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(aka: Khmer Republic)

  • [email protected]...
    Ministry of Posts & Telecom Wat Phnom UPU, APPU
    Service Philatilique (c.2000)
    Direction des Postes
    B.P. 1144
    1290 Phnom Penh
    Agence Plilatelique
    Direction Generale des PTT
    12000 Phnom Penh
    UPU Int'l Affairs:
    Directeur adjoint des postes
    12000 PHNOM-PENH
  • Téléphone (+855 23) 72 35 23
  • Téléfax (+855 23) 42 82 72
    Agent: (none known)

    Cambodia Dealers Directory


    CAMPOST – Cameroon Postal Services UPU, COPTAC, PAPU
    (in French & offers English but...; offers Philatelie c.2014)

    Lieux de vente (point of sale):
    Bureaux philatéliques de Yaoundé et de Douala
    Contact (c.2014):
    Direction générale CAMPOST
    Direction du Marketing

    (de la communication et de la promotion de la philatélie)

    Service de la philatélie
  • Tel: 22 23 10 48
    Ministère des postes et télécommunications (c.2000)
    Bureau Philatelique, Service Postal
    Douala, Cameroun
    P.T.T. - Cameroon Philatelic Service,
    Yaoundé R.P., United Republic of Cameroon
    UPU Int'l Affairs:
    Sous-Directeur de la réglementation et des affaires internationales
  • Téléphone (+237) 22 74 15
  • Téléfax (+237) 22 43 65

    Agent: IGPC

    Cameroon Dealer's Directory

  • The UPU lists (c.2014)

    Regulator: Agence de Régulation des Marchés Publics (ARMP)



    Canada Post UPU, CPU, IPC, PUASP

    Service National de Philatelie (c.2000)
    Societe Canadienne des Postes
    Antigonish, NS B2G 2R8, Canada
    old: (defaults to Canada Post c.2014)
    Canada Post Corporation
    National Philatelic Centre (c.2000)
    75 St. Ninian St.
    Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada, B2G 2R8
  • Ordering Tel.: 1 800 565-4362 (Canada or USA)
  • Fax 1 800 732-0038

    (Canada Post is listed as an agent for the USA)
    Agents for Canada: Interpost; .us, Japan; .jp

    Canada Dealer's Directory
    (by province)
  • Canouan
    (A main island city in the Grenadines.)

    see: St. Vincent
    see also: Jollian's New Issues


    Cape Verde

    Correios de Cabo Verde UPU, AICEP, WAPCO

  • contactcenter@correios...

  • Emp. Publica dos Correiros e Tel. (c.2000)
    C.P. 129
    Praia, Cabo Verde
    Ministerio de Transportes e Comunicacöes
    Correios de Cabo Verde
    Depto de Filatelia
    Praia - Cabo Verde
    Agents: D & G; .us , Japan; .jp

    Cape Verde Dealer's Directory

    Cayman Islands
    Cayman Islands Postal Service CPU

    General Post Office
    14 Edward Street
    Grand Cayman KY1–1100

  • p. (345) 949–2474

    Customer Care

  • p. (345) 949–7001
  • cipscustomercare@gov...

    Philatelic Bureau (c.2014)
    Karen McField (Mgr.)
    508B West Bay Road
    Grand Cayman KY1–1200

  • p. (345) 946–4757
    Monday – Friday: 8.30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    Philatelic Bureau (c.2000)
    Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
    West Indies
  • Tel (345) 949-4177
  • Fax (345) 949-4113
    Philatelic Bureau
    Seven Mile Beach Post Office
    Cayman Islands
    British West Indies
    Agent: Crown Agents

    Cayman Isls Dealer's Directory





  • "The Cayman Islands Post Office was perhaps one of the first sources of income for the government.

    The first post office, now known as the General Post Office, was established on 12th April 1889 with Custos (governor) Edmund Parsons at its helm. The revenue recorded that year was £15. A year later, the revenue nearly doubled to £26.

    Prior to 1889, a Jamaican merchant named George Orwitt acted as a postal agent for the Cayman Islands in Jamaica, facilitating the mail process as far back as 1859. Mail destined for Cayman residents was first addressed to Mr. Orwitt, who then delivered letters to ships bound for the Cayman Islands. This arrangement stayed in effect until the opening of the General Post Office in George Town.

