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Posten på Åland

Åland is an autonomous island province with some 6,500 islands and belongs to Finland. Åland is situated in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland. The Åland Post has been an independent postal administration since 1993.

Posten på Åland
PB 100
Tel: +358 (0)18 6360
Fax: +358 (0)18 636608
E-post : [email protected]
Filateliservicen: [email protected]
or: [email protected]

Linn's Stamp News

Island group of 572 square miles in the Gulf of Bothnia between Finland and Sweden. On Feb. 5, 1982, the Finnish government gave the self-governing territory of Aland the right to propose stamps and denominations to Finnish postal authorities. The first Aland issues appeared on March 1, 1984. Although Finnish stamps remain valid for use on the islands, and mixed Finnish and Aland frankings do occur there, Aland stamps may not be used in Finland.

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