  • De Rosa; .es
  • De Rosa; .it
  • Song; .sg
  • Visser; .nl
  • Philatelic; .tw
  • Kowloon; .hk
  • British; .jp
  • Nordfrim; .dk
  • TMA; .id
  • Roll; .de
  • Allen; .uk
    No published list found at AU Post
  • Australia Dealer's Directory
    (Covering each state & territory!)

    Australia Post's site features an online catalog and an online shop which also sells accessories, coins etc.

    Aerogrammes of Australia and its Dependencies, 1944-1980

    The air letter had its origins during World War II. This type of postal stationery was developed by military and welfare organizations for correspondence from members of the overseas forces.

    by Robert C Stein - Hardcover
    Publisher: American Philatelic Society (1984)



    Österreichische Post AG UPU, CEPT, IPC, POSTEUROP

    (c.2014 offers English)

    Steinheilgasse 1
    1210 Wien

  • Phone: +43 (0) 577 67 - 95095
  • Fax: +43 (0) 577 67 - 95195
  • sammler-service@post...
    Oesterreichische Post

    Briefmarkenversandstelle. (Sammler Service)
    Steinheilgasse 1
    A-1211 Vienna, Austria
  • Tel 43 1 250 25 0 (?)
  • Fax 43 1 250 25 54 83
    old: '404'
    old: (forwards c.2014)
    Österreichische Post AG (English) (c.2000)
    Steinheilgasse 1
    A-1210 Wien
  • Tel +43-(0)1-250 25 -4040
  • Fax +43-(0)1-250 25 -4080
  • E-mail: Sammler Service
  • E-mail: Stamps
    (English page includes Philately, 'Zip search', rates .. )

    General Directorate of Post Telcom
    Postgasse 8
    A-1010 Wien, Austria
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.1999)
  • Téléphone (+43 1) 515 51-1003
  • Téléfax (+43 1) 512 54-54


    Austria Dealer's Directory
  • Wikipedia: Österreichische Postsparkasse

    This company was established in 1999 after its split-off from the mail corporate division of the former telecommunications Austrian concern Post und Telekom Austria.



    (no philately)
  • Contact Us: (012) 493-56-00
    Ministry of Posts and Telecom (c.2000)
    Azerbaijani Avenue 33
    370139 Baku, Azerbaijan


    Azermarka (offers English c.2014)
    Drogalny Street 702
    370010, Baku, Azerbaijan

    Ruelle Drogalmy (c.1999)
    Quartie 702
    Bakou 370110, Azerbaijan
    Commonwealth of Independent States

    Agents: IGPC; dealers, Hansen; .no

    Azerbaijan Dealer's Directory
  • Inscription

    ~After collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the twentieth century, the country gained independence and entered a new stage in the development of postal services. Email and electronic communication of the organization and provision of services "Azerpost" is implemented by the PU. "Azerpost"'s predecessor "Azerpost" State Enterprise, of the Ministry of Communications of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 23.09.1999 No. 151 "continuation of reforms in the field of postal services and the improvement of the structure of the" created by the command. Enterprise, "Azerpost" established on the basis of the Production Unit and its legal successor.~

    (Google translation c.2014)

    Wikipedia's: Azərpoçt

    "Azermarka is the Azerbaijani state company responsible for the production and sale of Azerbaijani postage stamps. It is not to be confused with the Azerbaijan Post Office, Azerpost, which is a separate organisation.

    Since 1992 a variety of definitive and commemorative stamps have been produced depicting topical and local subjects. First day covers and postal stationery have also been issued."

    Wikipedia's: Azermarka



    (a territory of Portugal)
    Estacao de Correios
    Avenida Antero de Quental
    9500 Ponta Delgada, Azores
    or via Portugal:
    Direccao de Filatelia,
    Avenida Casal Riberto 28-6,
    1000 Lisbon Codex, Portugal

    (Portugal's CTT - Correios e Telecomunicações de Portugal)
    Agent: Japan; .jp
    Portugal Dealer's Directory




    No Frames


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