    . . . not until 19th February 1901 that stamps bearing the name of the Cayman Islands first appeared. Prior to that, the stamps used said Jamaica Postage.

    . . .In 1939, the construction of a new Government Office Building was completed by Rayal Bodden and the General Post Office, which was located at the Court House of the time (now the Museum), moved to the site that it still occupies today.

    (from their 'History of CIPS c.2014)

    ...Regardless of how it first came to be called Hell (on Grand Cayman Isl.), the name stuck and the area has become a tourist attraction, featuring a fire-engine red hell-themed post office from which you can send "postcards from hell", and a gift shop with 'Satan' Ivan Farrington passing out souvenirs while greeting people with phrases like 'How the hell are you?' and 'Where the hell are you from?'

    Ironically, some of the stores in the area feature prominent quotations from the Bible on their sides. This is due to the pious and religious nature of Caymanian society. (Wikipedia)


    Central African Republic
    M. le Directeur (c.2000)
    Service Philatelique des PTT
    Bangui, Central African Republic
    UPU Int'l Affairs: Téléphone (+236) 61 10 56

    Agent: IGPC
    Cen. Afr. Rep. Dealer's Directory
    Direction des services postaux de l’Office National des Postes et de l'Épargne is the government organization responsible for the postal service in the Central African Republic.



    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2014)
    Société tchadienne des postes et de l'épargne UPU, COPTAC, PAPU
    M. Assem Dionbo
    Chef du service commercial et du marketing
    B.P. 1133

  • phone: +235 2 252 10 85
  • fax: +235 2 252 10 12
    Office National des Postes et Telecommunications (ONPT) (c.1999)
    Service Philatelique
    Ndhamena, Tchad
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
  • Téléphone (+235) 52 10 13
  • Téléfax (+235) 52 10 12

    Chad Dealer's Directory
  • c.1998 - Chad:

    Office national des postes & telecommunications (ONPT), national PTT, has been restructured into two separate entities, according to Mahamat Ahmat Karambal, the country's industrial and commercial development minister. The first organisation, called Societe des telecommunications du Tchad (Sotel-Tchad) now handles telecoms, while Societe tchadienne des postes et de l'epargne (STPE) now handles postal services. The move comes as a precursor to telecoms privatisation.

    Société tchadienne des postes et de l’épargne (STPE)
    B.P. 1133
    (from StampWorld)



    (or: Chechen Republic)
    data needed

    Commonweath of Indepentent States

    (autonomous Republic of Russia)
    After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Chechen-Ingush ASSR was split into two parts: the Republic of Ingushetia and the Chechen Republic. The latter proclaimed the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, which sought independence. Following the First Chechen War (1994 to 1996) with Russia, Chechnya gained de facto independence as the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. Russian federal control was restored during the Second Chechen War (1999 - 2000). Since then there has been a systematic reconstruction and rebuilding process, though sporadic fighting continues in the mountains and southern regions of the republic.

    ... In 2003, a referendum was held on a constitution that reintegrated Chechnya within Russia, but provided limited autonomy. (Wikipedia)



    Correos de Chile UPU, PUASP
    (offers Filatelia; order online c.2014)

  • Tel.: 600 950 2020, or: (56-2) 956 12 81
  • filatelia@correos...

    Jefe Emp. de Correos (c.2000)
    Dept. Filat.
    Mondea 1155 3° piso
    Santiago, Chile
  • Telephone 671-6796
  • FAX 698-9772
  • correos.chile@chilnet...
    Empresa de Correos de Chile
    Departamento Filatelico
    Avda. Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins
    No. 980, Of. 148, Entrepiso
    Santiago, Chile
  • Tel./Fax: (56 - 2) 6386659
    CorTel SA
    Departamento Filatelico Despacho Internacional
    Gerencia Comercia
    Agent: (none known)

    Chile Dealer's Directory

    China, Peoples Republic of

    China Post UPU, APPU

    (offers English c.2014)

