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Empresa de Correos de Cuba
M. Luis Chaviano Jo
Director Comercial
Zanja No. 855, 3er piso, e/ San Francisco e Infanta
LA HABANA 3 CP 10300
T�l�phone (+53 7) 704 381
T�l�phone (+53 7) 704 794
T�l�phone (+53 7) 706 407
T�l�fax (+53 7) 623 633
From the UPU

Visited by Christopher Columbus in 1492, it was a Spanish colony until 1898 when the Spanish were overthrown following a revolution under Jos� Mart� supported by the United States. Independence followed in 1902. A struggle against the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista y Zaldivar led by Fidel Castro Ruz was successful in 1959 and a Communist state was established.

The first postage stamps were issued under Spanish Dominion in 1855.

Empresa de Correos
Prensa y Filatelia
Apartado 1000
Havana 1, Cuba

and from Linn's:
"or office in Canada,"

1415 Pine Ave.
W, Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3G 1B2

and ala Malte:
Empresa de Correos de Cuba
Apartado 1000

CIA Data on Cuba
Caribbean, island between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, south of Florida, USA

Independence: 20 May 1902 (from Spain 10 December 1898; administered by the US from 1898 to 1902)

National holiday: Rebellion Day, 26 July (1953); Liberation Day, 1 January (1959)

Stamp Collecting; Cuba, US, UN, Vatican City New Issues

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Federaci�n Filatelica Cubana
Apartado 6147
10600 Habana
Phone: 0053 70 51 44

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Cuban Philatelic Society of America (CPSA)-- Sociedad Filat�lica Cubana de Norteam�rica
Cuban Philatelic Society of America, Inc.
P.O. Box 141656
Coral Gables, Florida 33114-1656

Annotated Bibliography of Cuban Philatelic Literature--Internet Edition by Ernesto Cuesta -- Bibliograf�a Filat�lica Cubana
Ernesto Cuesta has made available to CPSA members and the world philatelic community the most current version of his "Annotated Bibliography of Cuban Philatelic Literature" with over 2500 citations of articles, journals, and books on Cuban philately.

Ernesto Cuesta
P.O. Box 8309,
Silver Spring, Md. 20907-8309,
E-Mail Address: [email protected]
Tel./FAX: 301-564-3099 (See his note if you are wanting to send a FAX)
(We note Ernesto's a member of the 'Washington Philatelic Society' ; AJ.

Miguel A. De Dios - a dealer in things Cuban

Cuban Postal Museum
The Postal Museum also has a rich collection of stamps of the world and a specialized room devoted to Cuban stamps. There is a shop where visitors may buy stamps, albums and other collectors accessories.
- Stamps of the world.
- Cuban stamps.

History of the postal service.
Address: Ave. de Rancho Boyeros e/ 19 de Mayo y 20 de Mayo,
Plaza de la Revolucion, Ciudad de la Habana.
Open: Monday to Friday: 1 0:00 to 17:00
Closed Saturdays and Sundays

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