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The Lennon/Marx Abkhazian stamp set

"Official commemorative postage stamps issued by the Government of Abkhazia. These feature the famous John Lennon/Groucho Marx duo. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity." (offered in many shops; usually at USD$9.95 - aj.)

  • Linn's Stamp News - Reference:
    Since 1995, many pictorial sets and souvenir sheets, offered as local issues, have appeared on the market. These are bogus, issued by private individuals for sale to collectors. (Linn's)

  • local contact address unknown.

  • Agency:
    D & G Philatelic Inc.
    Box 237, 370 Hempstead Ave.
    West Hempstead, NY 11552

  • Report from Abkhazia
    An article about Abkhazia's struggle for independence, by Andrew Meier - a Times correspondent in Moscow (1998).
    (Though the article itself is no longer online this quote was taken when it was. Note: Andrew's profile is still online)
    ' "What we won by blood, we will never give up", vows the Abkhaz 'president' Vladislav Ardzinba. A former history professor, Ardzinba rose to power on the nationalist tide that engulfed the small Black Sea republic in the final Soviet years. Since the war’s end in 1993, no state has recognized Abkhazia, and Ardzinba has ruled in virtual isolation. ...'

  • Abkhazia is a member of UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation)
    UNPO data sheet; map, flag...
    Situated in Western Transcaucasia, between the Black Sea and the Caucasian mountains, bordering the Russian Federation and Georgia

    In 1990 the Abkhazian Supreme Soviet proclaimed independence. (Georgia seems to disagree - aj)

  • an Abkhazia Homepage
    ..presented by faculty in the Center for Global Peace and Conflict Studies and the School of Social Ecology. - UCLA, Irvine - Telephone: (949) 824-1227

  • Abkhazia.Org
    Under construction at the time but the 'Services' page provides advice on traveling to Abkhazia . I also noted several links via search engines to interesting sounding articles at this site but do not find them any longer available. - aj.

  • Voice of Abkhazia
    Since most of the population is Christian, Abkhazians felt a sense of national fervor and decided in 1989 to declare their independence from both the Soviet state of Georgia (which is predominantly Muslim) and the USSR (which was atheist.) The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990 opened the gates, so to speak, for all of the Soviet republics to become independent and Gerogia established its own government and constitution a year later. (from a page about QSL postcard collecting) ; now '404' 7/2002

  • The Parliament of Georgia (aka: Sakartvelo)

  • USIS Tbilisi and US Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia

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