    Director General of Posts (c.2000)
    Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
    13, Xi Chang An Jie
    100804 Beijing, China

    And their philatelic arm (c.2000, 2012):
    China National Philatelic Corporation (CNPC)
    14, Taipinghu Dongli, Xicheng District
    Beijing, 100031 (c.2009 as agent for stamps of USA)
    No.2 Xuan Wu Men Dong Da Jie
    Beijing 100051, China

  • Tel: (8610) 63022717 or (8610) 63022365
  • Fax: (8610) 63022525 or (8610) 63018578
  • Sales: (8610) 63179648, Mailing order: (8610) 63179433
  • E-mail: office/[email protected]... (or: [email protected]...)

    (including Area Codes & Post Codes of PR China (cc)
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
    Manchukuo State Postal Bureau
    Division of International Services
    8 jia, Bei Lishilu
    Xicheng District
  • Téléphone (+86 10) 6831 5508
  • Téléfax (+86 10) 6831 5560
  • Agents:
    Unicover; for North America
    H.K. Telpo; for PR China in Hong Kong
    Japan; .jp

    Linn's List; (cc) several (c.2001):

    D & G, .us
    De Rosa; Italy
    Harry Allen, .uk
    Interpost, .us
    J.A. Visser, .nl

    ... {see the '(cc)' for more dealers/agents; some never listed eslewhre}

    China Dealer's Directory
    China, Republic of
    See: Taiwan (aka: 'Taiwan' or 'Formosa' or 'ROC')


    Christmas Island
    Philatelic Bureau
    6799 Christmas Island
    Indian Ocean
    and in Australia:
    Australian Stamp Bureau
    Australia Post
    GPO Box 9988
    Melbourne VIC 3001, Australia
    Australian Philatelic Bureau
    P.O. Box 4000
    Ferntree Gully VIC 3156, Australia
    Agent: (none known)

    Christmas Isl Dealer's Directory
    The flag of Christmas Island was unofficially adopted in 1986 after being chosen the winner in a competition for a flag for the territory. It was designed by Tony Couch of Sydney, Australia. The flag was made official on Australia Day, 2002 when the administrator of the territory, Bill Taylor, presented the flag to the Christmas Island Shire.

    The Territory of Christmas Island is a territory of Australia in the Indian Ocean. It has a population of...


    Cocos (Keeling) Islands
    Postmaster General
    Philatelic Bureau
    Cocos (Keeling)
    6798, Cocos Islands, Indian Ocean
    and in Australia:
    Australian Stamp Bureau
    Australia Post
    GPO Box 9988
    Melbourne VIC 3001, Australia
    Australian Philatelic Bureau
    P.O. Box 4000
    Ferntree Gully, Victoria 3156, Australia

    Cocos Isls Dealer's Directory
    The flag of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands was first created in 2003; the flag was adopted on 6 April 2004

    The Territory of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, also called Cocos Islands and Keeling Islands, is a territory of Australia, located in the Indian Ocean, southwest of Christmas Island and approximately midway between Australia and Sri Lanka.

    The territory consists of two atolls and 27 coral islands, of which two, West Island and Home Island, are inhabited with a total population of approximately 600.



    4-72 La Red Postal de Colombia UPU, PUASP

    Sede Principal:
    Diagonal 25 G # 95 A 55 Bogotá
    Código postal: 110911

  • Tel. contacto y Horario: (57-1) 4722000
  • Nacional: 01 8000 111 210
  • [email protected]...


    Division de Filatelia (c.2000)
    Administracion Postal Nacional
    Edificio Murillo Toro Oficina 208
    Santafe de Bogota DC, Colombia
    South America
    (and from Malte c.2000:)

    Jefe de Valores Postales y Filatelia
    Edificio Murillo Toro - Piso 6
    Carrera 8A entre Calles 12 y 13

    (and from Linn's c.2000:)
    Administracion Postal Nacional
    Division de Filatelia, of: 212,
    Edificio Murillo Toro, Carrere 7a,
    calles, 12 y 13,
    Santa Fe de Bogota, D.C., Colombia, SA
  • Tel 571 334-6612
  • Fax: 571 281-3940
    Dr. Gabriel Roberto Vergara,
    Director General of the National Postal Administration
    Edificio Murillo Toro, Piso 7°
    D.E. l, Bogota, Colombia

    Data: Colombia; Semi-Official (Rainer Fuchs' Pages)
  • r.fuchs@euromail...

    Colombia Dealer's Directory

    Comoros Islands
    Societé Nationale des Postes et des Services Financiers UPU, APPC, PAPU

    old: '404' c.2014 via UPU

    Service Philatelique (c.2000)
    Direction Generale des PTT
    B.P. 5000
    Moroni, Republique Federale Islamaque des Comoros
    Agent: IGPC

    Comoro Dealer's Directory
    Re: Societé Nationale des Postes et des Services Financiers
    Wikipedia needs help here


    Congo, Democratic Republic of

    (was Zaire)

    Société congolaise des postes et des télécommunications S.à.r.l.

    Administrative Contact:
    95, Boulevard du 30 Juin
    Commune de la Gombe
    Kinshasa 7070 Kin 1
    Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Voice: +243 81 063 8578
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2014)
    Société congolaise des postes et des télécommunications S.à.r.l. (SCPT)
    Direction commerciale des postes
    B.P. 7948
    Office congolais des postes et télécommunications (OCPT)
    Direction générale des postes

    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
  • Téléphone (+243 12) 33 625
  • Téléfax (+243 12) 21 147
    Agents: IGPC .us, Agences .be, Rodan .be ; via Linn's for Zaire

    People's Dem. Rep Congo Dealer's Directory

    Congo, Republic of
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2014)
    Société des postes et de
    l'épargne du Congo "La Poste" UPU, PAPU, COPTAC

    68, boulevard Dénis Sassou N'Guesso Centre-ville
    B.P. 39
  • phone: +242 06 614 0074
    Office National des PTT
    Centre Philatelique
    Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo

    Agent: IGPC

    Rep. de Congo Dealer's Directory

    Cook Islands

    (a dependency of New Zealand)
    Philatelic Bureau (c.2000, 2014)
    P.O. Box 200
    Cook Islands, South Pacific

    Government Agency (Linn's c.2014):
    Philatelic Collector Inc. (online shop)
    Box 3162
    Sag Harbor, NY 11963
    United States
    old: (forwards c.2014)
    Including / See Also:
    Aitutaki Post Office
    Aitutaki, Cook Islands
    South Pacific Ocean

    Penrhyn Post Office
    Penrhyn Island
    Northern Cook Islands Agents: NZ Post?, IGPC

    Cook Isls Dealer's Directory

    Costa Rica

    Correos de Costa Rica UPU, PUASP

    (offers Filatelia & Tienda Virtual c.2014


    Oficina Filatelica
    Apartado A-2210
    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Oficina Filatelica
    Correo Central
    Apdo 8000-1000
    San Jose, Costa Rica

    or via Linn's:
    Apartado 12.900-1000,
    San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Tel 506-233-5182
  • Fax 506-233-5182

    (And from Malte:)
    Direccion Nacional de Correos
    Oficina Filatelica
    Centro Postal Zapote
    Correo Interno, 1000 SAN JOSÉ
    Costa Rica, Centeral America

    UPU Int'l Affairs:
  • Téléphone (+506) 253 19 01 int: 205/229/247/274/268
  • Téléfax (+506) 233 94 11
    Agent: (none known)

    Costa Rica Dealer's Directory
  • The UPU lists as Regulator:

    Autoridad reguladora de los servicios públicos (ARESEP)

    Under Filatelia at Post webstie:

    "El Museo Filatélico en Correo Central atesora entre todas sus estampillas, la primera que se realizó en nuestro país. . ."
    (The Central Mail Philatelic Museum treasures among all your stamps, the first held in our country. . .)

    1.    Dentado: El dentado, que resulta de la forma utilizada para separar los sellos unos de otros, se mide y se indica con una cifra que corresponde al número de dientes que caben en dos centímetros.

    2.    Márgenes: Muchos sellos, especialmente de ciertas emisiones antiguas, se separaban a tijera. Los sellos bien centrados tienen todos sus márgenes iguales. El centrado es una característica muy importante para determinar la calidad.

    3.    Valor Facial: Es el precio del sello. A veces corresponde con el de una tarifa postal.

    4.    Goma: La parte posterior del papel está engomado para permitir pegarla a las cartas o paquetes.

    5.    Tema o Motivo: Es la figura que se reproduce sobre el sello, con ilustraciones que se relacionan con una conmemoración, un evento, personaje o alguna otra característica cultural del país que amerita ser representada.









    6.    Leyenda: Una explicación breve del significado, razón o tema principal del sello.

    7.    País: Toda estampilla lleva el nombre del país emisor, excepto Gran Bretaña, que lo representa con una imagen de la Reina.

    8.    Pie de imprenta: Es el nombre o sigla de la casa impresora y a veces, el año de emisión y el nombre del diseñador o artista.


    Cote d' Ivory

    (aka: Ivory Coast)
    La Poste de Côte d’Ivoire UPU, PAPU, WAPCO


    Centre Philatelique d'Abidjan
    Direction de l'Exploitation
    Postale 17 BP
    Abidjan 17, Ivory Coast
  • Tel ... 33-18-96, 32 99 13,
  • and ... 32 24 86, 32 24 87
  • Fax 225 34 71 07
    Agent: IGPC

    Ivory Coast Dealer's Directory
  • The year 2013 has just ended with a series of positive events that open pages of hope for us all. First, for the Post of Côte d'Ivoire, which, after years of great difficulties, began its transformation since June 2011 because several actions reflect his comeback on the international stage. First, the seminar UPU quality of service in March 2012 in Grand-Bassam. . .

    Rightly, a national seminar on the street addressing was organized in March 2013 Soon, a timeline will be established to identify the different phases of its implementation. . .

    Finally, at the institutional level, 2014 will spend the implementation of the reorganization plan, an important tool in the restructuring and development of the future Post. . .




    Hrvatska Posta - Croatian Post UPU, CEPT, PUMed, POSTEUROP

    (offers English & Philately c.2014)

  • Fax: 01 6626 889
  • info@posta...

    Mr. Davor Jakovac, Head of Internal Communicaton Department, is the person authorised for providing information.

    Address c.201506:
    HP-Hrvatska posta d.d / Croatian Post Inc
    Office of Corporate Communications
    Davor Jakovac
    Jurisiceva 13
    10000 Zagreb

    Tel: +385 1 480 6036
    Fax: +385 1 498 1087
    Mob: +385 99 317 94 06
    E-mail: [email protected]

    PTT Direction (c.2000)
    Sector P-1, Jurisiceva 13
    CR0- 41001 Zagreb, Croatia
  • Fax: 3851 - 423 495

    via Linn's:
    Croatian Post & Telecommunications (c.2000)
    Directorate OD Posts
    Postal & Telecom Traffic Dept.
    Jurisiceva 13
    10001 Zagreb, Croatia

  • Fax: 385-1-423-495
  • E-Mail: ZDRAVKO,[email protected] (','?)
    UPU Int'l Affaris: (c.2000)
  • Téléphone (+385 1) 45 54 466
  • Fax (+385 1) 42 34 95
  • Télex (+599) 22500
    Agent: Hansen; .no

    Croatia Dealer's Directory
  • Wikipedia's: Hrvatska pošta (incl. link to post codes list)

    Croatian Post was founded as an independent joint stock company on 1 January 1999 after splitting of the public company HPT-Hrvatska pošta i telekomunikacije (HPT Croatian Post and Telecommunications) into two joint stock companies: one for the business area of postal services (Croatian Post) and the other for the business area of telecommunications (Croatian Telecommunication). Today's business activities of Croatian Post are the continuation of the tradition and continuity of postal business in the Republic of Croatia.

    . . . Since 1991 Croatian Post has been issuing postage stamps of the Republic of Croatia. First definitive postage stamp Airmail Zagreb-Dubrovnik was issued on 9 September 1991 and the first commemorative postage stamp on 10 December 1991 on the occasion of proclamation of independence of the Republic of Croatia. Until today (2013) Croatian Post has issued more than 900 postage stamps with a variety of themes and motifs. Postage stamps issued by Croatian Post have won many international prizes . .

    The history of the post in this area reaches far into the period of Roman Empire; occasionally it included also the transport of people and goods, although in fact basically it always came down to the transport of mail. An interesting event took place on 25 March 1848 in Lekenik when the postman Josip Klempaj delivered to Josip Jelačić the Emperor’s Decree from Vienna appointing him viceroy. Soon thereafter the postman Klempaj was appointed the headmaster of the Croatian and Slavonic posts. . . (Croatian's History c.2014)

    See Also: Yugoslavia


    Date of Cuba's entry into the UPU: 04-10-1902
    Member: Unión Postal de las Américas, España y Portugal PUASP
    Empresa de Correos (c.2000)
    Prensa y Filatelia
    Apartado 1000
    La Habana 1, Cuba
    Or their 'office in Canada':

    1415 Pine Ave.
    W. Montreal, Quebec
    Canada H3G 1B2
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
  • Téléphone (+53 7) 704 381 or 704 794 or 706 407
  • Téléfax (+53 7) 623 633

    Agent: Hansen; .no







    Cuba Dealer's Directory
  • Note c.2000:
    Stamps from Cuba are prohibited in the U.S.A.

    The UPU (c.2014) lists as:

    Ministerio de la Informática y las comunicaciones de Cuba ('404' c.2014)

    November 22, 2011

    HAVANA – Cuba's postal service will become a state-owned corporate group next year bent on modernizing its administraton and seeking greater efficiency and quality as part of President Raul Castro's effort to "modernize" the island's socialist economic model. . . .(Fox News Latino)

    Date Line: 15/03/2013:

    The process of refining the Central Government and the need to have a government structure adjusted to the current circumstances in the country, determined to change the name, mission and functions of the Ministry of Informatics and Communications (Ministerio de Informática y las Comunicaciones) . . . which changes the current name of the Ministry of Informatics and Communications to the Ministry of Communications . . .

    The measure aims to adjust the structure to the current circumstances of the country and provides for the separation of the postal sector and Informatics portfolio.

    From now on, the new ministry will have the name of the Ministry of Communications (Ministerio de Comunicaciones). Business functions, coordinated from before his ministry will be in charge of two senior management organizations: the Business Post Group Cuba Business Group and Information Technology and Communications. . .


    13 June 2013:
    The United States Postal Service, along with the U. S. Government and the communist government of Cuba, resumed talks this week to negotiate USPS supplying direct mail service between the countries. The State Department hinted the move might help the failing government agency with its money problems. . .
    The State Department confirmed the talks will take place this week. "This is something we feel is good for us," Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, "But it's not meant to be a signal of anything or indicate a change in policy."
    by MEREDITH DAKE 18 Jun 2013

    (formerly the seat of The Netherlands Antilles; see also: Aruba)
    Postmaster PUASP
    Philatelic Department
    Willemstad, Curacao
    The Netherland Antillies, W.I.

    Agent: (none known)
    see also: Post Aruba
    During the 18th and 19th centuries, the island changed hands among the British, the French, and the Dutch several times. . . . Stable Dutch rule returned in 1815, at the end of the Napoleonic wars, when the island was incorporated into the colony of Curaçao and Dependencies. . . (Curaçao, Aruba (left in 1986 as a country of the Kingdom), Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, Saba, Sint Maarten { the southern half of Saint Martin island (the northern half, Saint-Martin, is an overseas collectivity of France)})

    On 15 December 1954, the Netherlands Antilles, Suriname, and the Netherlands acceded as equal partners to an overarching Kingdom of the Netherlands . . .

    Prior to 10 October 2010, when the Netherlands Antilles was dissolved, Curaçao was administered as the Island Territory of Curaçao, . . . one of five island territories of the former Netherlands Antilles. . . (And now)... is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. (excertps from Wikipedia)



    Cyprus Post UPU, CEPT, IPC, PUMed, POSTEUROP

    (Offers English, Philately) (Alt URL c.2014)

    Department of Postal Services
    Customer Service Officer: (c.2014)
    George Koliantris
    Prodromou 100
    1900 Nicosia

  • Tel.: 22805749>
  • Fax: 22304154
  • [email protected]
  • General Email: [email protected]
    Philatelic Service
    Department of Postal Services
    General Post Office
    CY-1900 Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Tel 357 2 303283 or 357 2 302768
  • Fax: 3572 304154
  • E-mail: [email protected]
    old: '404' c.2014
    Agents: IGPC, Allen; .uk, Fragoudis, .gr

    Cyprus Dealer's Directory
  • Postal Museum

    The Postal Museum is located in Nicosia «within the walls» and housed on the ground floor of an old two-storey mansion near the Laiki Yitonia area and close to the historical churches of Trypiotis and Agios Savvas.

    The Museum was founded in 1981 to house the rich and diverse material of the Cyprus Post related to the long postal history of the island, starting from the 15th century, during the Venetian period, when postal communications from and to Cyprus were organized for the first time.

    Wikipedia's: Cyprus Postal Services (c.2009 incl. post codes ranges)

    Regulator (c.2014): Ministry of Communications and Works

    see also: Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus


    Czech Republic


    Česká Pošta UPU, CEPT, POSTEUROP

    (Offers English, Philately)

    Služby filatelistům
    Nákladní 29
    362 07 Depo Karlovy Vary 70

  • Tel/Fax: +420 353 540 153
  • Email: [email protected]
    POSTFILA (c.2000)
    Philatelic Service of Czech Post
    Export Department
    225 06 Praha 7
    Ortenovo námìstí 16
    Czech Republic
  • Tel (+42 2) 667 12 325, (+42 2) 8720232
  • Fax: (+42 2) 875 543 or (+42 2) 66712028
    (Linn's notes "Does not sell directly to collectors.")
    'Philatelic shop' is at above address
  • Tel.: (+42 2) 872 03 89 or (+42 2) 809050
  • Fax# is same as above
  • E-mail: [email protected]

    Chef du Bureau Philatelique
    Ministere des PTT
    CR-Praha, Czech Repbulic
    UPU Int'l Affairs:
    CZECH POST, State enterprise
    Marketing and Public Relations
    Olsanská 9
    225 99 PRAHA 3 , RÉP. TCHÈQUE
  • Téléphone (+420 2) 6719 6452
  • Téléfax (+420 2) 6719 6455
  • Email [email protected]
  • Offical Agents List: (cc)
  • HE Sieger. .de
  • M. Lzicar; .de
  • G. Roll; .de
  • Philagentur; .de
  • R. Borek; .de
  • Wurmbauer KEG; .at
  • Zumstein; .ch
  • Cercle; .fr
  • Theodore Champion; .fr
  • Francois Perol; .fr
  • De Rosa S.p.A.; .it
  • Det Tjekkiske Hus; .dk
  • Bombay; .us
  • George Kobylka; .us
  • Peter Strich
  • Afinsa Directo

    Other Agents:
  • Japan; .jp
  • Neofila; .lt
  • Czech Dealers Directory
    PostFila is a specialised department of the Czech Post's procurement section. Set up in 1992, PostFila has been involved in every activity connected with the design and production of stamps and philatelic goods in the country. Certain activities of POFIS (Czech Republic) and ARTIA (abroad) have also been undertaken by PostFila in the area of sales.

    The agenda of PostFila includes central printing orders for stamps, postcards and other stationeries and semi-finished products for the production of philatelic goods . .

    . . . In the area of publicity PostFila provides its business partners and national as well as international media with written and picture materials about the latest or upcoming issues of Czech stamps; publishes annual issue plans printed in softback book format, annual posters and calendars featuring stamps of the year.

    PostFila Shop
    Czech Post
    Procurement Section
    Ortenovo nám. 542/16
    170 24 Praha 7 - Holešovice

  • Tel: +420 251 036 389
  • Fax: +420 220 875 543
  • Email: [email protected]

  • from the former 'Czechoslovakia'

    Wikipedia's: Česká pošta (c.2009 incl. postal history)

    See Also: Slovakia; the other 'half' of Checko-'slovakia')




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